The natural world has an inherent aversion to all perverse forms of sexuality.
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Natural Sexuality

Evolution and Nature’s Aversion to Perverse Sexuality

This article briefly explores homosexuality and homosexual same-sex relationships from the perspective of human spiritual evolution and the phenomena known as Kundalini Awakening. The argument I am going to be attempting to persuade you the reader of here is that mother nature and the natural world has an inherent natural bias and aversion to the gay or lesbian homo-sexual relationship or in recent years things like transgender and other distortions to human sexuality through gender identity politics. There is scientific proof and evidence for the basis of this conclusion that stands apart from and exists outside of any purely religious interpretations or prejudices towards minority sexual groups or sexual orientations.

Kundalini is an evolutionary catalyst, something I experienced and underwent during my own spiritual awakening over a period of roughly seven to eight years between the years of 2009 and 2017, this introduced me to concepts such as currents of subtle energy within the body and chakras which I learned are nodal centres that transform subtle energy within the body itself. During a Kundalini awakening one can experience psychological content surfacing such as past traumas and what seems like are clearly intended to be deliberate spiritual teachings through the closed personal space of dreams, dreaming and visions. Some of this is also accompanied by periods of spiritual crisis and psychosis as various interactions with spiritual beings and other human beings take place in the mind through a type of projected psychic-landscape resulting in inner disorientation.

In recent years I have been studying trauma through a spiritual lens and its influences upon the mind, body and consciousness with a special interest in understanding how and why the faces of individuals are subject to an involuntary transformation in close relationship and connection with something called ‘ego’ or ‘impurity’ which you may read more about in my article a critical study of how impurity changes the face. In this context, ego may be understood as a type of spiritual dirty energy or impurity formed from psychic energy that the body either creates or receives from another source that stores information about the negative ego personality and character aspects of a person through being able to skilfully manipulate, change and distort the face, parts of the body and most crucially the subtle nuisances of facial expression.

I’ve taken to using the term “Ego Balancing” which I feel is an appropriate way to describe this process of diagnosing and identifying sources of ego through advanced methods of facial study, analysis and observation that look for changes to ordinary facial symmetry, shape and expression. You may read more about this technique on my psycho-spiritual health blog called Psycho-Spiritual Support which I set up as a dedicated place to provide articles and health resources to help people going through psycho-spiritual crisis such as during a Kundalini awakening or people with Bipolar-disorder, which I believe is something deeply rooted in unresolved or unhealed trauma due to a lack of spiritual understanding relating to karma and how the mind works.

Even quite early on I made the observation that people who express homosexual behaviours, such as a same sex relationship or males whom engage in sex acts with other males seemed to sustain a series of trauma changes to their faces that produces distinct and noticeable defects, which I later learned is due to a type of energetic impurity that can be found and released from the body through body scanning and sustained meditation. It’s as clear as day to me now that the faces of homosexuals become increasingly bloated, tone and muscular definition begins to disappear and the face starts to resemble more of a ‘featureless ball’ rather than a precisely contoured egg shape. In cases of excessive ego, the skin and muscles in the face, may also begin to sag or droop and fall away from the face making the face seem or appear more undeveloped a bit similar to a very young infant or baby, and I’ve connected at least some of these changes to sexual perversion and addiction.

Inflated or swollen muscles at the sides of the head change the shape and profile of the face making it look rounder or bulge more than it otherwise should. The defining crease that runs between the nose and cheek appears to be one of the first things to change as it becomes swallowed up by expanding muscles. I’ve also noted a series of changes to eyes, markings to the eyes and muscles immediately beneath the eyes and muscular bulging in sides of cheeks. Many of the characteristics I have described here I believe are closely associated with a harmful category traditionally once known as sexual-perversion and these changes I believe are intended to intuitively communicate degrees of impurity by making someone seem more sinister, impure, unwholesome or unsavoury compared to people who do not engage in such things. However some may also be shared with other or more general causes of ego, but by comparing many people side by side it should in time be possible to isolate which trauma corresponds to which impure choices or actions.

What is interesting to note is that these changes appear take place amongst boys and men practising homosexuality without exception, only ranging in degrees of severity, this adds strong evidence to the case that this was never intended nor is it supported by nature the same way a heterosexual sexual relationship is between males and females as heterosexuals do not sustain these facial trauma patterns for this reason, however they can fall victim to other forms of perversion. I believe this demonstrates a clear and deliberate aversion to homosexuality in nature and natural evolution by way of the mind deliberately producing trauma to the body in order to show something is harmful, suggesting that they are not adhering to higher divine laws about respecting the inherent morality of human sexuality.

In women and girls the possible reasons for a negative transformation through sustaining trauma defects contrasts to the males in some key areas, for example it appears that girls after puberty and women who practice forms of shared feminine sensuality or perhaps engage in certain sexual acts between themselves are not affected by this trauma the same way that males are, porn stars, erotic dancers or sisterly fraternity doesn’t produce perversion trauma. Crucially, however a same sex lesbian relationship between two women as comparable to a male and female relationship does produce very similar if not identical types of facial trauma patterns as the males do when affected by trauma through homosexuality creating an equally unappealing appearance in the face. This demonstrates that there are two distinct attitudes towards sexuality in men and women and what will and will not create trauma due to karmic consequences of a harmful act. It seems that females who use sex and sensuality between themselves with other females as a form of play, pleasure or enjoyment for bonding versus women that establish a pattern of homo-sexual relationships and thus seem to introduce a distortion or perversion to the natural expressions of human love and sexuality. I believe men can enjoy viewing other women in groups displaying nudity, but they cannot themselves engage with another male in the group through acts of physical intimate touch nor can they consume male content intended for women, as perverse attention produces trauma changes. Women are however able to do both without a karmic consequence. For the sake of positive health it’s important for everyone to understand this.

What is somewhat confusing is that some people whom outwardly identify as heterosexuals, both men and women, girls and boys, may also show the same perversion trauma patterns due to having had their mind and consciousness conditioned to function similar to or to inwardly identify as a homosexual resulting in triggering the body to distort. I encountered this phenomena during Kundalini which from the male perspective I found deeply distressing for myself. Small changes and traumas are also sustained to the face and these can occur for many different reasons pertaining to the creation of ego, of which not all have anything to do with any sort of perverse sexuality, however it’s possible some defects in the face could be mistaken for perversions if misinterpreted or misread, this is possible as it’s still a new area of study and research.

Sexual perversion causes a lot more harm than just to appearances, the heart wall muscles and heart organ itself become contracted and tightened and hold onto a form of negative energy in response to certain events or triggers causing a person to feel disconnected or cut off from love or emotional warmth in the upper body which can lead to mood and emotional instability. When the heart is affected in this way it makes the human experience feel dull, expressionless or lifeless.

The lower body in the pelvis, thighs and hamstrings also become contracted and pulled tight causing tension friction and burning that creates the sensations of worry and anxiety to be felt in the form of stress and tensing muscles connected to the hip bones that can only be released through confronting the information in the mind about it’s none physical cause. The root chakra also becomes partially or totally blocked with an impure energy preventing the free flow and passage of subtle energies into this part of the body used for sharing love, energy and emotion between men and women. Trauma is created and distributed between many of the different muscle groups in this area of the body, and these are often only released through careful and deliberate massage, yoga and in meditation. In more severe cases Kundalini energy is used to burn away at the impurity lodged in the root chakra and during this it may precipitate a period of spiritual crisis due to intensified fear and heightened energy as the person learns to confront the causes of their various traumas, with strong fear being something that can precipitate a manic episode.

The conclusion that stands out from the observable science of the face so far seems to be that same sex relationships were not meant to be deliberate and actually cause damage and harm to the human body and form. These physical deformations that individuals sustain however can be reversed through a process of ego purification. When the energetic component of a source of impurity is removed from the body, micro-muscular changes take place that restores the physical appearance to normal. Presently, the mainstream view of homosexuality is actually causing a lot of harm to people, even if they don’t recognise or understood what has taken place, one of the main disputed areas concerning progressive and liberal views of sex education in schools.

I believe this acceptance has resulted from self-identified homosexuals whom have become one of the few groups to successfully create and establish a self-identity out of a primary source of sexual trauma as it may be understood and recognised in spirituality. Whereas other identifiable groups that engage in behaviours traditionally considered wrong, perverse or obscene such as paedophilia, bestiality or incest are still things that society as a whole has mostly managed to maintain firm boundaries around, whilst others are allowed to openly practise despite the evidence they are self harming and causing harm to the health of the nation as a whole they set a bad example that some other seem content to adopt.

Coming to the religious and spiritual dimensions of human sexuality, whilst I’m not a religious scholar it does seem that common teachings state that homosexuality is a perverse form of sexuality that results in impurity of being, which based on my reasoning can be understood as a form of karma that introduces negative changes to the body, mind, emotions, consciousness and soul. The most often quoted line being:“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22[1] in the Bible. Whilst this statement isn’t particularly scientific, it provides historical evidence and context for the basis of the existence of possible higher laws governing humanity such as ‘sin’ and in this case, concerning human sexuality. The natural world, science and spirituality all appear to be saying the same thing on this issue in relation to human evolution as one can form very similar conclusions about not engaging in perverse sexuality, which is something that one is otherwise forced to confront in sometimes unpleasant ways and purify from the mind, soul, inner being and consciousness during the process of Kundalini awakening.

So is mother nature homo-phobic or trans-phobic? Clearly not, it’s following the natural order of life, evolution and the desire of our creators and the evidence is that this is something healthy people should not become or entertain unless they are to risk corrupting themselves which comes with all the various health problems, complications and facial dis-figuration. There are also profoundly deep social and political implications for this that can be drawn from this information, particularly in the media and education, which I’ve neither touched upon here or necessarily identified yet, however I may consider discussing some of these later in another article if I feel its in our best interests for me to share them. Irrespective of personal beliefs, homosexuality is still a form of perverse sexuality, which itself is an already acknowledged form of sin, one day soon to be backed up by the emerging science behind it.

If you would like to learn more about my perspectives on where this topic could one day head, please read my latest follow up article: Sexual Perversion in Plain Sight.

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