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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Themis Greek Titaness

Spirit Badges and Metaphysical Statistics

Topics covered: spirit badges, metaphysical statistics, deities, the astral plane, family relations and divine order.

We’re all familiar with the significance of obtaining a medal, whether it be through learning and obtaining skills in the Scouts, Olympic medals for sporting achievement, military medals for bravery or other notable achievements. Up until recently, I thought that this was merely a human concept and that once we die that these objects of our past become lost and forgotten. However, this is not true. The physical medals will remain on the physical plain and can be passed down as family heirlooms, however, they also exist a metaphysical counterpart, assuming they were obtained fairly. These metaphysical spirit badges can be read by other souls, spirit guides and people whether you’re incarnated again or interacting with other people on the astral realm.

So how did I learn about this?

Recently I had one of my web design and marketing clients come and speak to me through a dream to inquire about something, which I’ll admit is pretty unusual. This was the first time I’ve been lucid and aware enough to pick up on a communication with one of my clients during a dream-time interaction. During this dream, I was shown the symbolism of a ribbon motif being placed against the badge of one of his Mercedes Chauffeur cars. I understood this to mean an endorsement of the quality and this was accompanied with the words “Sampson’s approved”, with Sampson being the name that my chauffeur client works under.

One of the other interesting things I learned recently was that our Spirit Guide team have access to streams of real-time statistical information about us. In my instance one of my brothers challenged a decision made against me, which was accompanied by the vocalisation of “Why is he being tested when his commitment level is only at 37%” —sometime later that morning I perceived another dream, there was a vortex of divine light and spiral clouds with a giant clock hand in the foreground that appeared to move in a reverse anti-clockwise direction. This psychic visualisation was understood by me to mean an earlier decision had been reversed.

What are the conclusions that can be made from these sequence of dreams?

Firstly, it’s more important to pay attention to the quality and intention of the work you do whilst incarnated here on Earth. Although we can’t all perceive the many guiding forces we may have attracted into our lives or are watching over us, we can be reasonably sure that they’re there, they exist, and they’re paying attention to what we do, even though we cannot see them.

Secondly, your lifetime of achievements are also recognised in the form of what one might refer to as spirit badges, these are symbolic metaphysical tokens and medals that are attributable to the soul or consciousness of yourself rather than the incarnated version of yourself. You will carry these with you into future lifetimes. If we make a notable achievement or effort towards something it will be recognised in one form or another.

Thirdly, friends and family usually back each other up when it comes to grievances and perceived injustices in both the spiritual realms as well as on the physical, even if they do not appear to live a very spiritual lifestyle. They may well be doing things for you that you are yet unaware of whilst incarnated unless you remember an interaction during a dream. The other thing I took from this is that certain decisions that may not have been made in your favour can be reversed if they are not fair. It is the Greek Goddess Themis who is pictured holding a set of scales in one hand to symbolising justice, whilst simultaneously holding a sword in the other hand symbolising divine order.