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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall

Lusting for Power

This post explains about the dangers of seeking excesses of spiritual energy and how it relates to human sexual expression and the human ego.

In the higher spiritual realms, they don’t have physical bodies, sexual intimacy is based on a process of blending masculine and feminine sexual energies in that relationship. These energies are more powerful than many human beings have experienced whilst incarnated. This form of expression only becomes available one when learns the core lessons regarding abuse of power and lusting for energy whilst incarnated. Magic, manifestation, energy healing and psychic abilities, everything becomes more powerful and requires greater individual responsibility and maturity for the levels of spiritual energy it requires, however, we learn the basics here in a relatively safe environment on the third density Earth.

In a Shamanic dream teaching, I was shown a woman reaching for a gold ring on a battlefield of fallen soldiers. As she reached for the ring on one body she exclaimed the word “Power” in a hungry and lustful way. The moment the ring was touched it produced feedback from the dream of an energy orgasm in my own physical body near the lower chakras and simultaneously the body of the woman in the dream decayed into dust in full detail. This is why the French call it the “petit mort” or little death. This happened several times and then I was finally asked by a guide the question, “Do you understand?” I said, “Don’t lust for power.” At this point, the dream ended and I woke up in bed.

The Lord of the Rings films were inspired by the spiritual realms and the core teaching was to explain about not lusting for power. The One Ring represents this teaching and demonstrates this through what happens to Gollum, and the many other characters that become lured by it.  (Frodo becomes tempted video). A similar message is also present in the Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade when the golden chalice drunk from which subsequently results in the death and decay of the person, however, the humble and unsuspecting wooden cup gave everlasting life.

What are the consequences of lusting for spiritual power? An individual may become a psychic-vampire unconsciously stealing the energy of others by creating energy cords into the chakras of other people. As the energetic system of the person isn’t wired for the amounts of energy they’re taking on board into their body.

For many people, the soul lessons being learned on earth consist of not abusing power. If your intention is to polarise to the Light a woman must not expose her physical body in a lustful way in order to deliberately seduce a man. There are many lewd outfits currently promoted on the Earth that would not be acceptable. Likewise, a man must not deliberately use his wealth, status or power over others in order to seduce a woman. Neither must engage in lustful physical sex and so one should seek to adopt some of the healthy practices outlined in the traditional tantric teachings such as the tantric embrace or the traditional missionary position, there are likely others but many are corrupted which would not be allowed.

If lustful sex and lusting for spiritual energy were negative and not permitted, then what was the positive solution to the healthy use of energy and sexual expression? In another separate encounter with a spiritual teacher from the higher realms, I was handed a small white box by a wise old man with the words Qi Gong painted on the side and the word “Bliss” spoken over the top. Bliss is achieved when sexual energy is raised up the body and through the chakras in a surrendered way, which results in a full body orgasm and a deep feeling of peace you won’t easily find any other way.

I also learned that men were never meant to engage in masturbation the same way women do, as the male loses vital life force energy in the process as well as potentially starting an unnecessary and very unhealthy addiction and seeking out pornography. The two polarities of masculine and feminine were always meant to bring man and women together in a healthy and joyful way that respected one another and usually as part of a healthy heart-based loving relationship.

So how does one achieve bliss I wondered? I discovered there is a balance of power that comes into effect. The one who is humble, sensible and responsible and seeks less is the one who is actually afforded more. Through the careful power dynamic of being in a state of spiritual surrender alone or with a partner, one does not become corrupted through asking for and seeking ever greater amounts of spiritual or sexual energy. One who cannot respect the use of higher degrees of spiritual energy will either need to learn from karma or risk becoming an Incubi or Succubi demon.

What about people without a partner? Individual bliss can be attained through Meditation, Qi Gong or Tanta where one maintains being in the state of total surrender with a quiet mind.