People actually dying of the Corona Virus have significant facial trauma and dis-figuration due to impurity.
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Why Covid-19 Is A Biblical Pestilence (Pt 2)

If you want some of the background information regarding my take on the Corona virus (Covid-19) please see my original post on the spiritual origins and purpose of corona viruses to bring yourself up to speed, however I wanted to use this new post to expand upon this and explain some of my main observations and conclusions.

From day one some people were referring to this and saying God is punishing people for their sins and after a little research and investigation I have reached the same conclusion. This virus is playing the role of a biblical pestilence which is a type of disease or plague that afflicts populations typically in order to reduce the number of people whom are engaging in immoral acts, and this is done as part of a balancing act of managing various people on the Earth through spiritual warfare by limiting or taking away from certain harmful and dark human elements as it relates to soul polarity or good and evil put simply.

I believe there is spiritual-science to support this conclusion, although I haven’t published it in a research paper yet and so it hasn’t received any significant viewership, but you may read about ego balancing at your own leisure. Whilst browsing the photos of many of the dead victims on television screens and internet articles I made the observation that significant numbers were affected by facial trauma connected to impurity.

That is to say the faces of people have taken on an impure or unwholesome appearance, both subtle and not so subtle changes and defects to the appearance of the face including the eyes, skin, facial muscles, some of which I believe would denote having a demon, something I learned about during spiritual crisis, which would indicate that many of the people whom have contracted the virus have one or more significant issues that warrants an interaction with the virus. Impurity typically refers to an impure psychic energy that sits within the astral body, that is created by various immoral thoughts, actions, choices or behaviours.

Science and spirituality have not yet collaborated with one another to the point that ‘demons’ have been scientifically validated or identified by the scientific community, in fact most I suspect would simply laugh off the idea and even many spiritual people whom are not religious would consider this to be religious none sense, however I doubt these people have had the same experiences as me and I don’t look at problems the way that most others will be doing. Demons are just one type of serious impurity, however by studying trauma patterns in the face it is possible to identify many individuals whom have a demon and this is a phenomena I encountered myself on a number of occasions due to things like lust and addiction when interacting with pornography within the last several years. Once you’re made aware that such a thing exists it’s easier to begin to discern individuals whom have one, it takes a psychological leap of understanding, but rather like the magic eye picture books in time you may attune yourself to know what you’re seeing. A literal picture of cartoon ‘devils’ or demons isn’t going to jump out at you, but you will begin to see how impure expressions that are imprinted upon the faces of many people.

So whom are most susceptible to the virus? Well unlike the virus itself, demons come into existence at the time of a significant impure deed and they can be felt as a sickly energy in the mid belly and tension in the sides of the face in the cheeks as the energy produces a corresponding change to facial expression and appearance of the face. Some impure energies only last for a period of time however others require more work in order to release them and it’s necessary to detach oneself from a cause such as an addiction and this can require conscious growth from the person, will power, determination and the initial choice to overcome and re-identify away from a harmful behaviour and only then can it be released, sometimes they disappear on their own after a period of good behaviour and at other times a human spirit guide will remove one after witnessing growth and development and the quickest and most uncomfortable is often an act of exorcism which can briefly override the mind causing the body to speak the reason for the impure thought or deed.

I’m calling the technique that uses analysis of facial trauma to identify inner issues as Ego Balancing and it’s something that many people I believe will one day be more interested in as it validates the concept of a religious or spiritual impurity connected directly to changes to the physical body itself as it changes and transforms the appearance of a person. Spiritual impurity is already well acknowledged in shamanic circles as ‘evil spirits’ and the tantra community as ‘impure energy’ and demons in Christianity. One of the main things at the core of spirituality is helping or assisting clearing away the impure energies from the body either through ritual work or acknowledging right-being, however in tantra it’s normal for purifying sexual energy received from a trusted member of the opposite sex to purify a dark energy which is considered fear based and born of sin.

Kundalini awakening is also something seeks to achieve the removal of impure energies. These impure energies are sometimes responsible for creating sickness, disease and illness in the body, but in this case it’s just something I’m speculating are the reason for a person contracting this virus. It is the rising of the serpent that sometimes comes with an awakening as it is capable of consuming and transforming these bad energies, which is why the serpent is seen as a symbol of healing in medicine, it likewise also denotes a shrewd ability to see and identify sources of evil and it features in the Kundalini caduceus as it relates to spiritual evolution and various medical bodies use the single staff with an entwining serpent to represent professional health services across the world as it’s derived from Ancient Greek Asclepion healing temples. I can say that on a higher world everyone is more evolved, the people also look and feel much healthier, happier and have significantly less karma causing defects and unsightly changes to physical appearance than we do owing to the removal of harmful impurities and ego. They also know how to chart and navigate their lifetimes according to what they most wish to get out of it and their diseases, assuming they still need them at all won’t necessarily look like the types that we so frequently encounter and spirit entities and interaction with the mind of individuals provides many of the lessons they require to balance out behaviour and choices without resorting to harming the physical body.

I also found it slightly interesting that corona, references the sun’s corona, which may also be seen or understood as a type of bright light or purifying fire, and that the animal that seemed to transmit the virus into humans was a bat, which are closely connected to humanoid vampires which are dark archetypal being which are themselves are a personification or symbolic representation of a range of evil human qualities such as lust for power, greed, selfishness, evil and hostility communicated in one evil form. Whether this observation is just coincidental or not, I couldn’t say, but many people seem to be catching the virus based on the knowledge they’re attached to evil qualities or attributes an don’t have knowledge of karma to discern their own problems clearly.

If people were to understand that impurity and immorality go together to create negative karma and that this is the probable reason for why people are really dying of corona virus then something like this may spark as a catalyst to have more people turn inward for answers through seeking God. This could initiate a greater period of spiritual awakening within the population and it has traditionally been Christianity has filled this role or the teachings of Jesus Christ. It would seem that prayer genuinely could be one of the most effective treatments for those afflicted with the virus along with yoga and meditation, but it requires the individual to either surrender their problem and accept the solution or be prepared to let go and release an issue or attachment, which can take a lot of trust to do owing to feelings of vulnerability.

The following are just some of the intuitive reasons I’ve received from different people regarding the virus:

In terms of older people in care homes, someone suggested to me in a meditation that there were “too many elderly people in care homes without anybody visiting them” suggesting that after a certain point late in life there comes a point where a person is no longer benefiting from staying alive incarnated and resources and capacity could be freed for others in need suggesting it’s connected to the trend of an ‘ageing┬ápopulation’. This segment isn’t likely to be affected by impurity corresponding to this, whilst the idea of deliberately culling innocent people sounds really unfair and unkind, however ethically many of our own doctors are put through similar decisions on an individual basis when deciding whether or not to resuscitate or switch off life support equipment on terminally ill patients. So this explanation sounds somewhat plausible to me, but I couldn’t say with certainty that this is why many in care homes are dying to the disease, however this is what someone shared with me during meditation, but the source is unknown. By this reasoning, if you have loved ones in care homes, you probably need to be visiting and interacting with them else their time is likely to arrive earlier due to spiritual reasons. Some of the people in care are also likely to have common problems connected to impurity, but this is unlikely to exclusively be for this reason alone.

Where have I been getting my information from? Some of it is openly shared with me using the intuitive-mind through meditation, sometimes referred to the law of attraction, other times information is exchanged psychically by directly connecting to the root chakra with someone else a bit like two devices exchanging information with one another. At other times I’m listening to the mental conversations that take place in first thing in the morning which are often derived from interactions that take place during sleep and they often contain useful information from a shared mind/consciousness we each have access to like a mental radio station, the first thoughts tend to correspond to physical movement from stretching the legs and washing in the shower.

In terms of certain individuals whom have had the virus and recovered, Prince Charles shared energy that was translated by my mind into: “He made a decision that was unfair to Prince Harry.” An actor seemed to share with me “Doing too many things” possibly alluding to movie opportunities. A young unknown woman had already been shown to me in a dream that came with the warning about being a risk of catching the virus due to “Drinking White Lightening”, which I speculated could mean alcoholism and addiction or possibly be linked to anti-social behaviour. However in all these cases, people are able to re-identify inwardly on particular issues or make changes to themselves and their lives in order to effect their recovery quicker. I believe all over the world there are both individual reasons as well as collective shared reasons why different people are getting ill or dying. In cases where it leads directly to a fatality I suspect they’re either not inwardly re-identifying on some sort of toxic issue in their consciousness or there are other health complications.

Even long before this recent virus outbreak I saw on the news at the time that Senator John McCain had died and as I was particularly interested in peoples karma, I queried this in mind and a female god responded to me by saying “insatiable greed” as I was paused looking at the television, suggesting that he probably had accumulated excessive wealth, which I believe may have been a contributing factor to his brain tumour. Getting personal aspirations, degrees of power and wealth in balance is something governed by karma and higher laws and why getting this right is seen to be coming into alignment with a divine will as part of a spiritual awakening. The company Amazon has significant spiritual problems connected to wealth that has resulted in phenomena I might refer to as ‘evil eye’ and I suspect Tesla and Space-X must also have a similar problem due to big projects under a corporate umbrella, something their CEOs and Founders would need to address, but it’s quite amazing how saying the Lord’s Prayer out loud will actually tell a person what the problem is if they are prepared to be still and attentive with eyes remaining closed.

I’ve seen some very sketchy and dubious reports of young children dying due to the virus, some of which I doubt a lot as there appear to be other illnesses, but this is why it’s important to know if someone dies because of the disease or they’re merely carrying it. Beyond these very few I’m not witnessing many children catching this disease, perhaps there are other more gentle ways to persuade or influence them into surrendering their ego. This is also an interesting observation, I’m not seeing healthy looking people catching the virus either as I speculate that they just don’t have the visible signs of ego and impurity Covid victims have. This is based on the observation of peoples photos who have died of the virus and this is how I am determining whether they are attached to an immoral issue or behaviour based on defects within their physical appearance. Knowing that there are particular viruses that correspond to patterns of harmful choices and behaviour could prevent further pandemic outbreaks in the future due to either new or mutated viruses that have no inner issues to latch onto, they would have no purpose and nobody to make ill.

Attractive people aren’t dying to Covid-19, it’s not something you would expect to ever hear or a doctor to say, but it seems true in the vast majority of cases I’ve looked at, I’ve been studying some of the photos in the news and in some articles and I’ve connected facial trauma sustained through developing impurity as the resulting reason for the virus. One only needs to understand the root cause of the trauma in order to identify more precisely whatever the issue is or could be, but I’m not prepared to say which belongs to who. However one can pick apart and reverse engineer the cause of trauma and come up with things including addiction, coveting, perversions, divine transgression, greed and so on. It seems unwise and also deeply unfair to attempt to label any individuals at this time and I certainly would not welcome or want to provoke hostilities from any of the families either by suggesting that their loved ones were victim to these things.

It’s going to take time before scientists, doctors or world leaders get their head around the idea that unruly behaviour and harmful immoral choices as seen from the divine perspective of our world are the one’s whom are selecting individuals to get the virus. This does raise certain questions over precisely who is likely to contract the virus and who is going to remain unaffected. I’ve provided a sample of examples I’ve come across from mental intuition, but the chances are that each country will have its own unique reasons for the virus as well as ones we all collectively share and it’s going to take many cleverly minded statisticians to unpick and figure out the groups whom are dying and most at risk, assuming such an exercise is ever going to occur at all, however the mind and intuition seems to yield the quickest information as does psychic interaction with the minds of other people I have found whom have already had information shared with them from a source that knows something.

Christian teachings are to prevent spiritual corruption and they focus strongly around morality, ethics, spiritual expectations for lived lifetimes and right-doing. It’s possible whatever the Chinese may have been doing with their laboratory in Wuhan was something that could have possibly escalated this into a rapid spreading pandemic rather than something that was to be introduced more gradually, which is where I will now refer back to the conversation between different gods in the first post where it seemed to be acknowledged that the disease is of a divine origin and a tool used in spiritual warfare against people whom do not respect higher laws and cause a lot of problems, however they said they didn’t deliberately mean for it to become a pandemic in the way in which we have seen it unfold, so perhaps something else was done to the virus that made this seem like a small biblical event.

I believe we are causing ourselves a lot harm through collective lock-down measures, mental, emotional and psychological health of the otherwise once healthy population is going down the pan so to speak and as well as destroying the economy and putting many people out of work and we’re unlikely to know how many people have died due to changes that have unseen or no immediate consequences. Here’s just one example, I know a young lady whom lives on her own, the rules stipulate she can shop for essentials only and exercise for one hour per day only away from or close to her home and not visit or see any friends or family during this time.

I now believe this virus is actually more of a plague or pestilence and it is assisting in allowing the planet to recover from the impact of certain groups of people. Some segments of the population are either knowingly or perhaps also doing harmful things made in ignorance through engaging in various acts of sin, vice, violations, immorality and transgressions.

We get a flu season every year for perhaps similar reasons, but this year has become more special due to the unintentional pandemic and owing to the discovery of a connection between impurity and harmful transformations to the body and people whom may be unlikely to want to give up a harmful behaviour. Corona viruses aren’t going anywhere and we need to become more conscious of the true reasons that they keep surfacing, mutating and whom they are infecting.

Please see my latest Corona Virus Conclusions Part 3 summary for my conclusions about this virus.

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