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Mysticism And Higher Worlds


David George

David George (Mystic George)

My name is David George, I’m an esoteric-mystic originally from Nottingham, United Kingdom. I write and teach about esoteric knowledge and spirituality across a range of topics including higher wisdom, healing, the soul, sexuality, tantra, subtle energies and the chakras for personal spiritual development and a better collective humanity.

After my Kundalini Awakening between the years of 2010 – 2017 I reawakened to the truth of my mystic soul and from this point on information and knowledge came to me in the form of dreams, visions, intuition and my wandering spirit where I’ve been able to explore higher worlds that exist in spirit. I’m interested in some of the esoteric teachings of the mystics Rudolph Steiner, Sri Aurobindo and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

Systems of Spirit has existed since 2013 and it is where I mainly share my writings and experiences on a range of spiritual and esoteric topics including my encounters with divine spiritual beings such as angels, God, ascended spiritual deities and contact with spiritual guides and consciousness existing in the spiritual realms. Whilst I’m particularly interested in Christ Consciousness and esoteric Christianity, I do not consider myself a religious Christian.

I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge and experiences, in the future, I hope to deliver a series of workshops across the country.

I’m presently focusing on becoming a published author on the topic of psychospiritual health. If you would like to read support articles on Kundalini and spiritual awakening, bipolar, spiritual psychosis please see my website:

Please feel free to contact me or follow me on social media.