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Mysticism And Higher Worlds


David George

David George

My name is David George, I’m a mystic and I’m from Nottingham, United Kingdom. I write about, teach and share esoteric knowledge and spiritual development on topics such as higher wisdom, healing, the soul, sexuality, subtle energy, energy alchemy and the chakras for health, wellness, enjoyment, for purposes of spiritual evolution, finding greater meaning and enjoyment in life and helping to fashion a better quality of human experience.

Systems of Spirit began in 2013 after my first contact with angels and divine spiritual beings which later included, God and a number of other gods, deities and spirit guides and consciousnesses existing primarily in the spiritual realms that I have been fortunate enough to connect with through mysticism and spiritual practice.

During my Kundalini awakening, I reawoke to the truth of my mystic-soul that was covered up during early life as a result of fear trauma and invalidation or condemnation. Knowledge began to come to me in the form of highly¬†vivid dreams, visions, intuition and observations of my wandering spirit and my learnings of the body. I’ve been able to explore some higher worlds and realm of experience that appear to exist only in spirit. I was originally interested in many of the esoteric teachings of the mystics Rudolph Steiner, Sri Aurobindo as well as more modern mystics such as Rupert Sheldrake and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, however, most of what you read here is my own synthesised works, explanations and exploration.

I do not consider myself a devoutly religious Christian, however, I do worship and pray to elements of divinity and now better appreciate and respect what this offers. I follow a personal path of integrative spirituality which is a framework that incorporates teachings from eastern mysticism, yoga, tantra, meditation and I’m particularly interested in Christ-Consciousness within esoteric Christianity, which I re-discovered incorporates the core spiritual lessons necessary for higher ascension and spiritual evolution. Whilst I’ve never read the bible, I do still enjoy conveying some of their wisdom teachings through modern language and examples in order to apply it practically to peoples lives to get more out of time, experience and development here without the biblical language barriers.

I’m still finding my feet and place as a mystic, however like many of the mystics that have come before me I focus on bridging the divine spirit with the physical and earthly realm to bring about an understanding of higher knowledge, values and principles that will become more relevant to the development of the earth and humanities continued development and evolution.

I enjoy writing and sharing and in the future, I hope to deliver a series of short-talks, presentations or workshops. Presently I’m focusing on becoming a published author on the topic of psychospiritual health based on my understandings from my own awakening process and mysticism teachings.

If you would like to read my self-help support articles related to Kundalini and spiritual awakenings, bipolar, spiritual-mystical psychosis please see my other website:

If you’re interested in what I write about, please feel free to contact me¬†or connect with me on social media.