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Higher Spheres represent higher ascended versions of the Earth and human worlds that are more spiritually evolved.
Higher Spheres

Discovering Higher Worlds

This article begins exploring the concept of higher spheres or higher worlds, which represent places of both more evolved human incarnation experiences and spiritual planes based upon the foundations of various different earth cultures both past and present as well as present world future potentials.

Inner Stillness is something that enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle teaches as a method of establishing a spiritual dialogue through listening and hearing inner responses to thoughts and contemplation. This is in combination with dreams and intuition is where I get the majority of my divined information from. This creates a connection into higher divinity something I understood in his works Stillness Speaks where one may develop the heightened acute awareness necessary to hear inner voices, people on the spiritual planes and God or Source, in particular, relative to one’s spiritual development and aspirations. 


European Religious Culture

Someone came to me during sleep one night and spoke over me saying “this is what his people are doing in the future” and my soul was allowed to journey and visit into what looked like a European Church temple that existed in a higher spiritual plane. As I observed this apparent dream I saw a spiritual version of myself walking through a corridor similar to the photo below where I encountered a room off to the side. I peered around the door and saw both young men and women doing yoga in total silence. It seemed incredibly sacred and I ended up bowing down at the back of the room in awe, reverence and respect for what was taking place. The only noise was the rustling of clothing as they changed positions and sounds of limbs in motions. There was a central core column in the far middle wall with a stained glass window allowing coloured light to spill into the room. They were worshipping divinity or a higher divine power.


Temple Yoga

The room I was looking into was a moderately sized hall constructed from wood, stone and coloured stained glass that was large enough for two groups of up to 30-50 people to be split down the middle, men on one side and women on the other. The centre focus of the room was a large stone column featuring a stained-glass window at the top that enabled colour tinted light to flood into the room. The floor was made of some sort of dark stone and people didn’t appear to need the use of cushioned yoga mats for the exercises being performed.

The yoga positions I saw seemed very advanced and consisted of poses similar to “eka pada galavasana” and “kakasana” (how to) where I witnessed everybody switching between the side and central variations of this position in quick successive unison. The spiritual energies I received from visiting this place in spirit afterwards had my inner being laying down a spiral path consisting of rough crystal gemstone slabs similar in appearance to blue lace agate or turquoise, which to me made a very attractive and appealing design and would be something I would seek to emulate if both physical materials and money were to be achieved. This design existed temporarily merely in spirit but does not physically exist, unfortunately. After this experience, it was debated whether or not to become someone who exhibited the qualities of being a humble-elite individual or a spiritually proud individual, and this will probably be something I have to reconcile with myself one day.




It was very apparent from this particular dream that the human body and form is to be respected and kept in shape, made fit, strong and healthy and that to allow oneself to fall into a state of decline, degeneracy or obesity without making wilful effort to stay healthy or reverse the effects is to accrue personal karma that will not only result in further physical limitation, disease and suffering but also determine the quality of realm in which you will be accepted or felt to be inclusive after death of the physical form.

My visitation to this built spiritual place coupled with some of my other dreams, visions and spiritual locations quickly enabled me to understand the concept of higher spheres or higher worlds as Rudolf Steiner originally put out there. That is to say there are far more refined and higher quality versions of the earth which appear to express the best ideas and creations derived from the various different earth-based cultures one can or historically could have experienced in a divinely organised context, which is to say that both polarities of dark and light have evolved their potentials and expectations without coming under the influence of base degenerative spiritual corruption on either side which might be put into a polarised framework between Satanism (corruption of the inner spiritual being through darkness) and Luciferianism, which is a form of spiritual corruption due to excess light attributes, extreme pride, arrogance, power-seeking and opposition to God.

Another inner spirit voice stated that it will be the prostrated prayer position (“Child’s Pose” in yoga) that gets Christian’s into performing yoga more regularly, which will soon be echoed by others. Whether this takes place within existing churches, schools or classes is yet to be determined, and this aspect of spirituality is something presently missing from the Christian religious paradigm.

As a result of this experience and what I’ve seen others sharing I predict that in the future yoga will become a more significant part of divine worship in both religious and none religious spiritual practices that incorporates prayer, meditation and bodywork.

Prayer Position (Child's Pose)

Prayer Position (Child’s Pose)


During the Time of Transition I was shown a dream-vision in the form of a world fly through similar to a slow-moving drone camera that showed off an Earth-based upon both historic temple culture and civilisation similar to our own past as well as a modern Earth that consisted of lots of spacious open places that balanced combination of living trees and plantation with urban buildings and lots of glass architecture similar to the depiction taken by Chico Xavier in the movie Astral City (IMDB). Whether these were separate planets or merely different intersections in time I do not know.

From my observations, the main form of organised worship comes from within Christianity in the form of hymns, song and gospel choir, inner contemplation and spoken prayer. The key message from the dream was to be about incorporating yoga and physical bodywork and fitness into its religious paradigm, which will enable the population to keep the physical body strong and healthy and to align the soul with higher spiritual expectations and higher standards of being as part of one’s individual and collective spiritual evolution eventually allowing for initiation into higher spheres of incarnation experience. So whether you’re religious or not, yoga and meditation will most likely become incorporated into most peoples lives regardless of whether or not it is primarily done for fitness or spiritual seeking alongside other activities.

From what I have observed from my split time between exploring higher worlds and wandering in spirit by recording my dreams and visions is that what exists in spirit is in some places similar to some of what we already have in places, however different cultures, economics, ways of governance have been developed by the people inhabiting the world and this is designed and organised to ensure the creation of a higher standard of living and quality human experience rather than being purely determined by financial self-interests, think-tanks or corporate-industry.

The spiritual planes are vast and there are many things that I have never seen before. There are many physical worlds which are built upon and co-created by humans having already overcome certain constraints or limitations of tools, technology and knowledge.

Higher Worlds

Higher Spheres

Higher Spheres

Many of the people speak different languages that I don’t recognise on the Earth and landscapes and cities are far more attractive. Spheres pleasing to the eye and yet they are still created from many of the same natural materials we have available. The layouts of many of the cities are different in that they are much more organised and structured than our haphazard unification of old villages to form towns and cities and the designs are far better thought out concerning both functionality and aesthetic. They don’t appear to be interested in building ugly, inferior, unsuitable or unsafe structures or ‘cheap’ buildings.

When seen from a perspective of morality and fair judgement versus unnecessary antagonistic judgement towards others there clearly has to be a healthy balancing act between the compassionate none judgemental attitudes towards certain people in society who also want to feel nice themselves whilst healing or addressing underlying causes and issues in order to not cause or create unnecessary pain, misery or suffering that would set them back.

The attitudes of people need not to encourage laziness nor becoming a workaholic or reinforce unhealthy complacent beliefs that result in ill health of a decline of society and civilisation. To do so is to passively accept a decline in standards through acquiescence where some never feel the need or urgency to become healthy or respect the wider inclusion into a shared world.

From a divine perspective and its relationship to the human form, acts of sin and transgression are a major crime associated with falling in spirit and it is responsible for many of the instances of spiritual crisis and spiritual emergency that people encounter.

In the lyrics from a Death Cab for Cutie song I like and recently listened to “If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied” which is to say when a consensus on an individual’s spiritual growth is achieved, it may be seen that the inner spirit and soul is ready for advancement and ascension into a less dense, higher and lighter frequencies or potentially a different Earth world or future timeline potential.

Succinctly put, if Hell has you, it’s because you resonate with their frequency and modality of being (things you’ve done, like to do, attitudes and beliefs that all fall within the negative, toxic or harmful spectrum of human behaviour) and a whole host of other unresolved issues you’ll stay in a low-frequency spiritual plane whilst you live out your life on earth. If and when Heaven accepts you, it means you’ve become more spiritually evolved and addressed the fundamental core issues of being human, which means resolving your ego and addressing areas of limitation relative to your character, which requires greater self-awareness in order to become more refined and resolve or heal particular areas of your life and way of living. Ascension is a topic that I’ll address in future articles.

There are still many prevalent behaviours, self-limiting beliefs, attitudes, fears and hostile or toxic ways of being that prevent one from ascending into the spiritual Heavens or divine spiritual planes and this also subsequently blocks progress or acceptance into higher worlds.

The featured photo is of a clear quartz crystal (purchased from Shutterstock – unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the photographer) and is presently one of my favourite images and I like to use this as an attractive symbol to illustrate higher worlds, ascended timelines and the heavenly planes as places of incarnation and conscious-living.

In my personal instance, it was suggested for future lives that a smaller Earth could be suitable for me as I have a tendency towards not travelling very far, which when contemplated possibly means shorter days then 24 hours or a slower axis-rotation which would present different ways for the human being to adapt to its environment.

In another vision I was shown the north western corner of Europe on the Ascended Earth that Delores Cannon had been speaking about and figures such as Rudolf Steiner had explored in his mysticism work on higher worlds. The coast near present-day France and Spain looked different and Britain, whilst in a similar position and still surrounded by sea was now almost three times its present size and there no longer appeared to be a distinct island land mass for Ireland, Wales or Scotland, which I speculate is either integrated into this new land mass or relocated.

The individuals permitted on this new higher world are free of demons, sin and understand their relationship to transgression, they have significantly less ego-impurity and karma and much higher fear thresholds resulting in a higher quality of experience, lived interaction and significantly less sickness, illness and disease. This world is not subjected to a hostile tyrannical rule by the few whom control the global financial system in secret.


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