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A prayer is a form of subtle energy or psychic interaction with divine-consciousness that operates through strong sincere intention.

The Spiritual-Science of How and Why Prayer Works

This article is about explaining the benefits of prayer through an understanding of the spiritual-science of subtle energy, psychic-intentions and synchronicity. Every word you think or speak begins channelling your subtle energy (Chi, Xi or Prana) into creating an intention that is sent out which manifests onto a spiritual plane known as the astral plane as a thought form that unfolds into either a simple still image, or possibly an animation or moving picture and this occurs in the same way in which we create dreams.

When we speak our energy is processed through the throat chakra and when we think and use our intellect we channel this energy as far as our brain, which is why these muscles begin to ache when we think hard.

The most famous and powerful of all the prayers I know is called the Lord’s Prayer and when spoken this immediately attracts the attention of spiritually light polarised consciousness or spirit entities/orbs that can psychically access and read your inner sense of expectation in order to discover the reason or intention behind your prayer. We all pray for one reason or another, and this reason can be perceived and read off like the following sentence if it were to be translated into language.

“He/she is praying for (name) because…”
“He/she is asking for…”

…you won’t perceive this underlying intention unless you close your eyes and witness your thoughts functioning in real-time.

An urgent prayer or request for help is typically seen as a sincerer and more urgent request and may attract help quicker. If when praying we balance and distribute prayers between our own self-interests and that of help for others, you’ll also be someone who isn’t entirely self-interested, and you are thus likely to be given higher degrees of prominence.

Outside of religion prayer is often combined with a still meditation or yoga practise as part of praying to the divine and this occurs inwardly when holding yoga poses such as Child’s pose or simple mudras such as placing the hands together, which creates a stronger or more specific prayer intention. Whether you pray to God or pray to an aspect of divinity both are sent out as a psychic energy that will be heard and received on some level.

Individual’s who are the sincerest or committed to doing the work of the divine may at times perceive God speaking as an inner voice, which is sometimes perceived as delusion or a spiritual-psychosis. My own experience of communicating with divinity reveals that God exists and this is something I take for granted now, however not all inner voices from spirit are from God, as there are many people, entities, guides or beings that can interact with us, not all of whom are friendly or trustworthy.

When an individual has an awakened, activated or functioning pineal gland, it begins to function as a spiritual gateway enabling our spiritual sight to operate and function alongside our physical vision enabling both consensus of the physical world and subjective seeing of psychic light or visual manifestations. Some guiding spiritual consciousness presents as beautiful sparks of coloured light or orbs of light, something you might expect to find in a fantasy film or Hollywood movie as it looks like a particle special effect, however, this light doesn’t create any shadows or cast any colour tints on surfaces around it and cannot be captured on a recording device as it is created internally as part of none consensus reality through the pineal gland.

Divine Spirit

These sparks or orbs may manifest into your field of view in a flash and then disappear again like luminescent light or the embers from a firework and they can be very beautiful and profound to witness. Anybody who has burned pieces of magnesium at school has seen the bright flashes this chemical reaction creates which is perhaps also a little like how bright spiritual light can display, only in a more controlled and subtle manner.

This light represents spiritual consciousness and intelligence that from our perspective is in a disembodied form, however many if not all of them have names, faces and human appearances whether or not they chose to share this with you depends on their relationship to you. When they are themselves incarnated or existing on a spiritual plane they present with a human form whether made of light or made of flesh and so they know how to speak and interact with us. Much like the dots and dashes of Morse-code, they also reveal display intelligence by the length of time they remain visible, the strength or size of the orb manifestation, some leave trails of light behind them, some are coloured, some are white some and at times some are also accompanied by still inner voices or inner intuition when they appear which are all signs of an intelligence operating behind this manifested phenomena.

From their veiled perspective, they can observe and monitor the progress of individuals in accordance with higher spiritual principles and oversee the type of work or activities they are engaged in.

Some of these entity consciousnesses serve as spiritual guides for specific individuals or groups depending on one’s skills, areas of interest or learning, giving or desire to be of service. These sparks and orbs appear in the same colours we are accustomed to seeing with our physical eyes. They travel at immense superluminal speeds and appear to cover great distances as and when needed or attracted to our manifesting visual thoughts on the astral plane or our own intentions and the frequency or intention behind the energy we send out.

Other forms and manifestations of consciousness exist as the observer effect or witness of experience itself, and if I were to visually describe this to someone, it would be by explaining that it is an invisible energy field of consciousness, dome or bubble that we pass through and exist within. The highest encompassing form of consciousness is known as source consciousness or God and describes what is traditionally known and understood as “omnipresence” and sitting within this are many other smaller local types of consciousness responsible for managing and overseeing different degrees of experience.

When you walk into a bar or restaurant, for example, the establishment itself often has an invisible overseeing consciousness responsible for directing the flow of intuitive thoughts, insights and information to help people run and operate things more smoothly and may account for one level of personal intuition.

At times this consciousness may address you directly if you have a high degree of self-awareness and at other times it is interacting with your energy field and psychic energy by sending subtle psychic signals or intuitive information for you to pick up on without awareness of its source, which you will likely perceive in your own mind as insights or inner knowings to particular answers. In one example, when I was recently in a restaurant bar near Saint Paul’s, there was someone attempting to manipulate my energy field through a type of telekinetic signal which seemed to be helping me to address bad posture and by reorientation my spine and making me want to sit more upright. As I walked from one end of the City of London to another, new voices seemed to come in which described themselves as being a “collective” and it was almost as if the shops and streets were talking to me.

The realisation that this is how certain aspects of spiritual consciousness and intelligence combine and work together is quite revealing. It took the process of spiritual awakening before I could begin to see these lights and interact with them through the pineal gland or inner eye and begin to understand where these lights and corresponding spiritual insights that I perceived in my mind were coming from.

Yoga Prayer


When you pray it is being sent psychically somewhere or is subtly pinging someone perhaps similar to the way that our own Internet network works. To make a clear prayer you need to have a degree of strength, conviction and intent behind what you are asking for whether this is silently spoken inwardly in the mind when your eyes are closed or when externally spoken out loud with your voice.  Where your prayer goes depends on where you choose to focus your attention and awareness, typically we pray for other people rather than to them and when seeking help prayer may go through any number of deities, spirit guides, angels or God who are all capable of receiving and understanding you regardless of language.

Whilst a prayer is unlikely to ever deliver a physical tangible effect immediately, which many critics would like to see given as undeniable proof that it works. Depending upon the sincerity, intent and morality, a prayer may precipitate and set a chain of spiritual events in motion through the exchange of psychic energy, information, intuition and thoughts in others that may later result in a chance synchronicity that will help to facilitate a need or goal of yours, which we might experience as chance good fortunes when we come to encounter or interact with that person later on and then whom shares with us just what we were looking for or what we needed to hear. As you begin to train the mind and intellect to watch out for these things you may begin to recognise when synchronicities are occurring, however, to believe everything everybody says to you was somehow meant to be spoken, and is just for you, is also not realistic and can result in delusion.

This future interaction can of course range from hours, days to months depending on what is necessary to bring about a result or of what is being asked and as we all respond on some level to our own thoughts we can all be influenced or guided into a performing a physical action or interaction in unseen and subtle ways. Prayer is not the only means by which a subtle psychic interaction takes place between people, however, it is one of the most prominent ways of directly interfacing with a divine consciousness that functions as overseers or messengers.

I’m not the only person to witness these spirit orbs and lights of course, if you browse many of the more spiritual Facebook groups, many other individuals have also reported witnessing these little lights with much the same curiosity and wonder as I originally did, and these people have their spiritual sight unaffected and have potential to become mystics and intuitive people.  It took me a while to piece together what, or more precisely, who these lights were and what made them different to ourselves and where the similarities lie, and the answer appears to be the higher evolved and ascended consciousness helping the lower frequencies of consciousness, which is something I begin to cover in my article on Higher Spheres which reveal there being many different versions of the Earth.

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