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Does God or the Divine Exist?

Does God and the Divine exist?

This post is a break down of some of the various experiences I’ve had or things that I use as evidence to provide proof of God, some of the personal ones sound rather outlandish, but they’re all true. In fact, almost everything I write about on this blog offers proof and existence of God, but it’s going to take a long time to read everything.

Angels and Higher Beings

I considered myself an atheist from a young age right up until my late twenties, but it was initially contact with Archangels and angels that provided the necessary proof to me that something higher existed, eventually I was able to learn about, discover and communicate with many people spoken about in spiritual traditions, for example, Shakti and Kali are small Indian women. Archangel Michael is a divine being often showing as electric blue coloured light, Jesus or someone assuming his role is real. These people and beings enjoy living in worlds as much as we do, but theirs are considered higher to denote being more inwardly advanced or evolved, but they enjoy helping our level when we prayer sincerely or make offerings as we struggle with even the most basic things.

I did eventually encounter a being that others in spirit reference as a heavenly father, looks like the front cover of Sufian’s book World of Archangels and also genuinely looks like an old man with a beard, a fatherly figure so to speak, similar to what I have seen depicted in traditional Italian artworks, and he appears to be partly responsible serving as a divine creator or overseer. He was more interested in communicating with the inner aspect of myself rather than my ego personality and I’ve witnessed this form on several occasions now.


Eventually I had an encounter with Jesus during Kundalini and this helped demonstrate what love is and how it can be used for healing, clearing karma, manifesting changes into your lifetime and becoming eligible for higher worlds. This energy can be traded inwardly for more types of experience you might desire, a bit like having access to a Star Trek Holodeck. Love is an emotion, often connected directly to the heart, it’s also a type of high frequency energy that can raise inner vibrations. Sometimes it can be blended with sexual energy and shared  with a partner of the opposite sex during the act of making love, hence why love and sex are inter-connected. When you fall out of alignment with your spiritual expectations, you will often become cut off from love and fall into a low frequency plane of inner reality and this corresponding produces a depressed state of inner being or a type of soul sickness that I link to manic, depressive and bipolar mood states.

Inner Voices

I recall that for a long time I was actually scared of the idea of God speaking to me, I’d read of a number of psychotic experiences where people go on to murder being and cite hearing voices. I was particularly fearful that some other entity or being would attempt to copy or emulate him or maybe I’d mistake his voice, this later one actually happened, but I eventually realised it was just another person in spirit and now I can make clear distinctions between light-voices and ordinary people. There are frequently people existing all around us inwardly, something I only began to notice when I became self aware, but prior to this I had little awareness of how things were. Sometimes communication is by way of internally spoken voices only you can hear, sometimes voices seem to come directly from the heart organ, sometimes the voices aren’t a voice at all, it’s just silent inner knowing close to telepathy and at other times our own energy can be channelled out of the crown chakra in the head and directed up above into the Heavens.


Sincere prayer usually releases ego-energy or muscular blocks from the body and you can experience this by way of intuitive thought or body intuition the various list of things that stand between you and God or even reaching a higher reality, sometimes referred to as blocks or abundance blocks, they prevent you reaching a higher sustained frequency where you can share the same level or plane as God where he takes form with you. If you keep this up you’ll eventually learn all the causes and reasons behind all your various diseases and eventually you’ll ascend into different dimensions of the same lived experience. If you take saying prayers and prayer salutations of yoga seriously, prayer can also be used as a tool to ask for various things. In my case, I asked to be able to do a karma/tantra course, which I’m hoping to still do some day, but ordinarily multiple personal big projects are something either disallowed or frowned upon due to excessive wealth, something another being also with a reptilian appearance wanted to leave no doubt about.

Spiritual Light

I’ve read websites that like to reference the phrase “the light and sound of God”, his voice is a light voice, it sounds how light would sound if projected into an audible human voice. The light of God is a bright white shining light, during meditation this can be seen to shine down on you in soft waves and when enough dark beings are stalking or harassing you the space above your heard can at times flash with light similar to thunder storms, as it covers the ceiling above you and is much bigger than just a spirit-orb.


If you’re able to clear all your own personal sources of spiritual impurity from your body and heal the various inner aspects of self including mind, soul and consciousness you will be well on your way to being moved up into a higher more evolved reality, this is what ascension is all about, producing a better quality of person and human experience through initially following various rules and guidelines, taking on board expectations and developing ones own mind, body, abilities and talents. You are also required to remove sources of trauma from the body and learn about the true nature of karma, sin and transgression to avoid repeating the various mistakes that lead to illness, disease and inner impurity. Once you are at a very high frequency, disease is very unlikely to be able to manifest in the physical body and you may learn other things about the mind.


Karma refers to the things that cause spiritual impurity and a wide range of illnesses, chronic conditions and diseases, many people appear to be here to learn about this and work off past debts, but eventually you may experience freedom from karma and this opens up a lot more opportunities. I use this to illustrate the point of God and other higher beings, because they’re the ones who define the laws and rules of what constitutes sources of sin, transgression and karma.


I’m still not precisely sure what enlightenment is, but it does initially consist of awakening from the unconscious sleep state of consciousness and becoming self-aware. This is like waking up and having just realised that so far your lived waking lifetime you’ve been dreaming and suddenly you’ve just truly woken up from being in the dream of your life and lucidity, clarity and higher consciousness begins to return. Mostly our attention is fixated on body ego and mind. You will reach higher states of consciousness and you will obtain more free will, you will eventually learn from higher knowledge such as the various purposes and causes for disease and begin to appreciate the advantages of a light body over a flesh body. You are god? Tough one. Every person belongs to a source god whom is responsible for seeing that you evolve and have a place to exist, both physically and spiritually. You yourself appear to have the very same potential for nurturing others and creating. Some god-beings actually function through your eyes and consciousness. We each have our own god-self that appears to comprise of part omnipresent sentient consciousness that is capable of observing experiences across a wide spectrum of simultaneous experiences that we can’t easily see or access as well as being a being of form in its own right similar to the soul.


Various things I’ve heard spoken to me by God:

“You’re going to be our next government” – referencing Christianity on another timeline, they were seriously contemplating making Christianity involved in our governing power structures due to widespread corruption.

“I have a loving grip on this world” – I’m not sure if this is appropriate to say or not, God doesn’t want things getting out of control due to too many uncontrolled events due to various revelations being made. However, it does reveals how the world is an adversarial state of spiritual conflict, God can’t just instantly ‘make all things right’ such a wars or African famines, or choose to save every person whom might be in imminent harm or danger, even if they can witness future events to a certain degree as it would be too disruptive, there are some sort of rules relating to free will, however you can ask reach out and ask for interventions.

“Too much power” – A persistently annoying one way dialogue insisting and attempting to dissuade me from writing about both bipolar and doing a karma course. However I’m secretly excited that real transformation is likely to take place, and it’s not nearly as airy-fairy and none existent as the hope and change of the New Age movement. Proof will be in the end result.

“I’m thinking of making him an Archangel, he likes wings” – a different Source God was seriously contemplating what to do with me after I learned there are multiple worlds and knew quite a bit about the nature of reality.

“If he wants to know what I want him to do, then he needs to become me.” – the strange ways in which choices are made, I was really undecided what courses or career path I should take so I asked, but really all I got was a “vis a vis, concordantly” Matrix-esque answer. In the end they ended up making me a mystic, but I suppose I could have become either a counsellor as originally planned or a spiritual teacher if I’d completed the training.

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