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Healing Societies Sexual Karma

Time to heal

All the intuition I’ve been hearing is predicting that there’s going to eventually be a higher demand for skilled Tantric healers, trauma release therapists and practitioners that know how to release trauma of afflicted individuals in order to heal from the damage caused by sexual perversion, the felt side of this problem is depression, anxiety, distress, low-self esteem, however it also produces visible effects to the body and face and it’s likely to become either a sore point of embarrassment or a shock awakening for many. By way of spiritual emergency I came to realise what some of these issues are and I’ve even written on article explaining the early steps required to heal from sexual trauma.

This topic requires a degree of sensitivity and maturity so that it can be seen and discussed in its rightful and proper context, I imagine certain members of minority sexual groups are going to feel more threatened than usual and are possibly even going to want to attack people involved in exposing immoral choices and behaviours surrounding sex and gender as has been reported with academic being targeted. However this issue is generating a huge decline to our civilisation and causing ill health to many people in society to the point it is causing a regression in terms of evolutionary development. At the same time this is also necessary step to take on the journey of healing and the benefits and advantages to a society as a whole cannot be under stated in terms of how much more happy, productive and well feeling and being people are going to feel. Please read my article on the Seat of Inner Being if you’re interested to learn more about this.

I’ve had shown to me some of the classic distinction of what a lower world looks like compared to a mid-way world like our own, which is just as distinct from an ascended or higher world where everyone has reached the essential standard for humanity. In a lower world, infrastructure seems to collapse, roads fall into disrepair and the population become queer or paedophiles owing to lack of appropriate personal mental boundaries and care of use of mind.

There are some very pleasant benefits when a person becomes totally free of creating any more sexual related karma because only then may they begin to learn sexual energy blending techniques in order to enjoy more feelings of bliss and union with someone. This is something everybody has the potential and ability to do in time, but right now it seems to be people whom are Kundalini awakened or who practise tantra who are learning this as the purity of sexual energy is required to cleanse and purify an impure energy. Even people who do not have serious perversion problems I believe are falling into cycles of karma-traps relating to moderate problems like coveting other peoples partners, engaging in excessive-flirting and even sexual lusting due to sustained inappropriate sexual attention with the mind, as I discovered energy and attention are all linked together as a psychic system used to interact with other people, and when we get this wrong or go too far it causes feedback that makes a person inwardly suffer as a consequence of causing a violation or transgression.

The voice of a higher person said to me one morning “A lot of people are going to be interested in this.” (Ego-Balancing) because it can be used to identify spiritual problems and another voice suggested, “it will become necessary to introduce the Bipolar-Act through your parliament” owing to having identified a cause of this mental health condition and that these new laws would seek to either curb or outlaw certain practises that will one day be known to us to cause ill health such as the link between perverse sexuality and bipolar-disorder.

There were cautionary voices that impressed upon me that this would likely be highly controversial and it might polarise public opinion on this issue more than it presently already is, particularly in western nations where new laws would have to directly challenge and oppose particular minority groupings such as lesbian relationships, gay, bisexual or trans-gender people whom the media has been busy building up and put on a pedestal to the point it’s now seeping into every other area of society from sports, education and public facilities. Something that was once a minority fringe group that could perhaps be conveniently ignored is now actively being promoted and encouraged in schools and it seems future generations are going to suffer owing due to the acceptance of stupidity being able to become so pervasive as to be able to to corrupt the natural expressions of human sexuality.

What the precise wording of these new laws would be, I couldn’t say, spiritual sources rarely share this much detail with me, but I believe it will very much depend on the later scientific research and the conclusions drawn from it and this will have long lasting social consequences that would eventually reverberate around Europe, America and Asia where there are presently no longer laws outlining harmful sexual practises due to progressive and liberal freedom reforms that have in fact rather corrupted and made more people unwell and sick through pushing the boundaries of acceptable decency.

Religious organisations are likely to recognise corrupt perversion first, as they’re already aware of the topic due to Christian teachings on things like sin, but they have yet to realise the connection to bipolar disorder (something that has been repeatedly reported to come with heightened spiritual experiences) as well as facial trauma which is the ‘magic-bullet’ that will win the battle, because it would seem to prove without a doubt in my opinion that it is in fact an unhealthy and unintended consequence of perverse sexual choices caused by a void of spirituality and in this particular case they are visible to see in the body it should not take forever for scientists and anyone else interested to study or want to see or learn about this in greater depth in order to get the correct understanding interpretations from it.

I know perverse sex is already outlawed from the perspective of higher divine laws and engaging in certain things causes an individual to take on board impurity and traumas to various parts of the body, in fact there are many things not even related to perverse sexuality that also generates impurity, everything from excessive swearing, toxic-lying and reactionary ego exchanges and interactions with other people, which all have the potential to create impurity through acting out undesirable patterns of behaviour which I discovered are actually excluded from the world at higher levels or milestones intentionally. The other impetus for change is to prevent further mass outbreaks of viruses plaguing the population.

I don’t want to show photos depicting the subtleties of what this type of sexual trauma looks like on people in any more detail yet as I’m unclear about the legalities regarding accusing someone of something like this, an item religion might ordinarily consider a divine transgression and by putting up their picture I commit to unfairly calling out individuals. I must also be mindful of laws affecting communication such as civil liberties or hate-speech laws that presently protect these minority groups from being criticised or discussed. There is also a moral argument for perhaps not exposing or confronting people whom are victims of something they’re potentially not yet unaware of or don’t understand, it’s something for a medical research lead organisation or University to study behind closed doors, at least initially.

I’ve also written an article telling people how to begin to heal from sexual trauma sustained through toxic lifestyle and sexuality choices made in error or ignorance. Healing trauma of this nature requires processing the psychological material and trauma pain stored in the body and root chakra, which can be done in a combination of ways, but resolving conflicts within consciousness and soul can sometimes precipitate a period of psycho-spiritual crisis and intense or disturbing dreams of a more dark character or sinister nature. However healing from a known issue releases a lot of anxiety, fear, tension and eventually brings the body back into balance and harmony and the appearance of the face is restored to its original healthy appearance and complexion.

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