Sexual perversion in plain sight, this is a collective problem for society to solve in order to evolve our world
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Sexual perversion in plain sight

Sexual Perversion in Plain Sight

Sexual Perversion

In the next few years I believe that ‘sexual perversion’ could become a hot topic of discussion and debate, not my opinion, someone from a national tabloid newspaper shared this message with me in a dream after I started writing a blog commentary piece about facial changes to some of the people appearing in headline articles that were being convicted of serious sexual crimes.

What’s special about the topic of sexual perversion? I learned from enlightenment practices such as the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that karma, transgression and impurity together are responsible for a significant amount of our worldly disease, ill health and chronic health problems, including mental health problems that cause the extended complications of a lot of anxiety, pain, stress and bodily dis-figuration. The points on dis-figuration are the most revealing and controversial as this is what will ultimately end perverse sexuality and silly gender identity politics because these things are inherently not accepted or supported by the natural systems of the planet or the human body irrespective of what relative beliefs people hold.

My knowledge about human evolution increased owing due to something called Kundalini, it has dormant evolutionary functions that enable a person to expand their mind, consciousness and come into direct contact with one’s own soul, the divine realms of spirit that create and manage worlds and begins to set an individual on course with something known as ascension in order to progress evolution and help one qualify for higher worlds.

You won’t be able to learn this information from a government website yet, whilst certain spiritual blogs write about these topics, trans gender people are just one group whom are being deliberately and wilfully encouraged into a path of self harming and bodily mutilation under the false guise of freedom of expression, when this is in fact still a serious mental health issue that liberal media groups have managed to sway both mainstream public opinion and psychiatry into accepting through fear of being called a something-phobic. Uncaring and simple minded people who can’t see or don’t want to see or even admit the damage they’re causing because they’re attached to their own degenerate beliefs and ways of being at the expense and detriment of everybody else and they cannot be allowed to dictate and make up new norms of society, particularly when it’s causing so much ill health and decline of western civilisation.

What is impurity? I’ve predominantly written about this topic in the context of something called ‘impurity’, this is a type of psychic energy that clings to the surface of the body or internally inside the body and it’s connected to changes to appearance. When I study the faces of individuals, particularly those who belong to a minority sexual group such as LGBT I began to spot and identify recurrent trauma patterns in the faces and facial features of groups traditionally once believed to be immoral and outlawed. This does however also includes people convicted of serious predatory sexual crimes such as rape and paedophilia often referenced as ‘sexual predators’ and these things all seem to cause trauma and changes to physical appearance suggesting that neither were ever meant to be acceptable. Both trans-gendered people, homosexuals and bi-sexual people have very similar trauma patterns visible in their faces and I believe this is because these choices lend themselves to the same category as ‘sexual perversion’, where as issues connected to sexual predators produce slightly different changes making their appearance look more sinister.

It would seem that God, mother nature, our Universe, the Earth or the collective consciousness of the world has intentionally made distinctions to people who practise these things with facial dis-figuration which I believe deliberately and purposefully creates an unclean or unwholesome appearance by making small micro-muscular changes to the face in order to mark and help identify them amongst others as being immoral due to what I believe could be degenerate, harmful or possibly even sinister and malevolent behaviours among the population. It sets healthy people apart from people who practice abnormal sexual behaviours. Some of these facial changes are so subtle that they have successfully managed to blend into the crowd to the extent that we don’t make much of distinction or spot them. To date I don’t think many people have noticed them at all as I have never seen a strong argument presented based on appearance alone nor within the context of trauma and self-harm. I did not really understand what I had been seeing for much of my life until I had completed something called Kundalini awakening and during this spiritual voices explained this is about the evolution of consciousness.

It’s so obvious to me now that these things are wrong and need to be reversed that there is potential for some sort of collision or fracturing of mainstream public opinion. I know and feel this is an evolutionary impediment that society must somehow solve and resolve, some of the questions presented will be things like: How did this happen? Why did we not notice? Will society continue to tolerate any of these things being practised? How are these problems going to be solved without creating new problems or destroying the social fabric of society? What options are available to the people who need treatment?

I would be grateful if anyone who has read this does not make an effort to drag me into a heater debate over this topic through social media or the press, it’s a collective problem for society to solve, however I do believe that increasing distortions to sex and gender are wilfully being enabled by certain liberal groups to our own detriment. I don’t want the responsibility of leading the opposition to this cause as an individual as it could have horrible consequences for me through people wanting retribution in the face of incontrovertible facts and inconvenient truths that challenge unhealthy sexual lifestyle choices by way of having connected this category to facial trauma sustained to the body that over time degrades physical appearance. Whilst I don’t want to be hostile towards any such minority groups affected, however I do want to be able to openly share research and the truth about mental health without threats of violence, such as this issue along with other things that I’ve learned over the past several years of my life about humanities spiritual evolution and its ascent towards becoming a higher world civilisation.

I believe this topic is far more suited for an institution or organisation such as our Universities to debate the critical science, spirituality and moral implication behind this and if done appropriately it could ensure a harmonious relationship between existing religions, particularly Christianity that already know and understand this problem, with atheists and none religious groups, who still never the less disprove of immoral corruption and the decline of society, whether it be by the normalisation of unhealthy things that mainly liberals are pushing on everyone else through corruption and distortions to even the most basic of common sense and decency. At some point in the future everyone will have access to evidence that supports the conclusions I’m writing about here and I hope it will create a solid discourse based on supporting science that would cut through religious dogmas or personally held beliefs.

I believe that most of humanity shares a common goal at ending corruption and only a fool would argue against what is clearly also in the scientific domain, not traditionally my specialist, but my spiritual experiences have enabled me to look upon these sorts of issues and see why these bodily changes are happening. Whilst it’s not widely understood, distributed or shared about yet, I’ve started the ball rolling by writing about it and hopefully others will be interested in the topic and continuing my early research and continue to highlight the health risks to both society and the many victims of faulty thinking and belief, something of a collective insanity.

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