Founding a psycho-spiritual health agency, authoring about bipolar, topics relating to spiritual transformation and other things
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My Plans for the Future

This post is a quick roundup of what I’ve been doing over the last couple of years and my future plans and ideas.


I received my role of being a mystic by way of a divine appointment at the end of 2017 during a period that was full of mystical experiences, but so far mostly I’ve chosen to stick with the theme of spiritual evolution in conjunction with writing about bipolar and psycho-spiritual health, something I have a lot of personal experience with due to going through Kundalini. But precisely what my role might look like in the future or what projects I may be involved with as a mystic I’m uncertain about.

At first someone suggested I’d be going down a similar route as Rudolf Steiner, and I expected to be combining a lot of my spiritual understanding into my work. For quite a while I was clairvoyant to the point that I could clearly see things around me and I’d occasionally get visions and premonitions of future events which are often predicted scenarios shared with me based on the tools spirit have.

Founding An Agency for Psycho-Spiritual Health

I’m presently in the middle of writing a book about the spiritual causes of bipolar that ties very nicely into human evolution and despite my limited experience in writing, I’m anticipating it could become a ‘best seller’, at least that’s what all the intuition I hear is suggesting. I’ve invested heavily in this area with my time researching this condition alongside my own personal experiences of having had and come through bipolar, it’s totally possible to prevent and rectify once you know more precisely what causes it. My research and experience has lead me to a point whereby I feel I understand what this condition is really all about and it’s just a matter of being able to convey this appropriately, but I also have an increasing urgency to earn an income directly from my work or book sales and I believe this will be ready within the next 1-2 years.

At the start of 2018 I began a small spiritual health blog called Psycho-Spiritual Support motivated out of my desire to have somewhere to publish my own work on the overlap between mental health and spiritual health, these topics focus on providing advice and resources to people with health problems connected to spiritual awakening such as Kundalini. I would hate to see this blog stagnate or just disappear as I’ve invested a lot of my time in writing for it.

I also believe this would have the same potential to become an organisation a bit like the Spiritual Crisis Network whom do similar things, but even if it doesn’t progress into an organisation that offers any sort of publicly funded services, I believe the website itself can be re-developed and become an online portal and knowledge base for these topics that I’ll open up to others to get involved with.

If it became an organisation, where would it be located? I imagine for it to do the most good and have the necessary scope of influence it probably has to be in a major city somewhere like London as it’s in a new growth area of specialist spiritual healthcare and it really would need to attract talented people with the necessary skills and experience, where there’s an emphasis on topics surrounding ego, spiritual crisis, bipolar, mental health, Kundalini and the relationship between transgressions, karma and disease.

It either has to be funded by the tax payer, which might might it more secure for people to work there, albeit pressure to justify and quantify some sort of results, but this also gives it less scope for uninhibited sharing of likely controversial information such as what really causes impurity. Or, it could perhaps become funded through charitable donations like other corporate not for profit organisations, particularly if it were to leverage various modern online methods.

If my own authoring is a success I’ll mark and set aside enough money to set it up and get everything going in terms of acquiring rented office space, computers and equipment and maybe even enough to pay the salaries (although not indefinitely) of a small team interested in nurturing, growing and taking it forward and making it into something beneficial that will last the long course. Irrespective of me actually founding this, I believe it’s going to eventually become necessary for the public to be able to have access to more places that specialise in these types of health issues and perspectives as it’s going to become much more important as more is understood about the underlying causes of certain mental health illnesses and the greater urgency for humanities evolution to progress to the next level as a whole. i.e. Ascension

I’m not about to hang up my title of being a mystic in order to become an office manager or even a company director, so it would need other people to help run and establish it allow it to function and develop it into something that serves the public’s needs and whilst I’m happy to function as a founder and provide a sense of direction I don’t enjoy being on camera. I’m interested in networking with anyone me who is interested in having a role to play in such an organisation.

Christian Teachings

There’s far more to Christian esoteric teachings than many people yet appreciate, it goes further than the idea of being able to convert water into a bottle of Pinot Noir, although I admit this would be impressive in it’s own right. I believe in reality this is much more to do with the transformation of the human spirit through inner alchemy and using ascension teachings that eventually allows someone to utilise mind and spiritual energy in more beneficial ways. This was something I began learning about during my personal process of ascension and I hope that one day in the future I’ll be able to expand upon this in more detail, possibly creating or outlining a set of teachings to follow or I might even be able to produce a course with others, which would be very significant.

What Ascension means in terms of evolution isn’t widely recognised or understood either, but it’s actually something quite big to be celebrated once it is perhaps properly understood. There’s so much wisdom in Christianity, either not yet widely understood or misunderstood and as this knowledge surfaces and comes to light it’s possible Christianity is going to surge in popularity, even if right now there are dissenting voices which are saying ‘religion is outdated’, ‘too controlling’ or ‘too oppressive’, most of these complaints are referring to religious institutions rather than the pure teachings of Christianity or the gospels of Jesus Christ and it will become difficult to deny the validity of the teachings and how they ensure the body and mind doesn’t fall into dysfunction.

Film idea

My mother was enthusiastic about some of my clairvoyant experiences I shared with her, including the Archangel Michael, the battle between good and evil on our world and much of what I went through during Kundalini and various moments of spiritual crisis. I thought with a bit of artistic freedom and imagination to create a story or narrative around or out of some of these experience that I had and the role of what a mystic is, that it could one day be made into a good movie similar to what was portrayed in A Beautiful Mind starring Russel Crowe. It would seek to realistically conveys certain aspects of spirituality such as clairvoyant depictions of angels among other things, with mental health challenges, alongside with an enjoyable story line potentially based on some real world events and characters; so unfortunately for me there’s already a movie with the title “The Mystic” from 2018, so I’m not sure exactly what it might be called; The Mystic Reborn or something, but in any case, this is just an idea and a long way off and last on my order of priority, but some day I’ll have recalled all the main parts and someone can share with me if its viable.

Spiritual Transformation

In the last couple of years I’ve been doing research and writing articles about spiritual impurity and ego, which is connected to bipolar, specifically how these aforementioned items negatively transform the body, cause trauma and impact the overall health and well-being of a person. One of the most controversial things I learned during this time is how ego transforms the face in numerous unpleasant ways by bulging certain muscles and deforming muscle contouring on others making both skin and facial muscle lose definition and sag as a supportive sub-structure degrades.

I’ve already written several introductory articles in this topic area which I will link to below connecting the concept of micro-traumas with the development of a diagnostic method called Ego Balancing which is an extension spiritual ego development work, but now in addition its starting to incorporate knowledge of what are known sources of impurity including creating a medical model of what their corresponding facial defects are in individuals. One reason I speculate that this is likely to become popular is that science and spirituality are merging when it comes to acknowledging impurity and how it ties together in human evolution, which is connected to something called Ascension.

A person existing in higher spirit said to me in the shower “A lot of people are going to be interested in this.” (Ego-Balancing) and someone else said, “it will become necessary to introduce the Bipolar-Act through your parliament” implying it will become necessary in order to curb or outlaw entirely certain practises that were known to cause ill health i.e. bipolar. What the precise wording of these new laws would be, I couldn’t say, spiritual sources rarely share this much detail with me, but they would reflect similar laws that they already have in place ‘above’ us, but I believe it will very much depend on the scientific research and the conclusions drawn from it as it will have long lasting social consequences that would eventually reverberate around the world.

Whilst religious organisations are likely to be quick to recognise this first in the context of evolution and spiritual awakening, but I don’t believe science should take too long to study this once it can grasp this basic concept of impurity and facial transformation and so even secular audiences will need to accept its validity probably under the guise of behavioural and social science. If scientists ever begin to confirm concepts like perversion and unnatural distortions to sex and gender through understanding the health consequences due to corruption it’s possible elements of society such as Christianity are going to want to tackle the problem even in the face of adversity from liberals and progressive reformists.

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