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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Game of Consciousness

Game of Consciousness

Spiritually enlightened people know that consciousness is the inner fundamental witness of all experience.

From this level of understanding and perspective, there is very little reason to make distinctions between physical matter and a vivid or lucid dream which represents the spirit, because they can both be experienced equally by consciousness and their technical differences don’t make much difference. In this regard, one is no more real than the other, rather they are both materials constructed from different formations and densities of energy. Many people would say, well the physics don’t allow for these experience of beings to exist, once you understand what consciousness is and is capable of you’ll understand that all the imagination is capable of producing is capable of being experienced.

Souls and accompanying spirit are free to explore being both Light archetypal characters, if you want to play the role of a scantily clad Goddess warrior or a dark temptress sourceress both of these options are available things you can do in spirit.

One of the purposes of the physical Earth is to explore the knowledge of good and evil by having the spiritual polarities of Light and Dark battle against each other. In this context, these forces are not merely friendly adversaries as per above, but rather polarised forces that battle one another gaining equal experience.

With the knowledge of many of the evil-spoiling experiences encountered first hand, revealed and a collective consensus and agreement formed around them, this information is taken back, distilled and then disseminated to other consciousnesses within the systems that utilise the rule set where it committed to a spiritual repository and given the labels of sin and evil. Our media and entertainment like to joke a lot about sin within the context of marketing temptation, mostly selling food, fashion, sex and strong brand statements as it alludes to risqué behaviour that too many is actually quite desirable when done in a quality way.

Ultimately, consciousness can witness in both the first-person illusion of an incarnated body or a third-person perspective with your individuated consciousness observing from behind the character. This is precisely what occurs in many dreams, we switch perspectives between these two and our observing consciousness functions as the movie camera that follows us around and allows us to perceive in many different ways.

You are this essence consciousness experiencing yourself identifying with a character in precisely the same relationship between the player and the computer game character being witnessed on screen. Individuals that commit evil-sin and depravity won’t be permitted to play roles or games of the above archetypes with those that resonate with following the rules of sin as it would seriously infringe and violate the rules of the experience and is seen to be so totally degrading and unacceptable that in such systems, such actions, behaviours or intent is not permitted.

Essentially, these people must learn to stop engaging in degrading experiences and stop ruining or spoiling other peoples lifetimes and experiences, this is why karma exists as a tool for either harsh lessons or sometimes as punishment consequences of having contracted with other spirit beings to experience equal opposite or equivalent suffering in order that one learns to no longer identify with doing such things and take it seriously.

In the above context, this means respecting the human body and learning not to be pervy or lustful when it comes to observing the female form. Once you understand this core lesson and stay away from evil hard-core dirty pornography (highly degrading) among other important lessons, your spirit eventually ascends from the Earth realm back to spirit and consciousness, upon where you decide upon the types of experiences you enjoy doing most with other people. If you avoid pornography altogether, you’ll be sending the signal that it really doesn’t resonate with you and that you’re open and understanding that there are many none degrading ways of expressing sexuality with a partner of the opposite sex.

In spirit, control of thoughts and intentions become paramount as they are used to shape the narrative of the story or experience and generate items within the world either through manifest energy or to be picked up in a change synchronistic encounter later just when you need it. Spiritual teachings warn of the significance of, “that which you do in your mind through thought, intention or imagination, it is as if you have done this for real.” Many people overstep boundaries when it comes to fantasizing about strangers, imagining what their partners might like and using them as a source of masturbation material, which very few males actually know how to do properly. The reason for this is that the mind manipulates energy, which in turns interfaces with the holographic nature of reality, fundamentally this is how magic, spellcasting, psychic, telekinetic and psi-ability works.

It’s ultimately more important to generate and make real love (not merely romantic) with your chosen partner, but also meaningful lasting friendships whilst expressing gratitude, loyalty and fidelity where appropriate on all levels with all people. These are things that money cannot buy, however, it may afford you a higher quality of experience.

If you chase money your whole life you risk not creating any of the former love/friendships. Once some of these spiritual lessons have been learned, egoic-behaviours (normally involving alcohol, drugs, addition and unjustified aggression and harm to others) and other personal levels of shadow wounding being healed or dissolved then both your spiritual quality and physical quality of life will improve dramatically as we can each sense each other’s true intentions. Be honest and sincere with one another, and if you realise you’ve got a kink or perversion that’s seriously degrading, then contemplate this and drop it.