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Mysticism, Ascension And Higher Worlds

Understanding the Reality of Demons

Demons were invented by higher creator beings for the purposes of managing the governance of other beings, and in our particular instance, the human being, the human form and the human experience. Many people like to moan that "Demons were created by religion in order to control people", whereas the reality is the various creators created them in o…

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Kundalini Energy

The Purpose of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini energy is part of our vital life force and it is a powerful form of sexual energy that can be used to further our spiritual evolution. Prior to a Kundalini awakening a golden thread lace of kundalini-energy will slowly uncoil from around the tip of the tailbone and energy will begin to rise into the body over time causing symptoms associa…

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Body Consciousness

The Spirit Within

Many spiritual mystics and spiritual teachers throughout time have referred to or described a subtle body that permeates the physical body that gives rise to our innate sense of inner being, aliveness and our conscious awareness or the witness of our external and inner experiences. The saying "I think therefore I am..." may not be true, and followi…

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Seat of Sexuality

Sex, Religion and Spirituality

Some people believe that sex or masturbation for enjoyment or pleasure is wrong and orgasm should be avoided and instead only be used purely for procreation and reproduction, which appears to be a common misconception shared between many individuals as a result of incorrect interpretations of spiritual teachings. Some tribal cultures even go as f…

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Higher Spheres

Discovering Higher Worlds

Discovering Higher Worlds is a play on the original title by mystic Rudolf Steiner's lecture series on Knowledge of Higher Worlds. This short article begins exploring the concept of higher worlds or higher spheres as being more advanced worlds and more evolved places for the continuation and development of human beings. This takes into account both…

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Seat of the Soul

Seat of Inner Being

This article is all about exploring and revealing the Seat of the Soul to our inner being from the perspectives of yoga, divine-worship and esoteric Christianity. It dispels some of the common myths, misconceptions and misleading information about this phrase recently made popular by the book Seat of the Soul by Gary. It explains how and why our ph…

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