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There is far more to learn about sex and spirituality than meets the eye. Sex is about creating and experiencing pleasure, peace, love, bliss, ecstasy and euphoria in a human body as a celebration of life, the divine, oneself and one's partner.
Seat of Sexuality

Sex, Religion and Spirituality

Some people believe that sex or masturbation for enjoyment or pleasure is wrong and orgasm should be avoided and instead only be used purely for procreation and reproduction, which appears to be a common misconception shared between many individuals as a result of incorrect interpretations of spiritual teachings. Some tribal cultures even go as far as cutting away foreskin and other parts of the sex organs designed to provide tactile sensitivity and protection referred to as genital mutilation practised within Judaism and certain African tribes.


The purpose of Orgasm

Orgasm is about creating and experiencing the sensations of pleasure, peace, love, joy, bliss, ecstasy and euphoria in a human body through tactile touch and energy. it feels good and brings fulfilment and it’s meant to be a celebration of life, the divine, oneself and one’s partner and there are many different and creative ways of experiencing orgasms and some definitely feel much nicer or better than others and not all of them are physical.

After a positive orgasm, it will harmonise the mood and thoughts of the person and reduce the feelings of stress in the body and when done with a partner in a loving way they are likely to become far more compassionate, understanding and loving towards things like another’s mistakes or transgressions as it helps spiritual bonding.

Not all orgasms take place exclusively in the genitals and that the astral body is capable of producing sensations similar to blooming or pollinating flowers and these are intensely peaceful rather than erotically charged. The astral body is also capable of mirroring the sexual sensations of a partner when both individuals higher spiritual expression is present due to being present in mind during sex or love-making.

Sex for Healing Anxiety

The reason sex helps with anxiety is that it massages and relaxes the inner pelvic muscles contained in the thighs and pelvis which become tightened and contracted due to the natural fear response which assists to release this tension safely and alleviate sexual frustration. I’ve noted that the physical component of orgasm releases the hamstrings in quick succession, which throw up a lot of anxious thoughts into the mind.

An orgasm will also help with temporarily removing this tension associated with anxiety, however, this doesn’t address the core true underlying cause or reason behind the source of anxiety and if unresolved your anxiety will return.

Generally speaking, people need to make efforts to remove fear blocks or harmful causes of anxiety from their lives else they may become paralysed by fear, reduce the quality of their life choices and can even influence someone into chronic masturbation resulting in addiction as temporary relief is frequently chosen more than personal spiritual development. My observations are that sex releases muscular pelvic and inner thigh tension blocks and are one of the methods anybody can use as an adult for removing certain types of sexually sustained trauma.


Tantric massage for trauma release

There is a sound reason why tantric massage is associated with the phenomena of spiritual awakening. Careful caring and tender massage and stimulation of the pelvic and thigh muscle groups enables the psyche to process fear blocks and trauma that would otherwise inhibit one’s life and personal growth. The most sensitive areas of the genitals likewise assist in bringing to surface one’s most darker or unacknowledged wounds can also be used for the removal of sexual traumas sustained through the crossing of sexual boundaries such as acts of rape, incest, infidelity or sexual perversion whether sustained or committed.

The sensations that the more sensitive areas of the genitals can create when gently touched will gradually bring these issues to the surface of the mind and enable purging the chakras and body of the energy that was created as a result of earlier traumas. I’ve discovered this includes not only what one has done as a person housed as the spirit in the physical body in this lifetime but also the higher dimensional expressions of self that operate in parallel on a separate plane as well as acts committed or received during past lifetimes.

I’ve observed this both within myself through spiritual practice as well as within other people through sharing root chakra information that many people have some form of deeper unacknowledged or repressed sexual trauma whether from this lifetime or stored in the body left over from a prior lifetime. The thoughts, dreams or visions that are revealed are generally quite unpleasant to re-experience and they are heard in the mind at the point of release and facial expressions likewise reveal a strange mixture of pleasure and distress.

There are also special areas within the pelvic floor which can be purified through introducing a metaphysical tool designed to burn away spiritual impurities that correspond with harmful past sexual practice, trauma or harmful or ‘dirty’ thoughts associated with sex.


Tantric massage



Some methods of sex such as Karezza encourage love and intimacy, but when taken too far will harmfully seek to remove orgasm from the equation altogether rather than it is focusing on prolonging love-making or the preservation of seminal fluid and sexual energy in males. It can help men in that it is beneficial for males to orgasm without ejaculation too frequently as it results in a loss of vital energy, which is the main reason in my opinion for males wanting (or needing) to fall asleep immediately after or close after physical orgasm and ejaculation. Women do not have this problem of loss of energy or lethargy that men face and to deliberately avoid or seek to deny them a climax or orgasm will result in cause harm to the relationship through sexual frustration. That said the core aspect of Karezza can make sex feel safer, caring and pleasurable and make it last beyond a quick frolic underneath the bed sheets or perhaps a change of pace from charged or passionate sexual urgency.


Various labels have all been used throughout history to describe individuals who have incorporated a sexual practice as part of achieving enlightenment and heightened male and female union through the blending of sexual energies.

When men and women embrace intimately, we look to connect at both the Seat of the Soul and engage with one another’s inner being by looking into each other’s eyes and exercising psychic awareness of each other’s inner spiritual being, sex when engaged with both love, care and passion is one of the most mystical experiences you can engage in, and it is for this reason why there are so many sexual spiritual practises that result in spiritual awakening and higher consciousness, which I explored through looking at Buddhist deities and eastern tantras. One of the best body positions for this is expressed as the Buddha or yab-yum position which can be used to bring about both greater intimacy, a union between two souls and sexual awakening where the energy is retained in the body used for achieving higher consciousness, spiritual awakening and self-realisation.

As I began practising I eventually discovered that there is a muscle in the male pelvis that prevents physical ejaculation when it becomes contracted and as a result it is likely that the man will last considerably longer during penetration sex with his partner and it has the effect of channelling his sexual energies higher into both his own and his partners body, resulting in greater pleasure and higher frequencies of energy reaching the higher centres of the body, including the heart and brain.

I suspect this method can, in reality, be adapted within a western context, simply to enable sex for much longer or without risk of unwanted conception as without seminal loss the male partner can also experience multiple orgasms without tiring due to loss of energy that goes with male ejaculation fluids and the woman can also experience pleasure without the frustration of a session ending prematurely for the same reason.

The core practice that appeared to enable this was initially male seminal fluid retention through a general abstention from frequent masturbation and use of overt forms of pornography made in poor taste or by people who haven’t mastered avoiding entrapment through sexual lust.

Sex and Christianity

Traditional Christianity understands the main teachings regarding sexual lusting and sexual perversion within the context of sin that prevents the creation of karma, demon energy and spiritual impurity within a person through addiction and lust-excesses. Unfortunately, much of this has been lost, forgotten or due to a combination of politics, media, misunderstanding and general ignorance has caused recent relative attitude shifts in recent decades away from divine laws into mankind’s own invented relative laws that hold no basis in truth or reality.

Within Christian spiritual teachings and the Kundalini the male ejaculation fluids contain something special called the “Christ serum” which is wasted, particularly when used in the context of pornography. During my own Kundalini awakening, I experienced this seminal fluid mixing with different energies from my lower chakras and then ascending my spinal column into the brain in what felt like a golden fluid or type of anointing. This provided an energetic clearing effect and reactivation of dormant areas of the brain that enabled spiritual vision to become active in order to see, clairvoyantly and perceive divine spirit operating around me in the form of light entity consciousness that resemble coloured diamond light or orbs of various coloured light.

We can also see the role in which the media has appropriated words like lust, sin and temptation within the context of marketing and advertising to instead mean something that’s quite desirable, a bit too good or pleasurable as is in the case of food, fashion and lifestyle advertising. Within a modern sexual or pornographic context these words might also mean a hot and steamy sexual session with a partner rather than what it originally meant which is really to say, avoid cheating on your partner (acts of infidelity) or engaging in highly debased or perverse sex acts such as an incestuous family relationship, perverse sexualisation of minors or uncaring “frantic” masturbation techniques that cause harm to soft genital tissue as well as promoting damaging addictions.


John Byam Liston Shaw (British, 1872 – 1919), “The Woman, the Man and the Serpent”

There is also a wide range of perverse sexual content such as hyper-sexual content of minors, the inclusion of animals within human sexual settings known as “bestiality” and when a practice such as bondage restraint use is taken to an extreme or perverse level as with many sadomasochistic practices.

Masturbation does in fact not result in hairy palms and it’s nothing to feel guilty or shameful about as long as one observes an awareness of not becoming addicted, taken-over or causing harm to the body and men do not waste all of their vital energy.

When a woman goes through her period on one level this is a shedding of the old womb lining but it is also a significant time of spiritual cleansing of unwanted accumulated energies from others through the way of bleeding. However by addressing the needs of the body and her inner being as well as maintaining both physical and psychic boundaries relative to character expectations between herself and other men then her period may result in significantly fewer cramps or period pains during that month as there will be less conflict and discordance. This attitude was once known as being chaste and discerning over a partner, but today has become mistaken for total celibacy associated with religious monks or nuns who forgo a sexual life in order to work in service instead and sometimes this can be desirable as the work one does is rewarded either in spirit or choice of future lifetimes.


The Peace of God

During my ascension process, I was eventually introduced to an energy technique that they refer to as “the peace of God”. This uses pelvic muscle contraction to prevent male seminal ejaculation and when combined with an inner surrendering of the deeper core pelvic muscles, body and mind in a safe and relaxed way and use of a hand position such as the temple mudras (hands placed together with fingertips pointing up and finger pads pressed together on both hands, symbolising an alignment with the house of Source-God).

This eventually enables energy to stream vertically up through the body. A lot of potential energy is generated and temporarily stored and then later released and a highly sensitive internal gland is tapped and stimulated in quick succession through fast flowing energies and muscular contractions.

As this happens energy is released higher up into the body and results in an incredibly intense sexual ecstasy compared to an ordinary orgasm during ordinary sex. It’s incredibly difficult to resist the urge to self-stimulate or masturbate during this due to very strong arousal which can if one is determined to override the closing of the seminal duct but will yield in a greater success if one doesn’t.

Ones of the core practices around this technique was a combination of abstinence from masturbation combined with using the Lord’s Prayer daily in the evening before sleep, which assists in the shedding of ego energy and impurity and reorientation of the soul, spirit and consciousness.

A person within spirit commented to me “he has the potential to get the whole world using the Lord’s Prayer”, as I understand it’s modern context and how it works, however realistically, I think it will largely refer to Anglo-European descended peoples (spiritual, religious and atheist alike) as well as existing Christian religious cultures in various parts of the world but it would be interesting to see how other spiritual groups might choose to adapt it to suit themselves as it markedly Christian in its feeling and spiritual philosophy and someone else mentioned that it would likely spread spiritual wisdom between Asia and Europe.


Lustful masturbation is traditionally known as “lusts of the flesh” and it directly relates to the inner attitude that creates the outward expression in relationship to speed, frequency, strength and the uncontrolled use of hands, toys, vibrators, wands or other instruments.

It also means not swimming in lubricant or oil when engaging in sexual activity or message. If you want to get this slippery with someone then I’d recommend a slip-slide leading down to a lake. The overly quick climax and orgasm can result in establishing a bad sexual practice that results in differing degrees of karma over time. It is understood the nature of sexual urgency in relation to sexual arousal or eroticism that doesn’t create karma, however many people like to treat masturbation as a race and they don’t care about the quality of time, touch or attention and often these people develop an addiction and other bad habits.

Touch or physical contact that causes harm or soreness to the genitals and sexual organs due to excessive friction is seen as undesirable and if they aren’t treated with care and respect a person can develop a whole range of karmic problems including the spiritual causes of sexual diseases. A person with dark, sinister or shiny eyes is the expression of that individual’s level of purity of their inner being or spirit and you really want to avoid these people as they have the worst unresolved issues in relation to sex and other people.

Doing too much strenuous yoga or stretching the pelvic basin muscle groups too hard can make the delicate web of muscle fibres within the pelvic floor sore and tender for a lengthy period making a person uncomfortable and physically and energetically ungrounded for a prolonged period. Rough, extreme or vigorous masturbation for either gender also has a similar effect upon the pelvic floor and in males can result in contractual pulling on the testicles that will be sharp and painful.

When engaging in sex or masturbation both males and females should take care to start slowly and build up speed over time until one feels the natural inclination to climax without making it a race. There really is an art to self-pleasure that many continue to need to practice and maintain both physical and psychic or spiritual awareness of without having a negative karmic effect upon the body, soul or spirit.

I’ve realised through my own past mistakes that men in particular I suspect are gripping themselves far too hard and subsequently they lose the heart energies and climaxing becomes far less pleasant and at times even frustrating or creates bad energies. It becomes even riskier when own psychic energies become shared or entwined with another person through using sensual content.


Serpents in Sexual Awakening

During a spiritual awakening, a metaphysical serpent made of light and energy may slowly rise from the base root chakra and into the higher chakras in order to purge away anxiety, fear energies and release past trauma received or made through acts that violate divine love. This assists in bringing a person into higher consciousness and self-awareness. Using the Kundalini-serpent in a looped figure of eight motion will help to remove the sensations of anxiety from my pelvic floor and this can be very pleasant, soothing and sensual but on its own does not result in any sort of immediate climax or orgasm.

Through processing past karma through shadow dream work I was shown several unpleasant depictions of what can go wrong when women misuse a serpent such as sending it into the wrong area of the body (lustful practice). For sensual use, I was shown the correct method of weaving around or through each chakra similar to the figure of eight but instead incorporating the whole body, but when it is used wildly out of control becomes lust. A serpent can also be used for physical massage of the outer body through its constrictive effects and ability to release and transfer tension, however, used wildly out of control this also creates problems including demons.


Whilst I was writing about and studying the deities of Shakti and Shiva and the use of a Kundalini-serpent or serpent-lingam for the purposes of pleasure and gratification a mature lady in spirit showed me through a dream how with a psychic or spiritually manifested body, the normal male penis can connect and integrate with a metaphysical serpent as an extension of his own body and this could be used with his female partner for greater intimacy for the purposes of creating deep peace, pleasure and sexual gratification in place of using a more traditional phallic shaped object such as a wand or the normal male penis. Many artworks and pictures of Shiva frequently show one or two of these serpents hanging around his neck and the peaceful facial expressions that they can achieve for himself and his partner. I do not recommend attempting to do this with a real live snake, they are clearly not referring to a live animal, but rather something that behaves’s like one and I’ve even heard of people being arrested under laws designed to protect animals from abuse (i.e. Bestiality) so I suggest only exploring use of a spiritual serpent that mirrors the sensations in the astral body.

Any use of a spiritual serpent can result in an uncontrolled addiction due to both feelings or energy and sexual pleasure, however, used maturely and sparingly this is obviously can become part of a healthy spiritual practice for those evolving through the spiritual lessons in order to enjoy the fruits of life. Its negative use is the main reason I believe the snake or serpent has become a dual symbol of both evil and healing.



By linking the mind with a caring and loving touch, attitude and intentions you can also begin to create and channel heart energies or love for the purposes of manifestation, which includes small things like bringing about a change or shift in choices in relation to a personal relationship issues that cause harm through sharing of energy and information with a partner within his or her mind as well as seeking out more desirable experiences in the future one would like to receive, work towards, or to such as developing a career or a particular experience you would like to have with your partner. In my experience, it’s not usually good to attempt manifestation when not in a good mood, as one’s thoughts tend to come out rather moody and hostile or simply stir up one’s own current troubles, fears or anxieties.

When energy is positive you share this with your partner and some of it will become thoughts in his or her mind, ideas and inspiration, your, worries or fears or intuitive flashes based on what your partner wants to experience but doesn’t want to spoil this through speaking about it. At other times your energy is projected outwards and it becomes a type of prayer where spiritual consciousness will pick up on and use the information to help resolve something or help you seek what you’re looking for.

There’s far more to love and sex than we can really appreciate from this physical or spiritual plane, and whilst there is much one can explore in this area there also a number of obvious and not so obvious things one cannot do because they are sin (they are sinister acts) and go against the divine order of creation.


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