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Knowledge of Evil

A Critical Study of how Spiritual Impurity Changes the Face

This article is an attempt to objectively explore and identify what evil is in an endeavour to help people understand how it might affect an individual on a spiritual level, this takes place within the context of spiritual awakening and covers connections to karma by way of sustaining spiritual traumas as a consequence of acts of evil that might correspond to a system of higher spiritual laws known as Sin.

During my own Kundalini awakening I made critical observations of myself based on how my physical appearance was changing with particular attention being paid to the face, eyes and facial expression. One of the first characteristics I observed was changes to my eyes, initially mine appeared darker, slightly shiny or even oily or dirty in appearance and this still shows in past photographs between the ages of 11 and 27, whereby I note I previously had an on-going addiction to pornography. During my awakening I would often experience energetic phenomena and sometimes my eyes would seem to absorb a type of psychic energy felt alongside quick flashes of heat. At other times energy was being removed from my eyes and I would sometimes feel very subtle tactile sensations on the surface of the eye. I gauged from these experiences that the eyes are also very receptive to subtle energy in addition to light and that they assist in forming psychic connections (mental connections) with other people. The eyes can transmit and receive energy in order to exchange positive forms of energy such as love from one person to another, often this is done through softened slightly eye gazing, whilst someone who practises tantra is likely to be most aware of this, however friends, partners and lovers also do this in different ways to share emotional love, warmth and connection with someone both on a platonic level or even in more intimate ways, enhancing mood, emotion and feelings of reciprocated love, even if neither person is consciously aware that they are doing this or that this is happening.

In contrast to beneficial energies, sometimes the eyes can also absorb impure energies, when making lustful eyes at someone by sustaining attention in a sexual way, often in the form of sexual objectification, or sometimes when projecting too much judgement or aggression in an inappropriate way, these negative energies appear to take place for a whole range of different reasons, but the common theme seems to be producing negative energy by way of doing something from the place of our own mind and being that has harmful consequences towards another person and then in turn results in a type of karmic feedback producing an internal impurity and slight changes to the face. It appears the more bad energy someone produces or takes on into their body, the more the body and face is transformed making it look progressively more and more impure or unwholesome. The more impurity or ‘ego’ that is created, the worse the person will look, depending on the type of changes a person may develop more lines around the eyes, the cheeks may begin to change and seem more puffy, inflated or expanded out to the sides due to perverse attention or behaviour than is otherwise normal or healthy, this tends to overshadow natural facial tone and definition making the face appear more featureless or ball-like in appearance, in people whom have anger or aggression issues, suffer from suicidal ideas, the brow can become more compacted and compressed and the eyes begin to appear much more furrowed than ordinarily.

It is important to understand that ego can be created for many reasons, and these do not have to be wilfully sinister things necessarily, for example if a person has poor hygiene issues associated with lack of cleanliness, bathroom sanitising or not washing hands properly, changing underwear regularly or unprotected coughing and sneezing within the vicinity of other people for example, the face also begins to change and make a person look less wholesome and they seem on closer scrutiny to take on entity attachments and so become someone to avoid any kind of psychic connections with as often such things can be transferred in order to understand precisely what problems they have.

In terms of attitude and behaviour, a person whom creates ego through swearing, swearing too much, or swearing much too much for their character or engages in hostile behaviours like bullying or racism develops changes to their face that causes the muscles that are responsible for expression to transition to a semi-permanent state that reflects their impure way of being. Someone whom is sinister to a lesser or greater degree will develop corresponding cheeks that are deliberately tightened into a subtle constant and persistent smile or if the individual is greatly perverted the cheeks may hang more loosely from the face producing what seems like sagging and excess skin, and over time this will totally change someone’s complexion and ordinary expression in order to change the intuitive impression that is given off when they are observed.

One of the worst kinds of impurity I have come across is something that someone with a religious-spiritual background might be able to relate to in terms of being demonic or a demon. This is a type of very unsettling and unsavoury type of negative energy often referred to as an ‘unclear spirit’ or ‘evil spirit’ giving someone something called ‘evil eye’, often affecting one side of the face more than the other, often the person’s own right side. I’ve attempted to categorise and explain some of these negative energies in an earlier article on demons. This demonic energy doesn’t just affect the inner eyes, it changes the shape of small micro-muscles around the eyes and in the eyelids themselves, including the brow and soft area underneath the eye, this lends evidence that an internally impure energy can interact with the mind producing changes to the body. Despite the physical changes, most of impure energy of this type sits within the astral form that is connected to the physical body producing strange internal feelings such as movement and tactile sensations, at times inner voices are heard within the mind and some may experience more visual or auditory hallucinations associated with evil archetype expressions. This energy is so bad that it immediately transforms the inner eye to communicate a more sinister nature and often this is accompanied by changes to muscles in the cheeks. Jimmy Saville is a perfect example of this as you can study his cheeks, eyes and subtle glint connected to the evil-eye phenomena, however studying the photos of other people will reveal many more and it’s common most months for rapists to be displayed in news articles.

The main category that I have studied relates to lust and sexual-perversion as this produces common patterns and changes to facial appearance, often pop stars that wish to ‘bare all’ for their audience, but perhaps keep only nipples and genitals covered, may still develop shiny eyes as they appear to have spiritual problems relating to their attitudes towards indecent sexual display and expression, and in the past I’ve cite Miley Cyrus as an example, however in contrast someone whom can appreciate expressing the naked form or appreciating nude art within the context of knowing what lust is, does it best, in most cases such people do not appear to have the same changes observed in others.

I believe most of these issues fit into a wider category of evil, sinister or egoic-behaviour, some are worse than others and changes to the face will usually reflect this. At the present time, apart from devoutly religious people, I believe most people are still simply too unaware of this phenomena related to karma, mind and body possibly because they have never cared to study or observe the face this closely, whether it be their own image or when observing other people, perhaps it is due to knowing it is often rude to stare, or we don’t like to search for our own darker unconscious material and so often most of us do not even know or understand what we are seeing looking at in the mirror or when looking at someone else. I reason many people may never have experienced seeing ‘something’ impure within themselves, or if they have, perhaps have not understood it in its proper context or wished to speak about it openly; and secondly, it seems that so many people within society seemingly have problems relating to demons, bad energies or evil spirits to such an extent that signs of such things in peoples appearance has become overly accepted and normalised, even if we don’t even recognise or appreciate how unsightly something looks in comparison and end up missing deeper layers of spiritual trauma and accept someone as normal.

When I discuss this I don’t make reference to demonology or the occult, however I do refer to a process of ego balancing¬†that I consider to be part of an unfolding intuitive science that is capable of exploring trauma effects to the face of an individual, these can be examined and are known correspond to some sort of impure inner issues connected to use or misuse of the mind, body, soul or consciousness and which when objectively studied in more detail proves without much room for doubt that an objective ‘evil’ exists connected to impure ways of being, whether in our thoughts, actions, choices, decisions and things that resonate with a clear¬† evil intent by an individual and which can eventually be identified and found to correspond to a particular trauma effects that negatively transforms the physical appearance of the face and produces otherwise unseen harm to the inner being, most easily noted through observing the inner eyes.

Healing many of these issues comes with Spiritual Awakening and the most complex and thorough of them all being Kundalini Awakening however Christianity, which worships the divine, appears to most closely resemble the spiritual expectations of Kundalini, even if it ignores cultural gaps between different people and races, whilst eastern knowledge of karma may better help one understand how appearance transforms in a negative fashion.

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