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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall

Vampire Soul Archetype

People are subject to a metaphysical Soul-Identification process that determines the Archetypal expression of the soul. The soul is what influences the physical appearance of the person during other subsequent lifetimes. Rupert Sheldrake refers to this spiritual energy field as the morphogenetic field, however, I prefer the soul as it’s a widely recognised spiritual term. The soul chooses its own identity based on identifying with various sub-characteristics, animals, behaviours and value systems of which the person’s ego expression has a preference and inclination towards. Many people do not consciously choose the vampire as its archetypal expression as it can be a highly undesirable form based on God’s expectations for humans. It has been known throughout historical folklore, myth and legend that vampirism was a deliberate curse in order that humans would not fall into patterns of negative, lazy, self-destructive or vampiric behaviour in their lives.

Many people are unaware that it is the soul that manifests both its physical and spiritual expression through this identification process.

In order to make the soul dis-identify from the vampire archetype, one should, for example, avoid watching films and movies about vampires in an overly serious manner unless someone is to start copying the behaviour through self-identification with the behaviour of the characters. The most subtle and sinister vampire movie of them all is the Matrix trilogy. I understood this when I realised they all wear black clothing disguised as trendy modern garments, they wear sunglasses most of the time, live on a planet where the sunlight is deliberately blocked out and go as far as to live in an underground cave city called Zion.

If you feel that part of your soul archetypal character is in alignment with qualities of the vampire then you need to take steps to un-do the metaphysical identification process that has formed at the soul level. After a period of sustained effort over a period of months or years, you will be given a lucid or vivid dream experience designed to see if your soul still resonates with that of a vampire through symbolic imagery. If the soul rejects the experience, your soul will no longer identify with these qualities.

As souls, we can incarnate as human form shaped by our soul’s self-chosen identification, form and expression, but one must live and behave like a human being. The vampire is not the only negative archetype I’ve identified and so you need to acknowledge and start living like a human being. Some or many of the qualities below will help you to identify whether or not your soul has this archetype as part of its archetypal expression or whether or not your actions or behaviour falls into these negative patterns.

How to tell if your Soul identifies with the qualities of the vampire Soul-Archetype:

  • Very pale or white skin (you often don’t spend long enough in daylight or sunlight)
  • Elongated fang teeth (top and bottom)
  • Many often have very recessed chins (traditionally would have been easier to bite people)
  • Tendency for excessive sleep during the day
  • Being over-active and alert at night
  • Some may have a dull sense of humour due to isolated living
  • You may not express as much self-love or care towards your physical appearance (not to be confused with vanity)
  • Vampires typically resonate with living in large old houses as a large family group for safety
  • An isolated lifestyle means not being part of a local community involvement
  • Frequently wear black cloaks or black leather clothing (modern Gothic) – the modern vampire
  • Tendency to wear old traditional clothing and attire – the traditionalist vampire
  • People who often wear sunglasses when not appropriate to do so
  • People have a dislike for being in bright sunlight
  • Resonate with Gothic or Classical musical genres
  • Negotiating people down on their asking price
  • Charging in excess of the value provided


The following points will help you to do this:

  • Humans are not nocturnal beings. You need to wake up in the morning and do your work and other activities primarily during daylight hours. Get up when your alarm goes off in the morning. Be sure that you don’t go back to sleep for an extra hour or more.
  • Go to sleep at night preferably before midnight, don’t stay up doing odd jobs.
  • When your day of work or socialising is done retire to your home to spend time with family.
  • Make sure not to go to sleep during the day frequently, you can stop to eat and rest or do other more relaxing activities.
  • Absorb the light from the sun when it is available to you – do some outdoor work or activities part of the time letting the sun touch your skin directly and filter through into your eyes for Vitamin D.
  • Do a range of activities that get you out and about with other people during the day.
  • Don’t stay at home and live a solitary lifestyle, go out at weekends and enjoy yourself. Be sure to see and visit more of your friends.
  • Pay people fairly for their work. Don’t continually seek to find the best lowest possible price, don’t haggle people down on their asking price unless you think they’re being very unreasonable. Don’t go looking for cheap bargains if you have the means to pay people their fair and realistic asking rate.
  • Don’t unnecessarily deprive others of work or jobs by attempting to do everything yourself. You were not meant to do everything on your own as a jack-of-all-trades person, you are meant to develop a few core skills, master them and then share them with other people, whilst allowing others to share their skills with you in turn.
  • Work hard for that which you want, don’t be lazy.
  • Don’t become dependent on handouts or benefit payments, utilising and leeching others energy.
  • Don’t offer to lend people money and then ask that they pay you back with Interest. This is what allowed this world to become enslaved by the Rothschilds corporate-banking family.
  • Do not steal. This means not intentionally stealing other peoples works for example by copy and pasting them without attribution, don’t download media for free from bit torrent websites, appreciate artist’s music by paying for their CDs and digital downloads in full – don’t just listen to them for free on YouTube. Don’t steal food unless your survival is at stake.
  • Don’t horde money in bank accounts. Money symbolically and spiritually represents and reflects energy and abundance. Money is meant to be shared and circulated freely around a healthy economy ensuring that everyone has money from the skills, talents and work that they offer. The majority of the world’s money and debt is owned by the Rothschild family. These souls are part of the highly negative vampire archetype.
  • Don’t hoard knowledge in the form of books that you do not read. Give them away to someone who would value them or if necessary sell them on second-hand so that others can benefit from them. If you have instruments that you don’t play, pass them on to others or sell them second hand.
  • Don’t steal other people’s spiritual energy this is referred to as psychic-vampirism or psi-vampirism – this means either consciously or unconsciously cording to other peoples chakras or energy fields and syphoning off spiritual energy which is not yours to take. Psychic vampires feed on spiritual energy such as Kundalini.
  • The most pernicious vampiric film of them all is The Matrix. This movie encourages the soul to identify with the vampire expression, however, it has been disguised quite well.
  • Trivia: When Neo escapes after helping to rescue the Key Maker in Matrix Revolutions the Blink character exclaims “you’re not going to believe this, he’s all the way up in the mountains.”, Neo then proceeds to fly like a vampire and rescue Morpheus and the Key maker from the resulting head on lorry collision whilst wearing his new typical black cape attire! (Vampires traditionally lived in large houses or castles in remote mountainous regions in places like Austria and Switzerland.)
  • Don’t feed on people’s life force energy, this includes using people as a slave labour or cheap corporate labour.
  • If you own a business pay your employees fairly and provide them with acceptable standards of holiday, working conditions and vacation time.
  • Don’t bite people in the neck! Traditionally drinking blood as part of a ritual was done in order to obtain it’s chi/pranic life force energy.
  • Keep your teeth brushed, straight, flossed and your breath fresh. The negative vampire doesn’t care much for self-appearance.
  • Be more light hearted and playful, develop a sense of humour. I’ve learned that many vampires are very serious and stoic people.
  • Humans breathe oxygen, go out in the sunlight, walk on the earth and eat food during the day for their sustenance, energy and survival.
  • Humans aren’t undead beings that live forever. A human would rather reincarnate as another human person than live forever.
  • Many humans with vampiric archetype qualities have hunger anxiety when they don’t regularly eat meals, probably because their main food source was not due to consuming physical food.
  • Choose to live as a family or with your partner in part of a village, town, city or local community. Don’t completely isolate yourself from other people.
  • The Satanic movies on this planet are deliberately designed to make good, strong and healthy humans seem weak, apologetic and inferior by comparison to dark spiritual beings. They are attempting to get the soul to identify with exclusively the bad characters that one sees in Hollywood movies.

Begin to incorporate as many of the above points into your life as possible by making positive lifestyle changes and removing negative influences that are symbolic of the vampire archetype. You’ll find that in subsequent human incarnations you’ll become a more refined person with a healthier physical expression, personality and rounded character. You’ll also be welcome in other areas of the astral realm where people that are known for vampiric tendancies would otherwise not be welcome.