The Corona virus is of a divine origin and it is assisting the world to recover by deliberately targeting certain segments of the population
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The Spiritual Origins and Purpose of Corona Virus (Pt 1)


This article explores the spiritual origins of corona viruses from the context of the latest viral outbreak identified as Covid-19 and it includes speculative causes and it’s possible deeper purpose for interacting with humanity, some of which is supported by intuitive information I’ve gleamed through dreams, meditation and psychic communications as a mystic, I’ve also recently taken to updating this article with some of the latest things I’ve learned since the date of its original publishing.

Please also see Corona Virus Update for a more concise version of the conclusions of this rather long post.

I’m not new to the idea that certain diseases have spiritual causes, for example many appear to be for karmic reasons, including many instances of Cancer, some diseases are deliberately intended to assist in re-orientating certain patterns of human behaviour and aren’t necessarily fatal or irreversible and others merely serve as a punishment for a transgression against another that causes personal suffering.

Here is an example of a disease, someone within spirit shared with me in mind that the common disease sickle cell anaemia is one such disease that has an intelligent spiritual purpose, this disease deliberately causes changes to a person that make them appear more pale or white than is healthy for an ordinary person. We can see and attribute biological changes that account for this change and allows it to happen, but not why it happens, but philosophically speaking it is intended to make someone look and appear less healthy in order to intuitively communicate that someone’s personality and way of being is disharmonious, in this case, someone’s attitude and way of being and expressing is rather more hostile, possibly ‘blood-thirsty’ or aggressive than it should be. I appear to have been victim to this myself earlier in my life during earlier childhood, which is how it became something I later enquired about through meditations and inner intuition. What you should have taken away from this paragraph is that diseases can have a purpose, they aren’t just a random occurrence.

The various powers that make up divinity did not fashion the Earth and the human experience to be so underwhelming for the average person, there’s a greater purpose behind some of our collective suffering, much of which is yet to be resolved which is intended to guide evolutionary processes to make our own version humanity more compatible and in alignment with higher levels of human realities or ascended worlds by following a divine plan or a higher will of God.

We can determine there are many things that are disharmonious and not in alignment with God, and many of these things which are not accepted or tolerated are defined through a spiritual system of impurity called ‘ego’ that forms a dark impure spiritual energy that sits within the subtle energy body of every person who acts inappropriately such as an act of sin. This ego-impurity does not feel pleasant, we often feel it at locations in the abdomen that produce a sickly feeling or it may come to our attention through body tension, tightening or constriction of muscles. The precise content or reason for the impure energy can be mentally heard often as the diaphragm stretches and momentarily relaxes these muscles bringing awareness to them. Negative energy holds information about its cause and this information is what is key to individual change and growth. For people whom ignore this information and the signs that something is wrong or disharmonious in their lives, often such a person may one day reach a point of precipitating a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini where darker parts of the self are confronted and which is intended to spur on a persons natural evolution much more quickly, and if the person is not capable of this, they may in fact die or develop a chronic condition.

I noted that an individual whom successfully goes through the process of Kundalini-awakening, will eventually become predominantly free of most sickness, illness and disease causing poor health that pertains to a karmic cause, including corona viruses like the common Cold and Flu, a person will simply no longer catch them anymore, or at the very least they do not developing any serious or unpleasant symptoms from it. To me this demonstrates convincingly that viruses are directly linked and correlated with human choices, actions and behaviours. Remaining healthy and free of disease is because many the most common causes of inner stress, transgressions, personal conflict, karma and disagreement are better understood and either eliminated, reduced to a minimum or managed in other ways through a spiritual lifestyle such as doing yoga or meditating whilst they also learn about their own spiritual expectations, these two spiritual practices in particular have a reason for existing that are beyond anything superficial.

In fact, my experiences to date have so far has shown me certain spiritual beings are often prepared to warn or even tell you when you may be susceptible to a particular disease or chronic health condition before it occurs and may even tell you why and they often do this in the form of a dream and the mind is intelligent enough to use symbolism to provide meaning and context to help you understand the message being communicated.

Corona Viruses & Higher Spiritual Purpose

So how is any of this connected to the latest Corona Virus? Many diseases and intelligently designed by higher beings familiar with knowledge of advanced genetics and their programmable effects upon the human body, of which they know far more about than we can appreciate it, because many of them will have collectively designed or reiterated the physical human being including instructions on how it functions. I believe someday humanity itself will also be capable of this level of understanding and genetic engineering and be able to make alterations including creating or re-shape viruses for our own purposes, but such a thing would not be allowed until reaching an evolutionary milestone.

The other week as I woke up in the morning a dark spiritual being appeared to approach me at my bed side and I perceived the inwardly spoken words “Corona virus only loves certain people” and I’ve been contemplating what this might mean ever since. Examining this message from a human perspective it may sound odd and even morbidly sick, but based on my own interpretation at this time from a spiritual perspective, these particular evil beings often exist to confront evil within humanity itself by introducing a negative evil counter element that has a positive purpose. This dark messenger spoke in a sinister voice, it was black and shadowy in appearance—this was no angel, it was an evil being.

So whom does the virus ‘love’ and presumably whom does it ignore, and why? Even our own health experts are making the point that most people will not get the virus, of those who do get it, it will not be severe, but of the total a tiny percent are succumbing to it as they develop pneumonia and respiratory distress or possibly from underlying complications and this is causing fatalities in countries across the world. The people whom are dying of the virus based on this understanding are dying for a reason that exists beyond contracting the virus itself and the virus is really just the method and means of facilitating a desired outcome which could swing either way based on the choice the person makes in relation to their individual reason for having the disease.

Is the virus forcing someone to give up something harmful? This is the main reason I have been contemplating and so this could allude to the fact that many people whom are contracting this disease may be doing something that is too far removed from the divine will of the planet that this virus is a form of higher intervention which is intended to shape or change something within a person in order to clear up certain issues that are having a detrimental impact.

On one side, everyone must be aware of the thing that cause harm to the body in the form of poisonous foods, toxicity, radiation, pollution, blunt trauma, emotional trauma or severe mental health problems due to misuse of the mind, however the spiritual aspects are more to do with respecting karma, transgressions, becoming mindful of personal spiritual expectations, only then will such people be able to navigate their lifetime without developing a serious disease or illness like cancer.

Are there any other examples? At one point I heard a lot of mental chatter pertaining to one of my own family members potential or risk of catching the virus connected to “too much property” ownership, which could be interpreted more generally as ‘greed’ in one sense or a form of transgression as many of these properties remain in an undeveloped state and have remained like this for considerable years. I wanted to add something based on feedback of some who were concerned, to reassure that there are fair expectations that if you own money or wealth then you’re entitled to own multiple properties, but must be careful if they are funded by the public or simply taking up and occupying residences that other people could be using.

I do not believe higher beings would be so cruel as to outright initiate a deliberate and malevolent process that would be capable of randomly or indiscriminately culling members of the human population without a reason or done so in a way that could be interpreted as killing for the sake of killing as at least some individuals incarnate onto a world with a purpose for being here based on what they will one day share or produce and are thus likely to be immune to such a virus so long as they do not become inwardly corrupted. It is more likely that divinity are trying to change particular individuals or effect changes to a society, even by way of an insidious method as intelligent viruses the same way we might consider purposes of using nano-engineering in order to heal the body. So could is it that those whom are unwilling to change something are the ones actually dying from the disease? Is there evidence to show that it’s the immune system of a healthy individual that is combating the virus, or is it merely remaining inert in some people or in a deactivated state? So far I’ve observed that young children seem largely unaffected, they have yet to develop any sort of serious issue and so are thus protected from such a virus.

So is the virus facilitating a positive period of cleansing of ego by bringing certain things to the surface? Is it possible that the virus exists for no other purpose than sowing chaos for evil’s sake and it presents just another to be expected adversarial challenge similar to extreme weather or geological events? Is someone choosing this moment to inject a viral outbreak into the world for the purpose of facilitating real-drama, story, emotion and adversity within the world in order to make the planetary experience more appealing to other beings, even if it kills or harms innocent people in the process?

If it does have a spiritual reason for existing then why should it have such an inefficient means of disseminating it and why affect so few people? These recent Corona viruses appear to be focused on Asia where some are speculating that transgressions or crimes against hunting wildlife for food or medicine is causing upset and discordance in the natural world in the relationship between humans and animals resulting in these viruses naturally coming into being and affecting individuals, but still only certain individuals relative to the rest of the population.

A couple of fleeting inner visions and a string of dialogue that there’s some sort of purpose behind this and it’s not just a totally random element or coincidental natural mutation from another virus. People whom have serious soul and inner being issues sooner or later will develop some sort of disease or condition to teach them by way of karma and through the physical lived consequences of suffering that they create which is often worse than staying attached to the incompatible choices or behaviour that it is assisting in moving a person away from.

Religious Perspective

In addition to what this dark being said to me, I also witnessed a conversation between God and the God of parallel reality, sometimes known as a divergent timeline. Coincidentally at the time of this I had myself been seeking to be moved to another timeline for unrelated and personal reasons, which is what I believe enabled this odd interaction to take place. The first God-being in spirit commented in an alarmed way “They’re currently in the middle of a pandemic” so from this they recognised that this wasn’t just trivial what we were now going through. Our God seemed to respond with “It wasn’t supposed to become a pandemic” suggesting that it was in fact initiated from an aspect of divinity, but things have likely played out in an unintended or unexpected way. Their response was “Far too oppressive”, suggesting that the virus is in fact making people ill because they’re not complying with God’s wishes. God’s final comment in this exchange was “You’re going to have to use Corona viruses yourselves at some point” and that this was done in an effort to “…guarantee the Earth”, which I took as guaranteeing the continuation of our wordily civilisation from corrupted souls, but one really needs to know a little about light and dark soul polarities and the differing agendas of different groups of people and this is why we often hear the phrase “it’s a spiritual battle”.

From this exchange it seems that corona viruses are just another tool that can be called upon as part of a spiritual intervention that is intelligent enough to only affect people acting discordantly or causing so much ego-impurities or transgressions. At this time I can only really speculate what these spiritual issues may be, but the physical trauma caused to the faces of people through the creation of excessive ego correspond to severe and malevolent problems, such as financial greed, paedophilia, toxic personal interactions, issues concerning lusts and abuses of power, however I won’t comment on any named individuals at this time.

The good news is that if you really want to cure the Corona Virus, you need to be able to change something at the level of your mind, consciousness or potentially even at the soul level. This can be done through prayer, submission or surrendering to God, possibly through a practise of yoga, but if a person is unwell or immobilised they are very likely going through certain inner processes in their minds intended to encourage or persuade precisely this during an altered state of consciousness such as a dream, with the outcome of not complying or completely surrendering being in the worst case, loss of life, but the quicker the inner work is done the quicker the recovery is likely to be, but I have not taken into account other underlying health problems.

Whilst I’m not well read on the Bible, I came across a comment from someone else recently whom immediately described this virus as a ‘pestilence’ that was ‘punishing the sinners’. I briefly want to refer to a vision I had last year during 2019 relating to depicting the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I understand today that ‘apocalypse’ really means an unveiling or revealing of something once hidden, such as hidden information or knowledge and I speculate whatever this is has the potential to cause or result in destructive consequences if handled badly. I did however dismiss this vision for the most part at the time, however given this latest virus it could connect the content of this vision to the concept of a religious or biblical pestilence, which is describing a disease or plague that deliberately affects certain wicked, evil, or immoral people among a population as a form of punishment for a divine transgression.

Someone else in spirit wanted to warn me about earthquakes being an accompaniment, and recently there was mention of a comparable volcano to the one in Pompeii, which is alarming depending on whether or not it is true. I dismissed an earlier one on earthquakes, even deleting a tweet, but recently noted there was one in Croatia, whether this is just by chance or co-incidence or a sign of more to come I can’t say. These intuitions are the sorts of things that gifted initiatives seem to commonly bring up or have their attention brought to time and again, but I couldn’t say why, other than I believe there is a purpose for these events and that they may not be an un-ordered geological event.

So is the virus affecting different people for different reasons? I genuinely believe some of the Chinese are being called to give up hunting and eating wildlife, such as the example of the bat-soup that showed up in our newspapers, however I do not believe a virus that was designed or came into being for this reason would be capable of unfairly killing members of another  race, culture or country that bore no relationship to the transgression of eating wildlife.

One morning a few days after being given the original message I had a dream interaction with a young woman and I heard a voice which said “You’re at risk of contracting corona virus”, and the reason briefly stated “White Lightning”. At first I was confused about whether or not this meant a vulnerability of viral contamination due to improper hygiene and sharing a drink with others, but I later reasoned I’d have had no reason to need to know about this because in theory anybody could fit into this category through coming into close personal contact with another. It seems more reasonable to believe that the real risk was due to a linked behaviour, probably a bad addiction to a particular type of cheap alcohol in this case and this being a harmful behaviour that God is seeking to curb using this virus and alluding to the earlier disapproving comment on ‘oppression’, this could be seen as similar to how a government might ‘crack down’ on criminal elements within society.

I’ve been pondering whether or not there’s any sort of metric or key points or signs that could be used to identify something common amongst the groups of people whom have been dying of the virus so far and based on at least some of the criteria I’ve identified based on facial trauma caused by spiritual reasons that it is highly probable it is due to immorality. One of our newspapers published a photo montage of dead victims and the vast majority of the faces in this photo collage had clear and significant signs of inner spiritual impurity or ‘ego’ that had partially or wholly transformed their faces or marked their faces in sinister ways such to the extent it was easy to discern. Most people have at least a bit of ego for minor things, and it is cumulative, however as moderate issues begin to stack or a more serious issue comes into being, the worse a person typically begins to look, until they begin to heal and reverse the negative behavioural trends or choices responsible for their impurity.

I know for example that an act of sin or sinning can cause ill health in other areas and I’ve written about this in connection with psycho-spiritual health, karma and transgression, whereby increases in bodily impurity are responsible for deforming the face of a person whom behave in an impure way or produces a lot of ego and I believe there’s enough scientific evidence to assert and validate this at the current time, but please refer to my article that discusses these: A Critical Study of How Impurity Changes the Face.

If the virus is for a religious-spiritual purpose, it means that we are highly likely to see more of these viruses in the future and why I have certain doubts over the validity of claims of vaccines to be able to prevent future diseases and why we are likely to continually see new virus strains appearing that from our perspective are seen to intelligently mutate over time. Immunity to viruses I believe will come through aligning ourselves with certain higher spiritual laws, which can be thought of as a spiritual awakening.


Much of this at the time of first writing was predominantly speculation, there were a few odd intuitive things that have come up such as the dark spiritual being, the mental conversation between God and another realm of spirit I was able to hear. I do not believe that any of this is not a reason to not to take preventative measures or steps to prevent further outbreak or safeguard the lives of people or helping those whom are suffering as I’ve yet to understand whether the virus manifests directly within an individual or whether it is being transmitted from one person to another.

I’m very mindful of the original message that alluded to the suggestion that only certain people are being affected by the virus and I would love to know more precisely what the criteria is in order to learn which people are safe and what makes someone vulnerable or susceptible as it would mean we could then safeguard people or take our own interventions to nullify the virus. The economy and well-being of everybody else unfairly caught in collective quarantine measures could also be protected whom are in any case are unlikely to catch the virus due to upholding higher standards of morality or are prepared to listen to their personal intuition pertaining to personal risks of criteria or items that might make them vulnerable.

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