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Yoga and Christianity

Yoga and Christianity

This article explores some of my experiences in combining yoga and Christian religious-spirituality. Someone came to me during the night one evening and spoke over me in a male voice saying “this is what his people are doing in the future” and my soul was allowed to journey inwardly and visit what looked like a very nice European style Church. This place appeared to exist exclusively in a higher spiritual plane.

I observed myself in this apparent dream walking through a stone corridor similar to the photo depicted below where I encountered a room off to the side. I looked around the door and saw both young men and women doing yoga in what seemed like almost total silence. It all seemed incredibly sacred and I ended up bowing down at the back of the room in awe for what was taking place. The only noise was the rustling of clothing as they changed positions and someone presumably who was a yoga teacher standing at the front speaking out the next position. There was a central column in the far-middle wall with a stained glass box window at the top allowing coloured light to spill into the room.

They were practising yoga as part of worshipping God and divinity.


Temple Yoga

The room I was looking into was a moderately sized hall constructed from wood, stone and coloured stained glass that was large enough for two groups of up to 30-50 people to be split down the middle, men on one side and women on the other. The centre focus of the room was a large stone column featuring a stained-glass window at the top that enabled colour tinted light to flood into the room. The floor was made of some sort of dark stone and people didn’t appear to need the use of cushioned yoga mats for the exercises being performed.

The yoga positions I was seeing were quite advanced and consisted of poses like “eka pada galavasana” and “kakasana” where I witnessed everybody switching between side and central variations of this position in quick successive unison whilst resting on their arms with their legs remaining held in the air at all times.




It was very apparent from this experience that the human body and form is to be respected and kept in shape, made fit, strong and healthy and that to allow oneself to fall into a state of decline, degeneracy or obesity without making any effort to stay healthy, correct it or to reverse damaging effects is to continue to accrue personal karma and fall into an even worse state of decline that will not only result in further physical limitation, disease and suffering but also determine the quality of spiritual realm in which you will be accepted into after death or the quality of the next world you may incarnate into for further physical lessons.

The mood and energy I received from visiting this place in spirit afterwards had my inner being laying down a crystal spiral path consisting of rough-cut pale blue gemstone slabs similar in appearance to blue lace agate or turquoise, which at least to me seemed to make a very attractive and appealing design and would be something I would seek to emulate if both physical materials and resources were ever available for this.

Another inner spirit voice I heard stated that it will probably be Child’s Pose that gets Christian’s interested in performing yoga and whether this eventually becomes integrated into Church sessions remains only time will tell, but they seem to heavily be suggesting that this is something presently missing from Christian worship on our world. As a result of this experience and what I’ve seen others write about and share, I predict that in the future yoga will become a much more significant part of Christian worship that incorporates prayer, meditation and bodywork in one modality as part of furthering and maturing ones spiritual practise.

Prayer Position (Child's Pose)

Prayer Position (Child’s Pose)



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