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Mysticism, Clairvoyance and Higher Worlds

The Archangel Michael

In this post, I want to share and elaborate in more detail about some of the things the Archangel Michael does and how he’s helped me along in my own spiritual awakening. I don’t know whether angels can manifest as physical people or not, but I know for sure they absolutely do help people from their spiritual existence and perspective.

Archangel Michael


What does Michael look like?

My understanding is that all angels have the ability to manifest as a spiritual hologram. When I first saw the Archangel Michael clairvoyantly he had the appearance and physique of a fit and healthy, strong male made out of blue see-through light. From what I’ve read his appearance becomes more and more subjective and dependent upon how an individual interprets him or he wishes to be interpreted. In the dream state or meditative states, his appearance becomes more elaborate and takes on the image of a warrior being.

I sometimes see Michael’s presence as small electric-blue coloured lights, this can range from anything from a small will-o-the-wisp light impression used to let you know that he’s nearby and more intense flashes of light that are timed and placed to correspond with one of your own thoughts that resonate with your own path of learning or to add emphasis to a particular point. It’s important and worth repeating this simple message: “Love triumphs”.

The most impressive form by far was when he appeared using a small spinning Merkabah, alongside another Archangel resembling a flying diamond that was larger and azure-blue in colour.

I believe it’s necessary to have first developed clairvoyance and spiritual sight if you want to see them, however, in the last example I gave I find hard to believe anybody could have missed had they also been in the room and their belief systems receptive to such phenomena. I usually feel the presence of angels more than I see them, and even then it’s usually only under certain conditions. I don’t often see angels walking around everywhere, but it also seems some people do have this ability.

In order to call upon or receive the help of an Archangel, one needs only to pray and ask him for help in a humble, genuine and sincere manner.

Removal of Negative Energies

Archangel Michael can remove dark and harmful energies whether they be personal energies originating from the chakras or your own emotional energy being emitted in the electromagnetic field around your body. For example, my root chakra had been a focal point of inner energetic activity that was caused me a lot of pain and soreness. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and it caused me to be miserable. I frequently experienced burning energy where my root chakra energy vortex is located. I prayed for help and when I was in the state between sleep and wakefulness I experienced the sensation of a metaphysical hand reaching inside my body removing this harmful energy that needed to be removed.

Michael Helps with Fear

Michael helps you with your own fear, when I started to come into contact with astral entities he made his presence known to me by shining a soft white light, whilst still allowing a level of interaction with these other spirit entities. He was there to provide courage and support. During this period whenever I tried to meditate, little beings that I can only describe as ‘black blobs’ of shadowy energy would hurl themselves at me leaving a warm-yucky feeling behind. Eventually, they would come and then they would break up harmlessly in my aura like waves crashing against rocks.

On one occasion, I had polluted my own room with negative energy from fearful emotions and having nowhere else to sleep, I asked Archangel Michael to clear it for me. I was lucky enough to be able to observe him blasting away the negative energy with a beam of white light moving up and down the room. I’ve since purchased a Wind Gong to allow me to cleanse spaces of psychic/emotional energy myself. Fearful and angry energies feel absolutely horrible. This is a great bit of energy clearing kit to have if you want to keep your home clear or remove negative energy caused by an argument.

Removal of Spirit-Entities

On one occasion I clairvoyantly observed a dark cloud of energy fly into my room from above and my own soul called out for “Michael!” before my mind had time to react. His response was instantaneous. When the soul speaks, it carries more weight than asking for something from your egoic mind. Angels know the difference between what requests are sincere, what don’t serve to help you or your ego wanting an experience of light phenomena.

The Archangel Michael placed some sort of subtle electromagnetic protective shield around me that had the warm qualities of love. I was shivering and shaking from fear however the shield placed over me helped to dissipate this and calm me down.

In a conversation with someone in spirit, possibly a spirit-guide or family member my inner being would enthusiastically describe him as “The most powerful light being in all existence!”


Prayers to Archangel Michael




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