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The Archangel Michael is a divine spirit adept at matters of truth and dealing with lower energies working under God
Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael

In this post, I wanted to share and elaborate in more detail about some of my experiences with the Archangel Michael who originally assisted me during my own Kundalini spiritual awakening.

In the traditional Christian inspired artworks, he appears as a heavenly prince wearing simple old world leather armour. When I first saw the Archangel Michael take on a human form I was able to clairvoyantly see the outline and appearance of a fit and healthy, strong male made out of blue light. His appearance may, however, become much more subjective and change based on what is most appropriate for an individual to see or how he might wish to be seen. In the spiritual dream state or during meditative states, his appearance becomes much more elaborate and takes on the image of a warrior being complete with metallic armour and wings and is less encumbered by our notion of the laws of physics.

I originally made the association with small electric-blue coloured light orbs as being a manifestation of Michael, however later realised this colour and shape is shared by many other spirits. These will-o-the-wisp light impressions are used to let you know that someone is nearby and more intense flashes of light are designed to communicate in other subtle ways. One of the first profound inner conclusions I had was to do with the nature of love when I thought “Love triumphs”, which resulted in a response of blue light.

The most impressive form I observed as small spinning electric blue Merkabah of light, alongside another much larger Merkabah resembling a flying diamond that was azure in colour.

I do believe it’s necessary to develop clairvoyance and spiritual sight by awakening or activating the pineal gland if you want to see angels and other spiritual beings or entities, which I appeared to do spontaneously through prana breathwork and meditation, which sent orbs of subtle plasma energy up my spine which discharged into the brain. I usually feel the presence of angels around me more than I see them today, occasionally in an altered state I will see a psychic picture of them in my mind’s eye and I very occasionally see angels walking around near other people.

In order to receive the help of an Archangel one usually needs to pray and call upon them with strong intention and often in humble, genuine and sincere manner, else you will often be overlooked or ignored.

Archangel’s can remove dark and harmful negative energies whether they be personal energies lodged in the chakras or your own emotional energy being emitted in the electromagnetic field around your body such as fear and anger being some of most unpleasant energies to feel for any length of time. On one occasion root chakra had been a focal point of inner energetic activity that was causing me a lot of pain, soreness and discomfort as I frequently experienced burning energy where my root chakra energy vortex was located causing me to be miserable. On one instance I prayed for help insistently and when I dropped into an altered state between sleep and wakefulness I experienced the sensation of a hand reaching inside my body removing this harmful energy that needed to be removed similar to when Neo removes the bullet lodged in Trinity’s body in the Matrix-Reloaded.

Michael also helps you overcome fear, when I first started to come into contact with astral entities which were not something I believed in at the time he made his presence known to me by shining a soft white light from one side of the room, but still allowed interaction between myself and these lower spiritual entities and I believe he was there to provide courage and support. During this period whenever I meditated, little spiritual beings that I can only describe as ‘black blobs’ of shadowy energy would hurl or throw themselves against me which would splash me with a warm and yucky feeling energy residue. As my fear threshold and tolerance increased they would eventually break up harmlessly in my aura like waves smashing against rocks.

Luca Giordano St Michael

Luca Giordano St Michael

On one occasion when I had already polluted my own room with so much fear energy from responding fearfully to the ascension process that I moved into a spare bedroom, which again became covered with fear energies and as a result  I had nowhere safe or energetically clear to sleep. I used prayer to ask Archangel Michael to clear it for me and I was lucky enough to observe him blasting away the negative energy with a beam of white light as he moved up and down the room. Since this time I purchased a Feng Gong to allow me to cleanse spaces of negative psychic and emotional energies as fearful and angry energies feel absolutely horrible and I consider this to be a great bit of energy clearing equipment to have if you want to keep your home clear of negative energy hanging in the air.

On one occasion as I was trying to sleep whilst suffering from post-traumatic stress I clairvoyantly observed a dark cloud of energy fly into my room that descended directly from above and passed through my ceiling. On this occasion, my own soul called out for “Michael!” before I had time to respond, which further revealed the deeper nature of the mind, ego-personality and soul. His response was almost instantaneous and he placed some sort of subtle electromagnetic protective shield around me that had the warm qualities of love and protection. Despite the fact I was shivering and shaking from fear, the shield placed over me helped to contain and dissipate this energy and calm me down and this is something that all angels appear to have the capacity to do as I’ve experienced more than once.

During a conversation with someone in spirit, a number of weeks later my own inner being speaking independently of me would enthusiastically and in an almost child like way describe him as “The most powerful light being in all existence!”

I’ve included the main prayer I use for attracting the help or attention of Archangel Michael and for further reading on angels you may want to read this article by Sufian Chaudhary on Angels and Enlightenment.


Prayer to Archangel Michael


Prayer to Michael


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