Based on photo observations of Covid-19 victims, people with spiritual facial trauma and disfigurement are at high risk due to impurity caused by immorality.
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Corona Virus Conclusions (Pt 3)

This post is a summarised form of my conclusions about the Corona Virus (Covid-19)…


  • Kundalini when completed successfully enables a person to become free of most illnesses caused by the corona virus family owing to learning the essential causes of karma including sin, transgression and violations and such people would generally not create impurity through karma.
  • Karma and impurity function together and frequently create distortions to the physical body that makes a person look less wholesome.
  • Corona viruses are a deliberate creation used in spiritual warfare between God and darker elements of humanity that cause serious problems.
  • I believe Corona viruses can be genetically programmed with information regarding which people to target and what effects the virus should do to the body. Some people are affected by the virus whilst others aren’t.
  • Despite few people being able to see impurity or study it in a scientific manner, impurity is often felt by a person, it’s a reality and it is responsible for much of the defective and marked appearance of individuals whom have over time had their appearance influenced through changes to the body through the mind of which impurity interacts with.
  • A person with a lot of inner impurity will not look handsome or attractive in comparison to a person with either no or very little impurity. Most of the people whom have died of the latest Covid-19 virus to me look quite impure, sinister or even evil, with some exceptions; and have had their appearance transformed in a negative way.
  • Based on photo observations of Covid-19 victims, people with a disappearing neck line, excessively inflated or loose cheeks, round or bulging faces are at risk of dying from the virus due to impurity which causes dis-figuration to the face as a form of trauma.
  • Attractive people can seemingly only remain so because they innately understand underlying laws of karma or have a spiritual practise that allows them to learn or recover from its affects, else their physical appearance would become degraded just as any other persons’ would.
  • Some of the worst categories and segments of the population affected appear to be due to things like racism, alcoholics and paedophiles. Many more harmful ego traits can be extrapolated from this, perhaps bullying, financial corruption or even terrorism could be among this list.
  • Many of the people whom have the virus or are dying from the virus have eyes that are either quite dull, watery and sad in appearance that reveal their inner state of being. We’re talking about photos of people whilst they were still alive and before contracting the virus.
  • People with minor or moderate ego issues whom are prepared to re-identify or make a positive choice or change are highly likely to recover from the disease and make a full recovery as there would be no reason to then take a persons life.
  • For many of the dead people, there appeasers to be a selection process that determines the extent of their detriment to society, their community or country and their problems and reason for becoming symptomatic of the virus.
  • In order to determine the most common reasons or most serious issues, one would need to study the main lessons offered during a spiritual awakening which is often intended to grow and create a better quality and more evolved human being.
  • People who learn their spiritual lessons and meet the high expected standards eventually become ascended beings and reach the next level of continued evolutionary grwoth and continue to progress their life from there where I believe diseases change in accordance with how the people change. Ascended dimensions of reality are separated from humanity below, like oil and water, some people must separate.
  • I believe every country has their own unique problems as well as a number of common shared problems.
  • Each race is likely to have their own problems also.
  • States of purity or impurity have little to do with the idea of eugenics, appearances are transformed not because of individual genetics or DNA but because of the influence of spiritually impure energies.
  • Not every body dying appears to be ‘evil’ per say and may simply be caught up in a set of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Many of the dead in care home appears to be about freeing up resources and capacity in British care homes.
  • Being a younger person does not guarantee you will be free of impurity, violations or karma, however a young child is very unlikely to have had opportunity to create the kinds of issues that adults develop. I can think of at least one younger person whom has had the virus in a moderate way and their appearance is similarly transformed in line with their ego.
  • People whom are dying of the virus are actually highly likely to be told precisely what their problems are and even given opportunities to address these things by demonstrating through use of their mind and consciousness inwardly even if they are physically unable to move or be mobile.
  • I believe a person who offers resistance to a presented issue is likely to suffer more or even die more than someone who offers no resistance to it.
  • Physical trauma and negative energies of the ego can be released from the body using acupuncture, massage, particularly a tantric style of massage on the thighs, a physical gym workout, yoga, prayer, psychotherapy and meditation among other modalities. Once the trauma has been removed the body begins to correct and any deformations slowly begin to return to their proper physical appearance.
  • It seems highly unfair that any two given people with precisely the same problem, one should die, and one should remain unaffected simply owning to the luck of not having come into contact with the virus. I believe in time everybody will get or receive the virus and only those who don’t have any serious immoral issues will be unaffected. It’s also highly likely other viruses will appear or mutate in order to push the necessary changes the world requires to continue to function more harmoniously.
  • I am certain that wearing a face mask will not protect you from karma, even if it is capable of preventing the virus from transmitting, however I don’t yet understand if the virus is actually being picked up from other people or the environment or could it indeed be directly spiritually manifest into the body as certain other disease are such as Cancer or STDs.
  • Immunity: Praying either the Lord’s Prayer (I believe this is a neutral or universal prayer) or praying to Jesus (represents universal spiritual light and truth) is highly likely to be a very effective prevention or treatment. It may prolong life giving a person time to work on the things they must address. Asian countries in particular do not want to destroy their religious or spiritual culture through adopting Christianity, so I advise them to pray to their own respective deities and gods.
  • In my opinion, 5G communication towers has absolutely nothing to do with karma or impurity and so it has little to do with people who have Covid-19. It may be connected to another problem possibly involving RFID technologies and some intuitive people may have confused the information they have picked up in mind.
  • The existing pandemic may continue for some time owing to the numbers of people with precisely the same issues, however I understand that people are sharing information with one another via bridging thoughts and mind which is contributing to something along the lines of herd-immunity based on known things one can act upon.
  • It was acknowledged by a spiritual source that the pandemic was an unintended consequence and so I am lead to believe this may have proceeded like any other normal viral flu outbreak had some other factor not been involved in some way.
  • During the year 2019 I witnessed a brief vision depicting the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I’ve used this to allude to the idea that it this virus is a pestilence similar to the times of ancient Egypt and it assisted in cleansing communities of harmful people.
  • A pestilence appears to be a spiritual tool used in population control and management – it would not merely kill innocent people. In fact, I am not seeing young people die or people not marked by spiritual trauma as per how they appear.
  • This virus may be a more aggressive or forceful spiritual awakening that serves to change behavioural trends in the population through way of threats and concerns and worries about ones own well being. Not everybody has the opportunity to go through Kundalini awakening owing to how challenging it is.
  • If the whole planet were to begin worshipping the divine or the central God then both individual and world problems responsible for the virus would eventually become resolved.
  • Informing the general public of demons and how to identify them could result in a type of hysteria or panic worse than the virus itself, it could equally have the potential to be dismissed as uncritical lunacy, however there is supporting evidence for this.


I’ve had a few people communicate with me during meditation and so I wanted to qualify and make clarifications for the following things.

  • Second Houses: You probably don’t need to sell your second of third homes, there’s no divine law against owning more than one property, but there are spiritual expectations surrounding the principles of “Use it, or lose it” and what is appropriate for your lifetime, character, class or role. This point originally came up within the context of greed or waste and referenced extra houses being purchased then either left abandoned, neglected, derelict or undeveloped for a prolonged period of many years with either no or little progress being made.

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