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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Kundalini Meditation

How to Awaken Kundalini

This is a short guide on how to awaken one’s own Kundalini energy using the practices of meditation, exercise, relaxation, yoga and surrender.

Before you attempt to awaken Kundalini energy you need to understand what you are about to undertake. The Kundalini process is a type of spiritual awakening which is not an easy thing to go through. It may last many years or for the rest of your life. It is a complete transformation of your life and your physical and spiritual expressions. You will be permanently changed by this process, for the better so long as you go with the flow and don’t put up resistance.

If you manage to successfully awaken your Kundalini energy it will be necessary to make a number of lifestyle changes which may include things like giving up television, watching Hollywood movies, playing certain computer games, becoming estranged or alienated from some of your friends or family, giving up certain foods that you enjoy, changing your attitude towards yourself and others. If you’re not prepared to make these changes then Kundalini awakening is probably not for you.

There will be times where you experience intense love greater than anything you have ever yet experienced, deep inner peace, bliss and ecstasy. There will also be hard times of depression, darkness and mild to extreme discomfort. Many people who are Kundalini awakened experience being diagnosed as Bipolar, experience Spiritual-Psychosis and symptoms of Schizophrenia—these are western medical diagnoses for primarily spiritual phenomena. It is not a good idea to discuss Kundalini with western medical doctors because they do not recognise the soul, the phenomena of spiritual awakening or the spiritual energy system.

The Indian deities of Shakti and Shiva are responsible for the Kundalini process so cultivating the qualities of reverence, grace, gratitude for what you receive and forgiveness towards those who have harmed you. Jesus Christ also taught humanity the process to awaken Kundalini and you may also be visited by him during an awakening.

Consider these things carefully before you begin doing the exercises and don’t feel the need to rush into this as it isn’t for everybody at this time.

Also, read my article on the Dark Night of the Soul to understand the process which facilitates the death of the old self.

Step 1

Begin by doing highly focused still meditation with your attention being directed towards the midbrain area where the pineal gland is located, this is in order to decalcify and activate this gland. In the beginning, you may need to start by distancing yourself from your thoughts and going inwards and letting them flow by, but eventually, you will train your mind to become a still and quiet place.

I performed this meditation in darkness during the evenings for several weeks where I was sat in solitude and undisturbed by other friends of family members for a number of hours.

Step 2

Perform exercises to strengthen, stretch and flex the body, muscles and skeleton such as yoga, dancing or doing an appropriate martial art. Some of these can be done in the comfort of your own home and others I recommend you find a local class to attend in order to discipline yourself.

Step 3

Perform deep relaxation exercises in order to open the Root Chakra located in the pelvic floor in order to allow the body to ground spiritual energy safely back into the earth. Opening this for the first time can feel like a sexual surge of energy, but this is due to its location and the sensitive area of the body it is located near to the genitals.

Step 4

Perform body scanning exercises in order to relax the muscles in the upper thighs, pelvis and lower back. The word to describe this is Surrender, which is done in order to activate and release the energy stored in the tailbone.

Step 5

Visualise a golden snake wrapped around the tailbone, see this slowly uncoiling in your mind’s eye. Feel it unravelling and melting into a pool of liquid golden energy like warm honey at the base of the spine. Next, visualise a hand creating threads from this pool and pulling them up the spine with the thread being held between the thumb and forefinger. This will help to direct your intention to raise the energy up the spine. If the energy begins to burn or feel too strong you should immediately stop performing this exercise.


Both male and female Souls will have a Dark Night of the Soul that may last many months or years which is designed to help you quickly clear many lifetimes of past karma in a short space of time. This process is delivered through daily vivid dreams which come at night that include symbolism and sound. Negative energy will also be pulled back into the body at times as your soul learns, which will need cleansing and releasing from the body. Men and women will experience different karmic lessons and you will only ever process lessons from lifetimes that correspond with your current gender.