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Twin flame relationships are based upon the esoteric Christian teachings of Adam & Eve
Adam and Eve Twin Flames

Twin Flame Synchronicity

I want to try and demystify some of the mythology surrounding having a twin-flame partner, divine partner or soul mate as originally told through the context of esoteric Christianity and how you can relate to this in modern times.

The story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden is about a divine archetypal coupling of a man and a woman who lived together harmoniously in a spiritual garden paradise where love, sex, devotion, joy, pleasure and intimacy appears to have been the purpose and goal behind this without there being any shame or guilt around expressing this.

In modern spirituality, you may have heard of this divine coupling referred to as having a twin flame partner, which represents two people under the guidance of their soul and their higher-self who have partnered in spirit for a life together. Whilst soul mates incarnate together, twin flames may also be found during a lifetime. Finding your twin flame partner in the physical world requires a bit of effort, however, a twin flame relationship is very special as it offers greater shared rewards, life expectations, fun, love and intimacy together. This is because twin flames compliment each other in personality, expectations, humour, attractiveness, sexuality, physical appearance and attractiveness and often shared mutual interests. Your twin flame partner is actually found on a spiritual plane where travel is much less restrictive in terms of meeting people you would want to meet.

There are a few main signs you need to watch out for in order to identify your twin flame, primarily synchronicity, intuition and synchronistic meetings. You may be guided to a location where you can be expected to meet him or her somewhere suitable like course, a party, a holiday or another event where you can run into one another. If you run into the same person more than once somewhere where you might not have expected it, then there’s a good chance your soul or someone from spirit with a higher perspective of things is trying to bring your awareness to this.

If you are partnered with a twin flame partner in the world you are likely to be guided away from others not meant for you and at times you may share a soul contract or soul level agreement to meet one another for a shared lifetime. Long periods of absence from your twin flame can result in deep depressions, sexual frustration, despair and at times you may feel lost, manic, or anxious and at other time you may feel happy, energised and experience pleasure through energy exchange in both thoughts and body.

A common phenomenon of twin flames and soul mates is that you share and exchange spiritual energy and information with one another at a deeper level beyond our daily conscious awareness.  The blending of the astral plane with the physical plane creates some unusual experiences, at times you may hear yours of their inner spiritual being communicating independently of an ego mask or character persona experienced as the phenomena of inner-voices that seem not to be coming from anyone physically nearby. You may begin to develop awareness of this either during closed eye meditation practice or often when dropping off to sleep when your ego lets go and your consciousness becomes revealed and more easily interacts with those in spirit.

The Edge of Forever

The Edge of Forever (Erica Wexler)

At times you may even find yourself sharing your bed with your partner in a spirit which can be a pleasant but surreal experience if you realise this happening in real-time. Their presence is with you in spirit and you may find yourself exchanging energy with them as you feel and blend your energy with theirs through an overlapping or your subtle bodies, which at times is part of a sexual-spiritual awakening as you find yourself having astral sex. This creates a stronger bonding and intimacy that will alleviate sexual frustrations, blockages and create more trust, warmth and comfort so when you actually meet you instantly feel a shared connection with one another.

When receiving subtle psychic/sexual energy with one another it can result in a greater sense of urgency, a quickening or speed effect or mania that influences the body, mind and particularly thoughts as you process intuitive information received regarding each of your desires. Sometimes this includes sexual secrets or fantasies which can understandably result in a sudden rush of energy or sexual excitement and arousal, which can unfortunately at times induce further hyper-sexual behaviours due to arousal and stimulation. This ungrounding state can be readdressed by doing yoga and breathwork and can if worked with instead result in a deeper soothing of your sexual needs and a lessening or releasing of pent-up frustrations, anxieties and worries.

Finding your twin flame partner relies upon a sharing of information on the mental and psychic level through a spiritual connection that enables you to communicate and exchange intuitive information within our thoughts and dreams this is often facilitated by having a psychic cord between yourselves at the root level. To access intuitive information about your twin flame meditation can be a great way to go within for spiritual information. By focusing either on the breath during a meditation or allowing yourself to be in a surrendered state your mind and body will reveal clues and information that at times can allude to names, places or events intended for synchronicity to occur.

When you have bonded with your twin flame in spirit or from the soul level it is often enough to simply meet or encounter your twin and you’ll experience either a strange inner knowing and connection. When you stray away from one another you may feel your heart-strings being tugged on telling you you’re heading in the wrong direction or entertaining the wrong person and when you are near or in harmony your heart will warm as you share empathic connections, and your joys, pains and sorrows are now shared and your fates far more entwined.

During a search for your twin flame you may at times suffer from low-mood and depression and then re-awakening to one another in cycles or euphoric bliss until you have both met or bonded at the soul level, so watch and listen out for your intuitive thoughts, synchronistic or coincidental signs and guidance from spirit and begin to explore possible future events. By planning your events in advance you provide the necessary time for your spirit to interact and engage with one another enabling you to create a meeting through the law of attraction and synchronicity.  Since information is shared with one another psychically you are likely to run into one another again sooner or later.

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