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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Soul Clearing Process

Kundalini Dark Night of the Soul

We live in a Universe of duality caught between the opposite polarities of the spiritual Light and Dark energy. As a human being incarnated on Earth, your Soul is likely constituted from both of these spiritual polarities. God allows darkness and evil to exist because it teaches the soul the negative spectrum of lessons that it requires to learn, grow and evolve towards the Light. Darkness also better defines the Light and shows you what not to fall into or become.

Confusion About The Dark Night of the Soul

There is an awful lot of confusion amongst many well-meaning people and spiritual regarding what they personally believe a “Dark Night of the Soul” actually is. Much of it is inaccurate or simply complete nonsense. A dark night of the soul is not something to be casually spoken of any more than the expression of “for Christ’s sake” is to be spoken or said out loud when someone innocently knocks over and spills their drink.

A Dark Night of the Soul does not mean a short-period of temporary discomfort, existential soul-searching, the loss of a job, a period of depression or even the ending of a relationship or marriage breakup.

When a person goes through a spiritual awakening it is to be expected that they will eventually go through an accelerated process of spiritual growth and transformation which takes place within a relatively short space of time. What many other people would ordinarily learn over the course of many subsequent lifetimes a Kundalini awakened person will now learn over a period of months and years.

The Collapse of Ego

During a dark night of the soul, the outer facade of the ego-identity is stripped away and reveals all the hidden wounds that the soul bares for the Kundalini to work with. Who you thought yourself to be all this time is in reality not in alignment with who your soul actually is. I believe this to be one of the essential core teachings of what Adyishanti discovered about himself as he discovered his true self.

I understand there is a lot of New Age channelled nonsense purported to be from the Archangel Michael and other beings of Light. However, it is a rare and profound experience to receive a communication from an Archangel in spoken English. This succinct message is what was spoken to me: “I am the Light I am the Dark”. Up until this point in life I had been of the dark polarity, I have done a lot of things in my past lives that I regret and I’m not proud of, but this marked a turning point in the evolutionary development of my consciousness and soul.

Initially, I became very unsettled upon first hearing this, because I considered myself as nothing short of the light. This attitude and opinion is due in part to the New Age spiritual teachings that convince many well-meaning people (including me) that we are the purest of God’s Light simply by choice made on the level of the ego-identity. The reality is that this perspective is just the outer mask of the ego-identity, we use to function in the world.

Without an ego-identity, the soul and spirit cannot function in the world incarnated in a physical human body. The ego is also used to temporarily store all the social and cultural conditioning and rules needed to live within the society, which I believe is nicely illustrated in the short video series by Tom Montalk on What Is The Matrix Control System. The stark truth is that there are many of us who are a mixture of Light and Dark polarity on the soul level, some are entirely of the dark, and some are entirely of the light. Our reason for being here on the Earth is to evolve and heal our Shadow whilst performing positive work. We are here to evolve our minds, soul and consciousness/spirit and learn both positive and negative soul lessons.

During a Dark Night of the Soul you may be granted brief periods of rest where positive polarity teachings can and do take place. However you are primarily expected to choose your own path of knowledge seeking and growth on the physical plane. Depending on what choices you make, you may experience lessons from spiritual teachers existing in higher densities.

If you truly want to become an embodiment of the Light then you need to engage in sincere self-work to heal your Shadow and be prepared to drop all of the held egoic-pretences you’ve defined yourself with up until now. The human “Shadow” as I call it constitutes the darkest and most sinister aspects of your soul history from a spectrum of evil-black to shades of grey. In a Dark Night of the Soul you’re processing and dissolving the darkest aspects of your Shadow and negative past karma held in your soul in order that you can grow towards the divine realisation of the Light.

Shadow healing means dissolving your own dark nature, yes you must truthfully acknowledge parts of yourself that you’d rather not have discovered or learned about, however I do not believe it is sensible to engage this part of yourself as if it were a positive aspect of yourself to accept without change. Metaphorically speaking you burn it away with light or cut it off. If you seek to integrate your shadow and darkest aspects of self as some teachers suggest then you are absolutely guaranteeing you’ll be staying incarnated on a physical planet to learn, because nothing will have changed. These things are already a part of you, and they need healing.


Why is it called a dark night of the soul?

The dark night of the soul comes at night during your sleep in the form of vivid dreams and visions which allow you to see and process your past negative karma. They occur over a period of many months or years perhaps only stopping to provide brief periods of respite in-between.

Your soul will be subjected to a gruelling process of negative polarity night-time lessons that come during your sleep from some of the most evil entities that exist depending on the learning your soul needs to go through. You will be witness to the actions of your soul in both the first and third person perspectives through symbolic dreams incorporating your own image and images from past scenarios and present-life situations.

This karmic soul clearing process is deliberately allowed to occur in order that your soul learns, grows and ultimately doesn’t become corrupted or fall into the darkest depths of the dark polarity. It’s here to allow you to ascend to new heights of the divine, whilst allowing you to clear and let go of your own dark past.

During this period night after night the soul and consciousness is put through a vigorous boot-camp of karmic clearing dreams during the early hours of the night. Negative entities and energies most appropriate for the lesson are set loose upon you. It is an extremely unpleasant experience and it will consist of anything from minor karmic bad dreams to facing your worst nightmares and inner demons.

However the road leads up towards the light and out the other side. A metaphor that helped me cope with the dark night of the soul is understanding that even the seed of a flower is planted in horse manure and darkness and yet it instinctively struggles and grows towards the light until it blooms into a beautiful flower. The ultimate human flowering is represented by obtaining enlightenment and oneness as the crown chakra opens to the divine when the Kundalini polarities of Shakti meet Shiva in divine union.


Negative Lessons

The grey I referred to before could represent minor transgressions from past or current lifetimes such as stealing from someone, breaking something, being mean or inconsiderate. The black represents acts of deliberate evil such as murdering someone.

Despite living what I thought was a fairly positive lifetime I’ve experienced some of the worst negative lessons a person could probably experience.

In the form of a symbolic dream I was shown an enemy soldier surrendering to a group of other soldiers. I then approached him with a rifle with a baronet attachment and proceeded to stab the man several times, presumably until he was dead, with his screams being made audible in sound for me to hear. The scene then faded to black and a negative entity telepathically communicated the point of the dream. I’d already written a statement of intent describing how I would not physically attack or assault someone unless in self-defence, after several weeks an entity was allowed to test me in a live environment to see what choice I would make if presented with such a situation.

This was a lesson I did not pass at the time but I’m sure I will eventually be given the opportunity to be re-tested. However these are not mere dreams, they affect your entire energy field, personality, and sense of self, mind-psyche and reshape your ego-identity. They must be taken seriously by you as if they were real experiences, because from the perspective of your soul in this environment it cannot tell the difference between a dream and what reality is, and that’s precisely the point. You might think to yourself “Well I would never have done that”, but until you’ve been challenged in such a way you will not know. I had some of the darkest and sinister entities telepathically communicating with me resulting in inner voices of “Let me test him”, this was extremely traumatising as I thought this was probably the same adversary Christ rebuked in the dessert. After a week or more of doing precisely that using Jesus name, these entities seemed to disappear and retreat so I could be at peace once again.

One of the highest qualities of Light is mercy towards other human beings and other beings that bare Light within them when they ask for this.

Unlike the regular dreams a person had probably had during their life, dream lessons during the dark night of the soul include clairaudient hearing and hi definition psychic-spiritual visuals. In many instances your soul and consciousness identifies with the experience and understands it is real. You will wake up sweating, shaking, crying and whatever else it takes for you to process the experience. Eventually I became so fatigued from this seemingly endless and ceaseless process that I would just go numb and lay there. I couldn’t comprehend the things I was seeing any longer and my body was submitted into a forced depression in order to process what had happened. I seemed to cope during this period by disassociating from everything, my emotions, my energy and my body in an attempt to continue as normal.

The Dark Night of the Soul is to enable your Soul to process its darkest past karma in order that it can continue to ascend into levels of the divine realms, potentially without the necessary requirement of having more physical incarnations. The more negative karmic lessons you clear the more chance that you’re going to be allowed to live a quality experience as God truly intended for you to have.

Another profound piece of information an Archangel shared with me was that God did not create this Earth reality. The Earth is a place of learning for the soul to experience the duality of evil or the knowledge of good and evil, but you are expected to return home one day once you’ve lived these experiences.


What makes the Dark Night of the Soul So Dark?

Beings of the Light such as Angels of Spirit Guides will not permit themselves to give you negative soul lessons and for the most part stand down and allow it to take place. The reason for this is that it would cause extreme bitterness and resentment towards them from you so during this period dark entities are permitted access to you in order to bring you the hardest lessons your soul needs to learn from.

These entities comes from the darker regions of the astral plane, what the Christian’s acknowledge as Hell and past demons from the individual shadow are brought to the surface. These dark entities are loosely instructed to give you negative lessons, but they are not there to teach you like a friendly and supportive teacher. You must do the work yourself. Do not expect them to be a kind to you because many of them are evil to the core. They are not your friend and you are not their friend. In the process of showing you lessons they are also attempting to corrupt you in the process, so you must take what they do seriously. They don’t like the light, they don’t care about you.

Demons are there to reflect back to you the worst or most hidden aspects of your psyche and soul. The Kundalini process will leave nothing unturned. Some of the things you need to learn from will stem from your present life and others will be the worst parts of your past lives, consolidated and played back to you.

In order to resist the darkness and attempts at corruption being thrown at you, it is absolutely essential that you begin a personal process of healing.

What is important to understand is that at the core soul level the human ego-construct is completely bypassed. As you are, you might a famous person, a Samaritan, an Olympic medallist or just an ordinary person who’s lived quite an ordinary life, but none of this matters during the dark night process and your past comes back to haunt you.

In a follow-up article, I’ll write about how to survive and come through the dark night of the soul process.