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The Spiritual Heart

Through the ongoing process of spiritually awakening, I’ve learned a lot of things outside the ordinarily perceived realms of consensus reality. In this post, I want to discuss the “spiritual heart centre”, as opposed to the biological processes of the physical heart which is used for circulating blood, but rather this will be all about the spiritual aspects and expressions.

With spiritual awakening come sensitivities to subtle energy and may awaken extra-sensory or psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and empathic sensing. I first discovered I had the ability to sense subtle energy whilst doing mirrored shadow sparring as part of my kickboxing training. This involved throwing punches into the air in front of me against an imaginary opponent. As I performed this exercise I eventually I became aware of a thin weak layer of resistance when my arms were outstretched in front of me. Through interacting and exploring the tactile sensations it created I was able to trace the shape and concluded that it was oval and that it encircled the entire body like an egg. I came to understand from this that the human body emits its own subtle electromagnetic field from the heart much like that of an ordinary bar magnet or the planetary magnetic field of the Earth.

Punching through water

Initially, the outer edge of this energy field was positioned close to my body, however over time, it has expanded further from me becoming more difficult to reach.

The physical body exists within a flow of subtle energy, our emotions flood this space with their different characteristic energies. Unconditional love is the most pleasant energy producing natural states and feelings of euphoria and contentment. Fear is the most unpleasant energy creating a dense scatter field of unseen energy that irritates and attacks the hair follicles of the exterior nervous system like the sensation of tiny pins and needles. Both these contrasting energies attract different types of a spiritual entity coming from both the light and dark camps that resonate with respectively.


The Psychic Body

To best illustrate this energy field I want to refer you to the artwork of Alex Grey.


The Spiritual Heart

Every person generates their own magnetic field from the heart and the more one awakens to their true nature as conscious spirit and the acknowledgement of love the greater the intensity of this heart energy and the brighter one literally becomes. Interpenetrating the physical body is a type of non-physical spiritual body that contains the subtle energetic system known as the Chakras. The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest and corresponds directly to the physical heart organ. From this Chakra is expressed the energy of unconditional love. I say unconditional love to differentiate it from superficial romantic love. Love is not merely an emotion, a descriptive adjective or a man-made conceptual label but a core state of being that sustains our existence and a very pure and powerful vibration and that resonates at an extremely high energy frequency. It is the whole reason people of virtue, strength and high character fight for, love, truth, beauty, justice, kindness and compassion, which are all divine aspects.

The first time this particular Chakra was spontaneously activated in myself by Kundalini, it felt like someone had cracked a jar of warm honey inside my chest that then cascaded outwards with these sensations radiating deep within my chest. At the time, I was sat at the computer at my desk, where our cat was laying. Upon feeling this wave emanating nearby he suddenly became animated and started purring profusely and began rubbing his head into my chest. The feeling was very pleasant and I was content to let him share in this blissful energy. Whilst I understand this may be typical of other cats out of their naturally affectionate disposition, this wasn’t normal behaviour for him as he’s normally quite cool and content just being somewhere nearby sleeping, however, he had identified the source and he didn’t want to be apart from it. The original wave only lasted a few minutes, however, it left my heart softly radiating a long while after.

This brief state appears to be the natural state of being for other angelic beings such as angels. In order to test whether an ethereal being before you is to be trusted this would be the same radiating energy you would feel in varying different degrees of intensity from quite peaceful, loving and calmly resonate softly as it comes into contact with your own heart and then the extreme intensity of it making tears stream uncontrollably from your eyes and having to divert your eyes away from the source because it burns. Love is so pure that dark spirits cannot fake it.

Within this electromagnetic field of the body are the energetic expressions of our emotions and inner state of being at any moment. If you are annoyed, angry, happy, sad, excited… all of this information is available and shared with others energetically as our energy fields overlap in proximity to one another. It’s rare that someone be able to feel this directly as tangible energy, however, people do pick up on it in terms of intuition and unconsciously which is expressed in their behaviour and disposition towards you will also likewise be affected.

I had already read that this would have an effect on other people, much like the example with our stray cat. Soon enough I started to notice small changes within the receptivity of people around me, it was as if they had started to resonate with my own state of being the same way a wine glass might resonate when a musical note is played out loud.

Based on my observations, this deep-felt expression makes itself felt most often naturally at times of childbirth, the heartfelt recognition of the suffering of others and the death of a loved one. Sadly unconditional love seems to seldom make its way into our modern romantic relationships, or at least only during very brief and fleeting moments. This is not to say that it doesn’t feature in our relationships with one another, but that our relationships with partners are far more based on co-dependency and only really scratch surface deep.

If you want to introduce a little more love into the world on a day to day basis you can do so by expressing gratitude to others, recognising and acknowledging their accomplishments, inwardly acknowledging who they are underneath their temporary and earthly persona and by giving and being of service to others without the expectation of getting something in return. People certainly like to hear this, but this acknowledgement doesn’t have to be spoken out loud, it’s enough to word it mentally as we have the ability to connect to people in numerous ways beyond what we can each see.


You will eventually come to understand that this is the only state of being that will offer you lasting contentment, the only thing that is real and ultimately the only thing that matters above all other considerations. Through such experiences, one begins to understand the true meaning and origins of “love and light”. God is the source of unconditional love from which you are not separate from. This is the foundation for which our existence owes itself to. Life, nature and the divine is the expression of greatness created through imagination underpinned by unconditional love.

Meaning: “Namaste” – translated roughly, it means “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you” – a knowing and recognition that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.


The Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart

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