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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Conscious Media Consumption

Conscious Media Consumption

As our higher spiritual selves wake up we must become conscious consumers of media and entertainment. This means we must become of aware of what we engage with and give our attention and energy to across the entire spectrum of traditional and online forms of media including television, music, art, print, radio, online, social media, cinema and theatre.

We live in a Universe of duality where we experience the spiritual forces of Light and Darkness. Both these opposing adversarial spiritual forces influence humanity in order to create the content we consume. The darkness will control corrupted individuals or seek to pacify and take someone over whilst attempting to subvert or undermine the efforts of Human beings who are actively and consciously evolving towards the Light. It is important to become aware of and acknowledge what is unhealthy, degenerate and cruel in our media and not sanctify it and to develop the discernment skills and exercise of inner judgement to pick apart the truth from the lies and the facts from the hearsay, unverified stories and propaganda expressed in our media.

Both spiritual polarities are able to provide us with access to a hidden layer of intuitive thoughts and they are able to interface with us through the mental ego-construct as clear thoughts and at times these may be perceived as inner-voices or short snippets of one-way dialogue. Those with the eyes to see and ears to hear will be able to spot when another person is being given intuitive content through pinging the ego, somebody under the influence of discarnate entities or demon’s or being offered directly channelled information.

The way in which you react to the content that you watch or listen to determines the quality of the energy that you create, the darkness seeks to instill anger, fear, scarcity and suffering in order to generate toxic frequencies of lower energies and black energy, in order to manifest ahead of real-time a collective concenus based on the media agenda of the hour. Spiritual energies can be both positive and love based frequency-intentions and they can also be unhealthy negative frequencies of energy created by our shadow-self and often presenting as ego-superiority, obscene spectacles and dirty jokes validation of immoral behaviours, enjoying the suffering of others or validation and enjoyment derived from such things. So be careful what you pay attention to and do not allow darkness into your heart, mind, body, soul or inner spirit for it can influence each aspect of us in different ways.

Unfortunately today, our mainstream media is full of offending material designed to trigger our negative shadow responses and so one must remain alert and on guard to lies and deception. Set apart from the driven agenda’s of the new media within our entertainment sphere we can observe everything from mankini’s, big brother social reality television experiments, topless and vulgar activism, dirty sexual jokes and innuendos, depraved pornographic content, immorality, degenerate behaviour on many levels. If we fail to recognise such content then we are at risk of wounding out inner spirit which learns and grows from what we validate through our attitude, attention, intentions and energy.

One may at first think that some of these things are just harmless fun, that is until you come to see and understand the evolution of your soul and consciousness as seen as part of the bigger picture. Creation was founded and designed upon divine principles and this is what the eternal Kingdom of Heaven represents. Unhealthy conditioned attitudes and behaviours born of underlying dark and sinister intentions will not be tolerated in the higher realms and it is through frequency bands that they are able to distinguish and separate out members of the population based on matched resonance. The lower frequencies inhabit low astral planes and the higher positive frequencies inhabit positive astral planes. Each plane is designed to group similar people together in spirit and provide a range of necessary lessons, which will determine when somebody is ready to ascend to a higher frequency.

The experiences you feed your inner being through your choices are what nurtures your soul. The experiences will come to condition your soul for better or for worse and will eventually determine both the quality of your soul and the appropriate level of existence that you may experience in the spiritual realms as per your level of consciousness evolution.

As one develops and exercises discernment, one will eventually see through negative content and its various seemingly innocent disguises, deceptions and manifestations. Once this is in your awareness you will choose NOT to validate negative material with your time, energy, attention or reaction as to do so changes your inner spiritual energy into lower frequencies. By rejecting this you are constantly re-affirming your choice to evolve your soul in accordance with the light and path of higher ascension.

An unawakened or unconscious person is afforded more protection, for they are largely unaware of their own choices and actions, they are sleep-walking through life at their own pace. However, a conscious person must learn to take on the new responsibility that is placed upon them that comes with heightened awareness and continually exercise Right choice.

In order to look after your minds, hearts, body’s and soul’s you must choose to only consume healthy content, clean humour, media and entertainment that is not corrupting, sinister, offensive or harmful to others. Be mindful particularly of what you read or look at on Facebook or the websites you visit.

When watching media content learn to see and discern the deeper hidden messages given by both sides, particularly regarding the corrupting effects of power. Choose to live consciously by recognising and making healthy choices in your life at every level.