Impurity is a type of energy that can influence and change the shape of the face in response to harmful choices or actions that are typically the consequences of impure ways of being
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Knowledge of Evil

A Critical Study of How Impure Behaviour Transforms the Face

This article is a critical introduction to the topic of forensic analysis and how spiritual impurity changes the face and body, which discusses how someone may typically sustain many small micro-muscular disfiguring changes to the face and body over time in combination with ones own mind as a direct consequence of impure choices and ways of being. This piece accompanies other article I have published on a separate blog on: The Relationship Between Karma and Facial Trauma and if you need to learn more about what impurity is first, I would also encourage you to read my introduction to: What is Impurity?

Originally whilst writing this I was attempting to objectively identify and prove if there does in fact exist an objective source of ‘evil’ as can be understood in philosophy when discussing the morality of right and wrong choices. I personally believe that morality is connected to higher spiritual laws, such as the law of karma, some of which are acknowledged by studying choices traditionally considered to be made in sin. This was and perhaps still is an endeavour to help people better understand how immorality can affect an individual on both physical and spiritual levels, something that in reality is occurring all the time, however this is most often encountered within the context of something called a spiritual awakening that usually combines biological, psychological and spiritual changes intended as an evolutionary catalyst, this is when someone may need knowledge of karma and the causes of impurity in order to recover from disturbing spiritual crisis symptoms or to release past trauma stored in the body, mind and soul in order to progress in terms of personal evolution.

During my own Kundalini awakening I made several critical observations of myself based on how my physical appearance was changing over time with particular attention and importance being paid to the face, eyes and facial expression. One of the first things I noticed was changes to my eyes, where before they had appeared darker and even had a slightly more shiny than usual texture which I might have described as a dirty or oily appearance which I now put down to a number of things including a past addiction of using Internet pornography and having little self awareness concerning psychic awareness and the necessary need for boundaries when using the mind to interact with others.

During what I considered my awakening period I would often experience strange and unexplained energetic phenomena, sometimes my eyes would seem to absorb a type of psychic energy felt alongside quick flashes of warmth or heat that seemed not to originate from any nearby source. At other times it seemed like energy was being removed from my eyes or possibly even the soul, almost as if an impure energy was almost being sucked out of me somehow, sometimes I would feel very subtle tactile sensations either on the surface of the eye as if a delicate coating was being chipped away at. I later came to realise that engaging in hard work and re-identifying on problem areas was actually causing impure energies to be removed from me and as this happened there was a corresponding physical change to my appearance that would simultaneously reset a part of the body by releasing a muscle or tendon, often this was in the face but I also noted muscles would shift in other areas of the body, notably in the legs, chest and torso.

The following paragraph talks about tantra and personal energy exchange, but it does not go into trauma or facial changes. I eventually gauged from these types of experiences that the eyes are in fact receptive to subtle energy such as attention in addition to light of the electromagnetic spectrum and that they help to form psychic or mental connections with other people in combination with the mind. The eyes can also transmit psychic and emotional energy between two people in order to exchange positive forms of energy such as love from one person to another. This process is often facilitated through softened eye gazing when looking at a romantic partner or witnessing a newly born baby. Someone who practises tantra is very likely to already have more psychic awareness than someone who does not, however I realised that friends, family and lovers or partners all do this in slightly different ways to share emotional love, warmth and connection naturally with someone else. This happens in both platonic relationships or more intimate ways and changes the energy which is shared, energy of this nature enhances mood, emotion and has the power to bring feelings of reciprocated love, even if neither person is consciously aware that they are sharing a psychic interaction and this is something I’ve been studying in connection with people who suffer from bipolar disorder who seem to get use of mind and psychic energy exchanges wrong.

In contrast to beneficial energies the eyes can also absorb impure energies, when making lustful eyes at someone by sustaining attention in a sexual way, often in the form of something like sexual objectification which is an attitude and disposition of mind when observing someone inappropriately often in an overly sexual way. I also noted that projecting too much judgement, anger or aggression, particularly in an excessive or inappropriate way could also produce an impure energy.

These negative or impure energies appear to be created for a whole range of different reasons, but the underlying common theme seems to be that doing something harmful towards another person or to oneself that is not justified, excessive or disproportionate, then it has consequences; and this can easily be understood when viewed from the perspective of it being a type of karma, a consequence of doing something harmful. These bad energies are what I reason is a type of impurity that has the ability to change the body and facial appearance of someone in incrementally¬† small, cumulative and significant ways that all add-up over time, which will typically make someone look more impure, unwholesome and even ugly compared to someone who lives by spiritual laws and principles. Through impurity the natural symmetry of the face is eventually lost and a person takes on a range of unsavoury micro-expressions that can be associated with a particular type of bad attitude, bad disposition or choices made from ‘ego’ that contravene these higher laws and human morality.

It also seems that the more bad energy someone produces or takes on into their body, the more the body and face are transformed making someone look progressively more and more impure or unwholesome. The more impurity or ‘ego’ that is created, the worse that person will look and the more mental-ego voices or unpleasant thoughts one may hear vocalised through the mind and depending on the type of changes a person may develop more lines around the eyes, the cheeks may begin to change and seem more puffy, inflated or expanded out to the sides than is otherwise normal or healthy, these adjustments to the face tend to overshadow natural facial tone and definition making the face appear more like a plain featureless ball and in some instances I’ve observed that the eyes, brow and forehead begin to appear much more furrowed than normal.

It is important to understand that ego can be created for many reasons, and these do not have to be wilfully sinister things necessarily, for example if a person has poor hygiene issues associated with lack of cleanliness, bathroom sanitising or not washing hands properly, changing underwear regularly or unprotected coughing and sneezing within the vicinity of other people for example, the face also begins to change and make a person look less wholesome and they seem on closer scrutiny to take on entity attachments and so become someone to avoid any kind of psychic connections with as often such things can be transferred in order to understand precisely what problems they have.

In terms of attitude and behaviour there are many causes for ego and sources of impurity that people are required to navigate, particularly if they want to take ascension seriously. These things can include things such as bullying, racism, perverse sexual attitudes, predatory behaviour, carelessness, psychopathy. Creating impurity through impure ways of being results in causing changes to the face by changing muscles that are ordinarily responsible for facial expressions to transition or even be held in a semi-permanent state that is deliberately done in order to reflect and denote an impure way of being. Someone whom is sinister such as a sexual predator may develop a sinister looking eyes and have the micro-muscles around the eyes changed and affected, the cheeks may become tightened or changed on one or both sides into a persistent eerie or somewhat sinister smile. Likewise, ‘sexual perversion’ causes the cheeks to become and look perverted, for example the cheeks may hang more loosely from the face than is normal producing what seems like loose sagging cheeks, neck and loss of definition in the jawline. As these changes occur over time the complexion and appearance of someone may be completely transformed in order to give create an intuitive impression by way of altering appearance that makes someone look less wholesome or pure. I’d just finished watching a Channel 5 documentary about sexual grooming and noticed every person involved in committing acts of evil had an appearance in line with what I have just described, we’re typically talking about older people grooming much younger people for sex and these people had been found and convicted for a range of crimes including rape and murder.

Some of the worst kind of impurity has traditionally gone by the names of ‘unclean spirits’, ‘evil spirits’ and ‘demonswhich by my observations gives someone something called ‘sinister eye’ or ‘evil eye’, often this seems to affect one side of the face more than the other, sometimes both sides may be affected for different reasons. I’ve attempted to categorise and explain some of these negative energies, however impure energies do not just affect the inner eyes, they seem to also trigger changes to the shape of small muscles in the face, cheeks, lips, jaw, chin, around the eyes and in the eyelids themselves, including the brow and soft area immediately underneath the eye. This all lends evidence that an internally impure energy can interact with the mind producing changes to the body, which explains why people that engage in immoral or harmful behaviours typically have an appearance that reflects this.

Despite the seeming physical changes, the worst impure energies seem to sit within a subtle form, known as the astral body that overlays and interpenetrates the physical body, organs and tissues and sometimes produces strange moving energy and internal feelings or tactile sensations. A demon may at times produce the phenomena of inner voices that are heard within the mind of an individual and it’s even possible for some to begin to experience visual or auditory hallucinations due to the mind creating psychic visuals that overlay normal vision. This energy is so bad that it immediately transforms the eyes to communicate a more sinister nature and this is also accompanied by changes to facial expression. There are many good examples of convicted criminals whom you can study their photos and front page news articles of people charged crimes often yield intuitive information about what they have actually done before even reading what they have alleged to have done, this is quite easy to spot in rapists and sexual predators as these things produce more noticeable transformations.

Some of the main categories I have studied include lust, sexual-perversion and predatory behaviour as these things I have noticed produce common patterns and changes to facial appearance. Sexual predators seem to develop a distinct mark on one side of the face underneath the eyes, this would be useful to understand whether or not to trust someone in certain contexts or circumstances. Perverts seem to have their cheeks transformed the most as they become inflated and bulge more with less distinction to make between where the face ends and the neck begins.

When studying lust for example, there are occasionally certain female pop stars that wish to inappropriately, overly or distastefully expose their body such as Miley Cyrus, I refer to her pop concerts more than videos, in my opinion, based on seeing her in the past she has developed a lustful appearance based on her behaviours that have impacted the appearance of her eyes. It’s also important to understand about the earlier mind-eyes connection that people who also pay attention to and consume harmful content in a correspondingly lustful way back may also develop lust changes to the eyes through creating an impure energy. Lust is something that I believe contributes to the hard tactile coating mentioned at the start of this piece that can cover the eyes. In contrast to this, someone whom can appreciate the naked form of the body in the right way or knows how to appreciate nude art and photography within the context of knowing what lust or perverse attention is can avoid creating impure energies and can thus save their facial features from being degraded and transformed due to karma, transgressions and violations.

Whilst some of these behaviours may only create a limited amount of moderate ego energy, many also fit into a wider category of evil or sinister behaviour that produce much more dramatic changes to the face and body, this is the basis for my conclusion that an objective evil can be identified and does in fact exist when studying moral and immoral behaviour. At the present time I believe most people are unaware of this karmic phenomena related to transformations of the body, possibly because the face has never been studied or observed scientifically in line with spirituality and morality. It is not always comfortable when searching for our own darker unconscious material and unhealed ego and often I feel that many do not even know or understand what is being shown when we look in the mirror, however the mind does yield clues as to what these are through intuitive thoughts.

I reason that many people within society have come to see and accept many of the resulting consequences of impurity as nothing out of the ordinary, we don’t see, feel or acknowledge impurity on the psychic level of mind, energy and emotions and it has become validated to such an extent that in ordinary society it has become normalised and nobody can see it. However once this understanding is brought to someones attention, then one can begin to appreciate how unsightly something looks in comparison to people whom are pure as they have significantly less spiritual trauma owing due to less impurity and as a result they look much more healthy, attractive due to natural and none distorted complexion and expression. Ultimately I believe it is a scientific study of facial trauma that will yield the information, results and answers that could one day see the end of all forms of perverse sexuality or distortions to the natural sexes as facilitated through corrupted forms of gender identity politics.

The things I’ve learned over this period of roughly 8 years on spiritual transformation I’ve used to create a process which I call ego balancing that can be used to help identify issues connected to impurity by studying the face. This is part of something that I consider to be part of an unfolding intuitive science that studies the face forensically based on patterns and themes of trauma defects. This process of analysis is capable of exploring the subtle degrees of trauma effects to the face of a person which may help someone else to identify what has caused the trauma and so thus we can learn what things are harmful and which are not. This will become particularly beneficial for use by police investigators when it comes to solving crimes and would provide further photographic evidence that could be used in a court case. In terms of personal healing it could also provide just enough information for now to enable one to seek to remove a source of impurity or a bad issue in their lives in order to restore and allow the natural healthy appearance and shape of the face to be restored. As the study of karma, impurity and bio-metrics improves it’s probable that someone is going to want to develop this into facial recognition technology and this information could then be used in a number of ways from both a medical and evolutionary perspective as well as assisting to make areas safer from certain people.

When issues are identified, isolated and studied I believe that it proves without much room for doubt that there is in fact something of an objective evil that exists and is ever connected to impure ways of mind and being that will change and disfigure the body and that we can draw conclusions from this in order to mature our understanding of human morality and pure choices in order to evolve our world. What I’m trying to say is that human beings on Earth didn’t invent these things like vanity, narcissism, sexual perversion, uncleanliness or bullying, we’ve merely learned to spot and identify that these things do exist and that they’re undesirable to the human experience as a whole. We might call someone out or bring one of these things to the attention to the person to seek to resolve, but I feel this has become important in other ways because it shows people are degrading their own physical experience through not understanding there are higher laws to do with karma, acts of sin and instances of causing transgression.

As already mentioned, healing many of these issues often comes with a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini Awakening however Christianity, which I understand directly worships the divine source God seems to most closely resemble and mimic the spiritual expectations of a Kundalini awakening and so it might be said that there are considerable parallels between Kundalini and Christianity, which both facilitate spiritual evolution through ways of ascension. Being able to understand just a few key concepts and a little knowledge of karma can be beneficial to help validate its existence in order to understand that appearance transforms in a negative way when engaging or making immoral choices from within our consciousness and the use of our minds.

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