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Mysticism And Higher Worlds

Kundalini Meditation
for Deep Inner Peace

I refer to this as a "Kundalini meditation" as I learned it through my own experiences during my own Kundalini awakening whilst also working with the Indian deities that are specific to parts of this process. Doing this meditation worked really nicely for me and taught me a lot about the nature of deep inner peace, energy formations in the body …

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Lusting for Power

This post explains about the danger of lusting after power in all its forms, whether it be spiritual or psychic energy, material living standards, sex, money, gold-lust and resources including oil, gold and diamonds. For many people, the soul lessons being learned on earth consist of not abusing one's position of power over others at every l…

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Pray for Forgiveness

An Exercise In Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an excellent way to lighten your soul and let go of a lifetime of accumulated karmic debt and to safely release unwanted emotional baggage and ties. In this exercise, you'll be communicating with their spiritual self rather than their waking conscious mind to dissolve karmic connections and seek resolution. It is indeed possible to …

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The Archangel Michael

In this post, I want to share and elaborate in more detail about some of the things the Archangel Michael does and how he’s helped me along in my own spiritual awakening. I don’t know whether angels can manifest as physical people or not, but I know for sure they absolutely do help people from their spiritual existence and perspective. &…

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The Spiritual Heart

Love And The Spiritual Heart

Through the ongoing process of spiritually awakening, I've learned a lot of things outside the ordinarily perceived realms of consensus reality. In this post, I want to discuss the “spiritual heart centre”, as opposed to the biological processes of the physical heart which is used for circulating blood, but rather this will be all about the sp…

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Archangel Michael

The Blue Man

I first encountered the Archangel Michael in 2013 when my clairvoyance had become active. I was sure there must be more to life and the Universe. One evening I took it upon myself to meditate whilst repeating the following simple mantra. "To my Higher Self, what am I prepared to show myself?" I sat upright and perceived a jet of diagonal b…

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