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Mysticism, Clairvoyance and Higher Worlds
Archangel Michael

The Blue Man

I first encountered the Archangel Michael in 2013 when my clairvoyance had become active.

I was sure there must be more to life and the Universe. One evening I took it upon myself to meditate whilst repeating the following simple mantra. “To my Higher Self, what am I prepared to show myself?”

I sat upright and perceived a jet of diagonal blue-purple light pierce through my ceiling leaving a wake of blue light and coming to a stop in front of me. There was a faint circle of white light at the base of the carpet which soon faded away and space above it gave off small sparkle of light. The light trail looked a bit like the blue warp trails you see when science-fiction spaceships are portrayed as travelling faster than the speed of light.

It was both magnificent and absolutely terrifying to witness. My body started shaking from fear and I promptly curled myself up and closed my eyes. A little while after I felt a hand being placed on the back of my shoulder and then withdrawn again. The hand wasn’t physical, but it did give off vibrations when it came into contact with me. A short while later I gathered the courage to look around the room but couldn’t see anything.

The next day I did some research on the Internet and I happened across an article on Archangel Michael that stated that cobalt-blue is an indication of his presence. I was now reasonably sure that it was the Archangel Michael that had answered my mantra meditation.

Artist Impression

Many months later I woke up in the middle of the night to see a transparent blue man-made from light standing next to my bed similar to the picture in the header. I somehow seemed to intuitively know this was the Archangel Michael as I wasn’t scared by his presence. I wasn’t sure if there was a specific reason for his visit.

He appeared tall and had a body that was in the shape of a fit and healthy male, with perfectly proportioned muscular physique. The figure didn’t have any body hair, no genitalia and he had mysterious glowing blue-white eyes. The cover image I used for this post is a medical graphic, but it’s very good likeness to what he actually appeared like; you just need to imagine it being see-through and superimposed onto what you normally see with your eyes. Rupert Sheldrake would have referred to his likeness as being a morphogenetic field, it seemed to me like he was showing me the literal human blueprint of our metaphysical spirit bodies.

The Archangel Michael carries a spiritual Sword of Truth which I believe is both symbolic and used as a metaphysical tool. When a person is guided by this Archangel it is usual for him to flash a blue light at you in acknowledgement of a true thought or realisation you have had.

The Archangel Michael helps protect people and give them courage and is popular with the Police and Soldiers alike. I telepathically asked him to remove any ‘negative entities’ from my room and he immediately collapsed into a small point of white light and then proceeded to cross my room several times at lightning speed leaving trails of white light against the darkness of my room before returning to the side of my bed back in his human manifested light form.

This experience occurred in the psychic-soul state of consciousness, I wasn’t absolutely petrified that a strange man was standing next to my bed and I didn’t feel the need to ask lots of questions, it felt like my normal ego-mind had dropped away. Everything felt quite safe and familiar and the experience then soon ended when I turned back over and went to sleep.

At the time, I produced two rough Photoshop mock-ups (here & here) depicting what I saw clairvoyantly as shown in the same room and positions this actually occurred.

Archangel Michael

Traditional Artwork depicting the Archangel Michael

Michael is the Archangel I call upon for help from dark spirits, psychic attack and spiritual problems for both myself and others.

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