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Heaven is not in the clouds, it refers to spiritual light frequencies where people are purified of negative ego character flaws and behaviours where the inner spiritual being co-exists and may ascend from darkness to light.
Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

There have been some notable individuals have ascended into higher frequencies and heavenly realms during their lifetime, which is also referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven in Christian spirituality. These people include notable figures such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ upon his physical death and walked the Earth once more in a light body similar to the other deities we can call upon at any time. How does this fit into the current paradigm? Ascension sounds like some incredibly esoteric idea that can only be achieved by a few people and is thus out of reach for everyone else, this is not true, there is presently a considerable knowledge and conceptual gap between our relationship and understanding to the place known as the kingdom of Heaven.



Traditionally Heaven has been depicted as an ethereal world of spirit existing in the clouds beyond the reach of the dense earth, reached either by staircases of light and entering through large iron ornate gates guarded by angelic guardians. Many artists have been gifted with visions of heaven and the divine and it is through seeing only these that we have become very conditioned and used to only seeing this representation and fail to see what it is that it actually represents.

The realms of angels oversee human experience and at key times they take part in it by engaging with individual people. They also help many individuals from behind their veiled existence and frequencies we can’t easily perceive. However I have seen beings of light observed with mysterious glowing white eyes which I understand to be Archangels and Guardian angels wearing the traditional robes and sandals either standing over whilst I slept or sweeping down, they almost always alight from above as energy, people with or without wings, or symbolic forms such as balls of fire.

The truth is that the gods want to live and experience through us in order to live in their own creations because it represents something quite unique, fun, relatable, including human love, drama, challenges, sexual relationships, games, food, celebrations, handmade creations and shared cultural experiences and we each have a personal god-self that witnesses our experience that is referred to as the self-realised I am presence. Humanity itself was never intended to become as divine servants like the angels as this experience is totally different.


Zion the City of God


What is Heaven?

Heaven is a none earthly realm or spiritual paradise where one can ascend in inner vibratory frequency, where the people have obtained a refined ego character and identity to fit into a shared world among the other main virtues in order to become closer to God and another divine spirit.

Only certain people or souls may enter into Heaven, either through invitation due to notable personal achievement, hard work, a cause, or spiritual seeking which is known as the ascension process. Heaven is a place of divine order, harmony, balance and justice and not everybody has sufficiently developed themselves spiritually to be permitted to join. What does this really mean?

The clouds and sky in visionary artwork represent lighter spiritual frequencies of energy rather than the dense physical flesh and the gates mean that it is exclusive only to some and that there is a particular standard to be achieved in order to reach here. The people existing here are purified of negative ego and energetically it’s almost like breathing fresh crisp air filled with light particles of love, this represents Gods spiritual light frequencies and the higher virtues and morality.

The physical matter third-dimensional incarnational experience for the inner spiritual being coupled a physical body feels quite dense, heavy and unpleasant by comparison. We move around in our bodies made from various cells, tissues, organs and its skeletal structure and we experience pain, disease, suffering and illness as we navigate through karmic interaction and behaviours in order to develop the quality of our eternal inner spiritual being which I make a point of referencing as distinct from the soul.

In Heaven, there are many places one can go to have fun, experience joy and satisfaction. Their collective attitude is one of being proud of what they create and achieve and creation on this level appears to have the best interests of the people inhabiting the space in mind rather than that monopolisation or acquisition of material wealth and financial personal gain. Instead of producing something that is based upon the cheapest and most economically viable or affordable model to maximise shareholder profit the criteria is more about balancing and meeting the needs of culture, purpose, design, aesthetic, functionality and that which is in keeping with the location and new or innovative if it brings about an improvement.

People with too many fears aren’t usually permitted to remain at this level as it pollutes their energy frequencies, which means these have to be resolved to a reasonable standard relative to whoever the individual is. The reason being is that most people do some quite horrible things due to acting out from a place of fear and as a result, it causes harm or something unpleasant and possibly detrimental.

Philosophically I realised that humans are meant to live without fear in order to achieve our full potential else we limit ourselves and what experiences we can do and God insists we have challenges, adversity and evil adversary consciousness to fight against, resist or overcome as part of the paradigm of experience, else may things can be achieved too easily and the knowledge of evil experience is lost. Most people understand this intuitively and it’s the predominant human theme in both life, literature and entertainment. If we actually refuse to align with this in a balanced way then an individual accrues personal karma and lower dystopian worlds and timelines open up that didn’t live up to the challenge. This was a point also echoed by the enlightened teacher Eckhart Tolle who can be seen laughing to himself during one of his presentations as he mentions we have “badies”.


My Experiences

I fell into a low frequency during my teenage and early adult years due to lack of psychic-boundaries in interactions and during my Kundalini spiritual awakening, I was quite dismayed to discover that my inner spiritual being was inhabiting a very dark and low-frequency spiritual plane full of demons, dark cloudy energies and other various spiritual adversaries and Satanic beings and entities designed to direct, shape and reorientate certain human behaviours resulting in a number of spiritual-psychoses and interactions with angels and at times I experienced fearful episodes as began to learn what was happening to me.

A person that is seeking God and becoming one with divine spirit as part of a shared mind compared with that of a person who neither outwardly or inwardly chooses to do this represents quite a marked contrast. Everyone has the expectation and potential to raise oneself into a high frequency and come to occupy much higher spiritual planes through ascension, however, not everybody has spiritual awareness or any beliefs in relation to any sort of existence or after-life experience due to atheism, existential views and unexplored spirituality. It isn’t necessary to die in order to ascend as ascension happens whilst we are existing in a physical body as it is the inner spiritual being that rises up in frequency and direction which may be seen as walking up that staircase of light or being moved one up on that multi-platform chessboard where a higher quality of lived experience takes place. This is exactly the method that I used and can attest that it works and so today there are now main light spirits around me and adversary consciousness is more evolved also rather than Satanic seeking to pervert and corrupt either polarity.

The opposite realm and polarity to heaven is a low-frequency underworld traditionally described as Hell and symbolically exists in the dense ground or lower earth. The reality of this place is real, it is more widely known as the lower astral planes and it separates degrading and degenerate experience from a refined enjoyable human experience. The threat of remaining here is what prevents people from carrying out certain evil or depraved acts such as sin or actions that come with karmic consequences. People who live this way physically will remain here once the veils are pulled back and they typically have either depraved behaviours, uncontrolled violence, perversions relating to sex and many others things represented by the spectrum of lesser and greater demons.

I managed to ascend from a very low-frequency plane into a much higher frequency plane, which brought me closer to the heavenly spirit as someone said to me “you’re about to find out why they call it the Kingdom of Heaven” and I came back with a few nice teachings and experiences relating to higher ways and karma. I still have some freedom to roam from my present plain to slightly lower or higher planes, however, the lower planes are nearly always met with people I do not want to be around energetically due to the toxic things they still do but are the individuals most in need of help or the higher planes which are more like a break or holiday.

Ascension Experiences

On one occasion my body physically began to dissolve as I was lying in bed and conveying a past experience through the way of a shared thought form from a low frequency to do with removing demons and I wondered if my body was going to remain stable or disappear. On other occasions, it is the spiritual being within you that is lifted up and elevated similar to an astral projection or out of body experience. If an aspect of divinity picks up like this, you feel something physically being lifted up out from your physical vessel and taken from one plane or realm to another.

On another occasion, I was doing sustained inner vibration raising meditations to lift my own frequency and dissolve through past karmic energies I had picked up. They actually advised me during this to keep my eyes closed and make it look like I was “going within” and meditating, else you will be accused by other peers on your spiritual plane who are around your inner spirit being, but who you can not physically see due to being veiled. This avoids being accused or tagged as lazy, sleeping in too much and so on and I only mention this as I frequently use a reclining yoga bed to give me more back support.


How does one qualify for Heaven?

My direct experience was with reorientating particular behaviours, attitudes and upholding certain spiritual principles and these were the keys to entry into these higher spiritual planes. It is the quality of the experience offered in the Heavenly spiritual realms which are so desirable to us by comparison and I will describe a few of the ones I’ve visited one day in the future.

It is pleasant and quite different because the people have inwardly reached a similar level of spiritual evolution which is reflected outwardly in their actions, and they can relate and interact with one another without triggering negative ego reactions due to fear, insecurity and lower energies which have long since dissolved in light frequencies, one of the main reasons for ascension meditations that dissolve the pain body.

I originally fell from this level due to conflict with the new ascended spiritual being who had taken up residence in my father’s physical form and then later due to spiritual traps of agreement wanting to seek out more clairvoyant experience I found myself lost and wandering between different god-heads and spiritual planes.

Just to clarify things, there are still bars, shopping centres, erotic attractions and places where people meet up, restaurants to eat in and people still drink alcohol, visit the beach on holiday, explore green landscapes and places with natural flowing water. The people love one another more in terms of plutonic relations, romance and partnership. People become a bit drunk on alcohol and dance, experience joy and pleasure and use other intoxicants in sensible amounts. However, nobody binge drinks to excess, degrades themselves in public through vomiting, vulgar behaviour, incessant swearing, start unjustified fights or spread corrupted attitudes, toxic-behaviours or commit offences against the immutable divine laws and thus all media, entertainment and cultural content is purified but as rich, full and diverse as ever without deliberately tempting in a negative way or seeking to corrupt heavenly virtues and values.

Individuals have instead mastered the right use of their emotions, attitude and egoic reactionary responses to particularly unfavourable situations and are far more positive and solution orientated or don’t let things psychically bother them so much. With the right approach and attitude, if things go wrong, help is either offered, and justice is usually swiftly delivered depending on what the circumstances are.

The people are much happier, there is significantly less stress and offence caused. If a conflict occurs, it is usually resolved more rapidly and fairly without the need for body karma or bad luck. Resolution of accidental mistakes comes through genuine and sincere apology and forgiveness can be offered without hostility rather than stubbornness. In many instances, these types of errors don’t happen anymore because they have higher knowledge, higher consciousness and personal self-awareness to balance their character and offerings.


Spiritual Evolution

The ascension modal of spiritual-evolution enables both the human, soul and inner spiritual being to fit into a pattern of expected standards, expectations and behaviours relative to their own character, personality, archetype and life goals. There is still room for creative expression, which is the whole point of being a co-creative being with God and all the best ideas and creations get noted, acknowledged and possibly implemented in some way.

When higher spiritual principles are acknowledged and followed on the Earth by everyone we would collectively achieve what many might philosophically describe as Heaven on Earth, which appears to be one of the goals. However, in the meantime, the physical lower Earth is used for the purposes of soul purification, ego development, healing, learning core lessons whilst fighting amongst adversarial and evil consciousness in order to obtain the knowledge and experience of evil in order to refine the quality and skills of the higher spheres. In order to create something perfect one must engage against dark consciousness as adversity and challenge is a prerequisite else all would be too easy and taken for granted.

So in conclusion, the Kingdom of Heaven actually represents a vast expanse of different experiences based upon various different Earth peoples and cultures from both our world and others. There are many different planes, realms, worlds and higher spheres suitable for individuals depending on who they currently are, who they are choosing to become. The infamous Garden of Eden is just one place where couples can become drunk on love, beauty, indulge the human senses and experience the fruits of nature.

One reaches Heaven through right-attitude, living by moral principle, upholding virtues, respecting and understanding karma, doing hard work, enjoying life fully, healing the body of karma and disease and learning from past mistakes in order to come into alignment with and engage with the ascension process which is something I will cover more in future articles. I believe once everybody realises this and spiritual existence has been proven beyond reasonable doubt through both proofs of the interplay of spirit and matter and understanding the real causes of disease that many more will seek out God, heaven and divine spirit through their respected cultural paths as not everyone wants to become a Christian, however it does over the best method for clearing core lessons in the beginning.

I can state we’re not in for a dull external existence on white clouds wearing white robes, we’ve mistaken the symbology in artwork for the lived reality and failed to recognise the distinctions of what Heaven has more of and less of by comparison to where we are now.

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