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Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

What is Heaven?

There have been many individuals who have ascended during their lifetimes into Heaven, and they include notable figures such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ, however, in today’s modern times, there is presently a considerable knowledge and psychological gap between our relationship and understanding to the place or kingdom known as Heaven.

Heaven is a none earthly realm or spiritual paradise where one can ascend in attitude and virtue to position oneself closer to God. Symbolically Heaven depicted as existing in the clouds, and it requires that you gain entry through large iron ornate gates, however only certain people or souls may enter as it is a place of divine order, harmony, balance and justice and not everybody has developed themselves to yet meet this criterion.

The physical matter incarnational experience for the soul as a human being feels quite dense, heavy and unpleasant by comparison as we move around in our bodies made from tissues, organs and its skeletal structure. Initially, the soul counter-part to us may be inhabiting quite a low-frequency spiritual plane. However, it has the expectations and potential to raise itself in frequency and come to occupy much higher spiritual planes, while still existing in the same physical body.

A person that is seeking God and becoming one with divine spirit compared with that of a person who neither outwardly or inwardly chooses to do this represents quite a marked contrast. A spiritual existence is lighter, much higher in frequency and feels more pleasant to exist in, for this reason we associate it with the brighter picture of ethereal clouds and because it represents Gods spiritual light and heavenly virtues it is depicted as existing in the sky away from the dense earth, or the low-frequency underworlds also described as a living hell.

My understanding that it is primarily due to the imagination of humanity attempting to paint and envision what a heavenly kingdom might look like and thus we’ve used divine references to angelic beings, iconography and symbology. Such images consist of white pearly gates to Heaven, stairs of light reaching into the sky, which is guarded by angels. I do believe there is such an archetypal place for divine consciousness to exist and experience being having seen beings of light with mysterious glowing white eyes.

I’ve ascended from a very low frequency plane into a much higher frequency planes, which brought me close to heavenly spirit and even had someone from in spirit say to me “you’re about to find out why they call it the Kingdom of Heaven” that I can categorically state we’re not in for a dull external existence on white clouds where the only dress code is white robes.

From what I have observed from my time split between the earth by day and wandering in spirit by night or during meditation and being out of the body is that what exists there is much of what we already have.

My main observation is that it is behaviour, attitude and spiritual principles that are the keys to entry into these higher spheres, and it is the quality of the experience offered in the Heavenly spiritual realm which is so desirable to us by comparison. It is different because the people have inwardly reached a similar level of spiritual evolution which is reflected outwardly, and they can relate and interact with one another without triggering negative ego which has long since dissolved in light frequencies.

There are still bars, shopping centres and places where people meet up, restaurants to eat in and people still drink alcohol, visit beaches and green landscapes. The people still love, become drunk on alcohol and dance, experience joy and pleasure. However, they don’t binge drink to excess, degrade themselves in public through vomiting, incessantly swear, start unjustified fights or spread corrupt attitude, toxic-behaviours and commit offences against immutable divine laws.

Individuals have instead mastered the right use of their emotions, attitude and egoic reactionary responses to particularly unfavourable situations and are far more positive and solutions orientated. With the right approach and attitude, if things go wrong, help is either offered, and justice is usually swiftly delivered depending on what the circumstances are.

The people are much happier, and there is significantly less stress and offence caused. If a conflict occurs, it can be resolved more rapidly. Resolution of accidental mistakes through apology or forgiveness without hostility rather than stubbornness. In many instances, these types of errors don’t happen anymore because they have higher knowledge, higher consciousness and thus self-awareness.

Kingdom of Heaven

This modal of spiritual evolution enables the human being to both to fit into a pattern of expected standards and behaviours relative to their own character, personality, archetype and life goals and reasonable expectations. There is still room for an awful lot of creative expression which is the whole point of being a co-creative being with God and all the best ideas, and creations get noted, acknowledged and possibly implemented in some reasonable way.

Many of the people speak different languages that I don’t recognise on the Earth and landscapes and cities are far more attractive and pleasing to the eye, and still created from natural materials. The layouts of the cities change, the designs are far better thought out concerning functionality and aesthetic. They don’t appear to be interested in building ugly, inferior, unsuitable or unsafe structures.

Instead of producing something that is based upon the cheapest and most economically viable or affordable model or to maximise shareholder profit the criteria seems to be about balancing and meeting the needs of culture, purpose, design, aesthetic, functionality and that which is in keeping with the location and new or innovative if it brings about an improvement.

Some of these worlds are still built using physical materials, and others are manifest into existence much the same way that you may experience a lucid dream and walk around a functioning dream landscape. The question of what is no longer becomes relevant because one can eventually realise that it is the experience itself which is of paramount importance and most significant.

There are many places one can still go to or visit which are intended to allow for having fun and experiencing joy and satisfaction. The attitude is one of being proud of what they create and achieve both individually and collectively, and it appears to have the best interests of the people inhabiting the space in mind rather than corporate stakeholders seeking globalisation and world ownership.

When higher spiritual principles are acknowledged and followed on the Earth by her people on a global scale, we would eventually achieve collectively what many might philosophically describe as Heaven on Earth, which appears to have been the goal all along.

In conclusion, the Kingdom of Heaven represents a vast expanse of spiritual existences and experience based upon various Earth peoples and cultures. There are many different planes, realms and higher spheres suitable for individuals depending on whom they chose to be or become, including the infamous Garden of Eden where one can become drunk on love, beauty, indulge senses and experience the fruits of nature. How one reaches and enters Heaven is through right-attitude, moral principle, virtues, respecting karma, hard work, healing and ultimately the ascension process, which will be another topic for another future post.


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