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Corona Virus Speculative Causes and Purpose

I’m not new to the idea that certain diseases have spiritual causes, many appear to be for karmic reasons and some are deliberately intended to alter or assist in re-orientating certain patterns of human behaviour. For example, someone once shared with me in mind that the common disease sickle cell anaemia may have a dual purpose, the spiritual side to which I will comment on is that this disease deliberately causes changes to a person that make them appear more pale than is ordinarily healthy, of course we can see biological changes that account for this, but philosophically speaking it is intended to make someone look less healthy and to intuitively communicate that someone’s personality and way of being and attitude is rather more hostile, blood-thirsty or aggressive than it should be. I appear to have been victim to this myself earlier in my life during childhood, which is how it became something I later enquired about through meditations and soul-intuition.

The various levels of divinity did not fashion the Earth and the human experience to be so underwhelming for the average person, there’s a purpose behind some of our collective suffering that is intended to guide certain evolutionary processes to make humanity more compatible with higher levels of human realities by following a divine plan or higher will. Anything of a minor to moderate severity which is deemed not in alignment with God or the divine is labelled as ‘ego’ and forms and impure spiritual energy that sits within the astral form or subtle body of every person. This ego-impurity does not feel pleasant, we often access it through body tension, constriction and the in and out breath accessed by breath-work, but even this bad energy holds information that is key to individual change, most often it is encountered during or precipitated by a process of spiritual awakening where darker parts of the self are confronted.

So how is any of this connected to the Corona Virus? To start with, I do not believe that viruses come about as a the result of random chance or accident, I believe they exist for a purpose and many are intelligently designed by higher beings familiar with advanced genetics and their programmable effects upon the human body. I believe someday humanity itself will also be capable of this level of understanding and genetic engineering and be able to fashion viruses similar to how we presently create vaccines for various purposes.

The other week as I woke up in the morning and a dark spiritual being appeared to approach me at my bed side and I perceived the inwardly spoken words “Corona virus only loves certain people” and I’ve been contemplating what this might mean ever since and the justification of saying this to me was simply “He’s a mystic”, although I don’t believe this preclude others from being given higher insights or intuitive information. From a human perspective this short message given to me might sound incredibly odd and even morbidly sick, however from a spiritual perspective, these beings often exist to confront evil within humanity by introducing a negative element, the being delivering the message itself also had a voice and expression that denotes evil, it is black and speaks with a somewhat dark, sickly or powdery voice, it was no angel by any stretch of the imagination. So whom does the virus ‘love’ and presumably whom does it ignore, and why? Recently a government health advisory in Great Britain stressed the point that most people will not get it, of those who do get it, it will not be severe, but of the total a tiny percent are succumbing to pneumonia and respiratory distress causing fatalities across the world.

If the virus is indeed intended to bring about temporary suffering with the intention of getting someone to give up something harmful, this is one potential explanation I am open to as this is how much disease really forms. It could allude to the fact that many people whom are contracting this disease are possibly doing something that is so far removed from the divine will of the planet that this virus is a form of higher intervention intended to shape or change something within a person in order to clear up certain issues.

Could there be a more sinister agenda behind the virus and could it be human engineered as both America and China have accused one another of doing? One of the other more bizarre intuitive thoughts I received prior to any of this pertained to hearing about the “targeting of soul-variants”, suggesting something is likely to be affecting people with a unique characteristic found in their body, but whether by some sort of design higher up with a positive purpose or whether it is evil beings seeking a destructive or harmful outcome I couldn’t say. I’m prepared to believe that some of our own scientists are more clever than they’re letting on in the public domain and engineering or modifying a virus could be possible and used as a tool ranging from biological warfare to more of conspiracy angle in reducing population numbers, but it does not appear to be a very effective virus, which is why I’m leaning more towards the idea it is to induce a deliberate change and it has originated from a spiritual domain.

I made note a while back that an individual whom successfully goes through the process of Kundalini awakening, which is intended to spur on a persons natural evolution will eventually become predominantly free of most sickness, disease and ill health that pertains to a karmic cause, and this appears to even include flu or even the common cold as any of the most common causes of stress are understood and either eliminated or managed through lifestyle whilst they keep up with their spiritual expectations. In fact, my experience so far has shown me certain spiritual beings are often prepared to warn or even tell you when you may be susceptible to a particular disease or chronic health condition before it occurs and may even tell you why. In my instance, I was told that the possibility of multiple high profile discoveries could potentially be justification for developing some form of a cancerous tumour, something I’m evidently keen to avoid at all costs, another example shared to me in a dream was the persistent effects of heat upon the lower abdominal region from an electric heater that was slowly cooking tissues, organs and coagulating blood and this was shown to me in a symbolic dream.

I do not believe higher beings would be so cruel as to initiate a deliberate and malevolent process that would be capable of indiscriminately culling members of the human population, more likely they are trying to change particular individuals or effect changes to a society, even by way of an insidious method such as germ warfare or intelligent viruses and could it be that those whom are unwilling to change are succumbing to the disease resulting in fatalities? Is there evidence to show that it’s the immune system of a healthy individual that is combating the virus, or is it merely remaining inert in some people.

I had also considered the possibility that perhaps the virus has been engineered by other elements of humanity for whatever nefarious purposes it might serve, from such uses as biological warfare, selective targeting of individuals or perhaps even just to unleashing something harmful into the population that would require the development and selling of vaccines purely to make a profit or keep certain classes of people healthy whilst making the poor unhealthy and thinner in numbers, something that has been the fictional story in a computer game called Deus Ex released in the year 2000. I don’t know how this industry or these bio-research and development centres operate or whether or not they even have the level of knowledge to do such a thing, the potential risk is that if such as thing were easily and readily done it might result in a disaster that could threaten to destroy a country or even world civilisation as we know it, so I do not believe such a thing would even be allowed from higher up beings governing from levels of divinity as it would render a world crippled or useless to its purpose as a place for incarnation.

So is the virus facilitating a positive period of cleansing of ego by bringing certain things to the surface? Is it possible that the virus exists for no other purpose than sowing chaos for evil’s sake and it presents just another to be expected adversarial challenge similar to extreme weather or geological events and it is choosing now to inject a viral outbreak into the world for the purpose of facilitating real drama, story, emotion and adversity within the world, even if it kills or harms innocent people in the process.

If it does have a spiritual reason for being then why should it have such an inefficient means of disseminating it and why affect so few? These recent Corona viruses appear to be focused on Asia where some are speculating that transgressions or crimes against hunting wildlife for food or medicine is causing upset and discordance in the natural world in the relationship between human and animal resulting in these viruses naturally coming into being and affecting individuals, seemingly only certain individuals relative to the rest of the population.

A couple of fleeting inner visions and the string of dialogue that there’s some sort of purpose behind this and it’s not just a totally random element or coincidental natural mutation. People whom have serious soul and inner being issues sooner or later will usually develop some sort of disease or condition to teach by way of karma and through the physical lived consequences they create which is intended to be worse than staying attached to the incompatible choices or behaviour that has been manifested to counter it.

I find it a little strange that at the centre of this particular outbreak that the city of Wuhan has a viral centre capable of studying this virus, maybe it was a sign of things to one day come, as to whether something like this could have been released by way of an accident or incident, or whether this was some how chosen or selected as a place due to having resources to study the virus which would one day be needed, who can say, perhaps the virus truly is indeed connected to markets selling wild life and wild animals as food, something I do not believe we would ordinarily be permitted to do unless survival depended upon it, but to randomly affect and randomly kill people does not make sense to inflict a type of collective punishment upon global populations for what seems like such a minor occurrence of eating wildlife.

Most of this is predominantly speculation, there’s a few odd intuitive things that have come up that have guided my thinking here, but I do not believe that this is not a reason to not to take preventative measures or steps to prevent further outbreak or safeguard the lives of people. I’m mindful of the original message alluding to the suggestion that only certain people are being affected by the virus and I would love to know more precisely the criteria of which people are safe and what makes someone susceptible? Perhaps it is not designed from spirit and this dark being was merely commenting on an activity that darker elements of humanity are up to for their own agenda yet to be revealed.

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