Consciousness permeates our whole body and is capable of separating from the physical body.
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Body Consciousness

The Inner Being

Many spiritual mystics and spiritual teachers throughout time have referred to or described a subtle body that permeates the physical body that gives rise to our innate sense of inner being, aliveness and our conscious awareness or the witness of our external and inner experiences. The saying “I think therefore I am…” may not be true, and following the logic of having an inner being it might be more, “I am, therefore I can think”.

During my Kundalini awakening, something profound happened that enabled a separation from my physical body that temporarily allowed me to inhabit a subtle body and observe myself from a different perspective. Many people report the widely known phenomena of astral projection, which enables a subtle body to separate from the physical body, however, this is usually very difficult to achieve and comparatively, few have mastered how to do this regularly or have no conscious awareness of it taking place.

This short story begins as I fell asleep on my sofa one Saturday afternoon, after a short time, I felt something pulling and tugging on my left ankle, almost like a dog had bitten my jean hem at the ankle and was tugging on it trying to get my attention. Moments later it felt like my leg was actually hanging outside of my body somehow; and shortly after this my whole subtle self-had become completely separated from my physical body, where it was then tossed aside to the other end of the sofa bed by something.

This very fine subtle body I was now seeing and perceiving through was a very pale white coloured translucent vessel outlined almost like an illuminated glass and it seemed to be comprised of nothing but a subtle energy field resembling light in the shape of a human body, except that it didn’t interact with any physical light from the window or cast any sort of shadow onto the surroundings. It was still capable of still interacting and making contact with physical materials such as the furniture as I didn’t simply fall through the sofa or through the floor beneath. This body was incredibly flexible and dextrous as it had no support from any sort of bones, muscles or skeletal structure and finding myself now with no motor control to speak of and in a state of total paralysis, this subtle body flopped over itself in a very awkward position at the waist like a rag doll behaves. It felt a bit like the simple character models that game designers use to test simulated game physics engines.

This separation enabled me to peer back at my physical body still lying undisturbed and asleep on the sofa and which still seemed unconscious and very much unaware of anything. In this new state of awareness, I had no sense of mind or thoughts, I could feel very little, nothing in the way of any stress or bodily muscular tension and no audible ego to perceive as my own mind. It was quite disconcerting, whilst I couldn’t think I felt helpless to think of a solution to my predicament, but yet I felt a constant steady sense of presence and alertness that just perceived. I couldn’t speak or call for help, I no vocal cords and I couldn’t move my mouth and I was no longer aware of whether or not I could hear the sound anymore. I did not feel any sort of awkward gut feelings or any sort of emotional response within myself associated with stress or fear in response to what felt to me at the time was an unwelcome abduction attempt or an attempt of possession or entity interference with my physical body.

I seemed to sense that this raw and stripped back part of myself was inwardly bemused by what was happening and was either not putting up any resistance or also powerless to do anything about what was happening, however, I never felt any sort of existential dread as if my life was being threatened in any way. I simply didn’t feel afraid, no thoughts to cause worry or concern and yet I felt just as sentient, intelligent and alive as I normally would. I laid folded over myself resting precariously on the edge of the sofa for some time, but after a while I either fell off onto the floor under my own steam or something had again gone to effort to exert force and push me off just as I had been pushed aside before as if I were getting in the way of whatever was happening.

Inhabiting this subtle body, I only had the faintest felt sense of an outline and body shape and only the faintest sense of resistance between the outer edge of this subtle light body as it touched the sofa. Rather than processing any bodily senses from the brain, nervous system and physical body as you might normally expect, this time I was experiencing and processing reality from only the subtle body which was something quite new and alien to me, and yet at the same time I felt quite safe, peaceful and at home as if this was already so familiar to me. In this state, I realised that this separated part of me was as responsible for my inner sense of self and was still as much a part of me as when I am physically embodied, alert and able to move around.

During the change from the sofa to rolling about on the carpet, I finally found my neck and line of sight positioned by chance in a way that I could see something rather sinister and ominous looking standing over me. This entity had a loosely appearing humanoid shape, except it didn’t appear to have any legs and its body and face were made from a substance that flickered vertically into the air like white fire, except it didn’t give off any sort of smoke, odour or leave anything behind separate from itself.

Shortly after being able to see what this was, I found myself blacking out and going dark and totally unaware or unconscious and eventually waking up feeling groggy, but to my relief I found my inner self seemingly reconnected with my physical body and I retained all the memories of what had just taken place which was still fresh in my mind as if a recently lived experience rather than it being like recalling a dream that had taken place in another space or time. This was quite a disturbing experience for me as it revealed a new level of vulnerability I hadn’t been aware of and whilst I didn’t panic or go into shock afterwards I was left in a somewhat confused and disorientated state and left wondering and contemplating what was all this about?

A year or so after this event occurred I wrote about this experience on my blog where I initially chose to focus on the shadowy being or entity that had seemed to have caused this separation for its own reasons in the first instance. Around this time it still felt quite exciting in some sense because of the validity and experience of interacting with other spiritual beings such as this and angels, which seem to normally exist beyond ordinary sight and function independently of our laws of physics governing matter and yet still interact with us on a physical or subtle energetic level. What you’re reading here is a re-write of this original post along with my latest personal observations, however this time I would like the focus of attention to be on this subtle body and its implications as it comes to things like psychospiritual health and spiritual development such as knowing the realised self.

Rupert Sheldrake having travelled to India and meeting and discussing spirituality and biology with various yogis and gurus came back with the term morphogenetic field to describe something very similar that they believe shapes the growth of cells and maintains the form of our appearance. Other spiritually adept people write and the astral body, and sometimes a mental and emotional body being one of several subtle layers where we experience these different subtle aspects of our self that work together to create the totality and wholeness of the physical human being and our felt experience.

At the present time, it’s very difficult to discuss this and other types of rare and unusual spiritual phenomena with other more materialist focused scientists who I find are very quick and willing to scorn, ridicule or attempt to rebuff such stories and claims as either purely in the realms of imagination, fiction, fantasy and at best much of the wider mainstream health services merely believe such things to be a type of mentally induced hallucinatory experience created by the brain itself. However, after everything I’ve seen and experienced to date, I don’t buy into these simple arguments and I think and feel it is incredibly unscientific and dismissive of something credible and instead of expanding human knowledge it is limiting the scope of further human growth, potential and understanding and I believe many others are now coming to share similar conclusions as myself due to their own transcendental spiritual experiences either through meditation, prayer, yoga or other types of spiritual practice and this is frequently what I hear others talk about in my work on spiritual crisis and spiritual teaching.

I want to leave this short story here as my own anecdotal proof and evidence of a deeper aspect of self or an innate sentient consciousness that exists at an unseen and unexplored subtle level which presently we can’t penetrate or examine with our existing tools of electron microscopes or methods of dissecting the body. My overwhelming conclusion based on this is that individualised consciousness may not exist in the physical brain at all, but that it, in fact, may exist within us and permeates our whole body as a subtle energetic field. Is this subtle energy field capable of being interacted with through the mind and is this what spiritual healers know and use to interface with us during some of their therapies? What about these hidden layers of reality, what are their purpose and is this a sign that other frequencies of energy exist waiting to be discovered? Does this convincingly prove that something more exists beyond the scope of the material world? That part of us survives the process of physical death?

What other people normally only see or visualise through computer-generated imagery, I take for granted having seen this with my physical eyes as third-eye intuition and spiritual sight showing subtle energy vibrations arranged as a light body overlapping what we ordinarily all see and perceive as dense matter or material world. One day in the future I believe we will have answers to these questions and much more will become much clearer to many people and eventually have profound implications to how we live, treat certain illnesses and diseases in society and further the research of spiritually integrative sciences, healing modalities and philosophies. For more articles and information like this please visit my other psychospiritual health blog.

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