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Mysticism, Clairvoyance and Higher Worlds
Nature Spirit

My Encounter With A Nature Spirit

A few years ago I had my own brief encounter with an Earth Elemental or nature spirit (Gnome) as they’re also known. It had never occurred to me that it was possible that mythological beings were cohabiting the Earth with us in a different frequency band.

It was in the early hours of the morning when I spontaneously woke up. I rolled over onto my other side to see an old dwarf-like little man with a long white triangular beard, wearing brown knee-high leather boots, a brown waistcoat and a tall pointed hat. Denise Le Fey writes in LA Light Worker’s Mission about her own experience with an elemental nature spirit in her garden, which includes an illustration of what they look like. As we caught gaze of each other, his mouth dropped open in astonishment and he retreated back behind the sofa whilst awkwardly bobbing up and down peering over the side. We were both a little surprised that we could see each other!

When viewed clairvoyantly with our spiritual eyes other beings and entities look as clear as any other person. From this experience, I learned that in this state the normal intellect transitions, the ego becomes more suppressed along with some of our other rational decision-making processes. If I had experienced this with my everyday waking consciousness, the shock would likely have caused trauma to my psyche, in much the same way a dream would be to someone if they were to physically experience it.

I understood this chap didn’t belong be in my room, however regretfully I was fearful and dismissive of him and a little ungrateful for being woken up, I didn’t want to deal with this and rolled over back over to sleep.

In the book Heal Your Home Adrian explains that nature spirits will sometimes follow you inside out of curiosity. I mistakenly reasoned that the elemental could let himself out by dematerialising or raising his frequency and walking through the wall. It was only much later that I connected the fact he had been able to physically interact with my furniture, which meant that he might have been stuck with me inside.

I believe as mankind evolves spiritually that we will all collectively have the potential to see and interact with these spirits. However at the current level of consciousness of humanity, we would try or attempt to capture or exploit them for our own gain, so right now it’s best we can’t all do this.

People still have garden statues of Gnomes as ornamentation here in the United Kingdom and I now have a renewed appreciation for these spirits, although I don’t know precisely what they do, I’m sure they’re involved in attending to nature in their own unseen ways.