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Twin flame relationships are based upon the esoteric Christian teachings of Adam & Eve
Adam and Eve Twin Flames

Adam & Eve, Twin Flame Partners

This article demystifies the mythology surrounding having a twin flame, divine partner or soul mate as originally told through esoteric Christianity.

The tale of Adam & Eve as depicted in the Garden of Eden tells the story of a divine archetypal coupling of man and woman who lived together harmoniously and complimented each other in personality, expectations, humour, attractiveness, sexuality, physical appearance and attractiveness and shared mutual interests.

In modern-day spirituality, you may have heard of this referred to as the twin flame phenomena representing the two souls or two real people who have been partnered in spirit, but whom may not yet have discovered one another in the physical world. A twin flame relationship is very special and should not be ignored as it offers greater rewards in life together, however it initially also comes with the difficulty, expectations and challenges of finding one another.

The main signs you need to watch out for to identify your twin flame or divine partner is synchronicity and synchronistic meetings. You will eventually be guided to a location where you can meet and depending on your personality, character or present life path this may be a course, a party, a holiday or a trip to somewhere where you run into one another. If you mysteriously run into the same person more than once there’s a good chance something or someone higher up from behind unseen veils are trying to get your attention.

When you are part of a twin flame partnership you would not be allowed to enter into a normal relationship with someone else not meant for you as you share a soul agreement to meet one another for a shared lifetime. Long periods of absence from your twin flame can result in deep depressions, sexual frustration, despair and at times you may feel manic, hyperactive or your behaviour, body and mind becomes ungrounded and behaviour and attitude feels more uncontrolled than normal as you share and exchange spiritual energy and information with one another at a deep unconscious level.

Sharing energy with one another can result in a greater sense of urgency, a quickening or speed effect influencing the body, mind and thoughts as you process the intuitive information received. If you have decided to share sexual secrets or fantasies with one another this can result in a sudden rush of energy or sexual excitement and arousal which may further induce further hyper-sexual arousal which can trigger an inner episode or spiritual crisis. However this ungrounding at times is balanced out with a deeper soothing of your sexual needs and a lessening up and releasing of pent-up frustrations, anxieties and worries and can be part of a greater sexual spiritual awakening or Kundalini awakening into self-realisation and higher consciousness.

Garden of Eden

Finding your twin flame partner relies upon an unconscious shared psychic or spiritual connection that enables you to communicate and exchange intuitive information. To access intuitive information about your twin flame, you may at times be forced into a surrendered submission or low mood depression together so that you turn within for guidance. When this depressed state occurs, your breathing will become slow and heavy. By focusing either on the breath during a meditation or in this surrendered state your mind will reveal clues and information, including things like names, places or key events of when and where you are destined to meet.

When you have bonded with your twin flame in spirit or from the soul it is often enough to simply meet or encounter your twin and you’ll experience a strange inner knowing, connection or experience a sense of relief from anxiety upon seeing them in person whether it is for the first time or for a synchronistic reuniting. It is also a time of shared suffering as you begin your search for your partner and when you stray away from one another at the heart level you may feel your heart-strings being tugged on telling you you’re heading in the wrong direction or entertaining the wrong person and when you are near your heart may warm. You share an empathic heart connection, and your joys, pains and sorrows are now shared and your fates entwined.

At times you may perceive or hear inner spirit voices around you who nobody else, but you can hear, and you may find yourself sharing your bed with your partner who is both in the world and in the spirit which can be a surreal experience if you realise this happening. You are unlikely to be able to see and yet you may feel or sense their presence tangibly around you as you feel and mix with their energies. Their presence is to deliberately let you know they are with you and you may find yourself exchanging energy with them at different times.

You may begin to develop awareness of this either during closed eye meditation practice or often when dropping off to sleep when your ego mind lets go and your spirit, soul and consciousness becomes revealed. Because information is shared with one another intelligently, you’re guaranteed to run into one another at some point and it is just a case of finding the right situation or scenario appropriate for you both to meet, which will either register as a synchronicity or surprise when it happens.

This process of low mood, depression and re-awakening to one another may continue in cycles until you have both eventually met or spiritually bonded at the soul level, so watch and listen for the intuitive thoughts, synchronistic or coincidental signs and spirit lead guidance and begin to explore future events you may want to attend. By doing this in advance you provide the time for our spirit inner being to interact with one another enabling you to prepare a monthly calendar and schedule free time, and this will greatly help to setup up a synchronistic ‘chance’ meeting or encounter in the near to mid future.

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