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Mysticism, Ascension And Higher Worlds


About this blog

Systems of Spirit was setup in 2013 after my first clairvoyant contact with angels and other divine spiritual beings including deities and spirit guides thorough using mysticism and spiritual practice. To a degree I was interested in esoteric teachings from other mystics such as Rudolph Steiner and also enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. What you read here is primarily my own synthesised works and writings, although some of their influence is present, but in recent years I’ve found myself writing most about spiritual-evolution, ascension and areas of divine spirituality, particularly when it comes to health.

About me

I’m a British mystic and I share higher knowledge derived at through mysticism and intuitive processes from divine sources. A lot of my understanding about the world comes from spirituality and a set of evolutionary processes known as Kundalini and Ascension which has opened and revealing a whole new world of understanding and knowledge about our own future evolution and direction.

I experienced many health problems including spiritual crisis, mystical psychosis and bipolar-disorder and I eventually setup a separate space to write and share what I have learned about psycho-spiritual health which is particularly beneficial for anyone going through a spiritual awakening or who is suffering from mental health problems connected to the unseen inner spiritual aspects of the self.

My perspectives are influenced by Christianity, however I’ve been an atheist for much of my life, before choosing to develop myself through integrative spirituality and it was through practising the Power of Now how I achieved enlightenment, however regardless of your beliefs or spiritual path the information from Kundalini is relevant to the evolution of the human being regardless of your race, culture, country or spiritual practise.

I practise a form of integrative spirituality that incorporates a strong influence from Christianity, but I’m particularly interested in karma, higher consciousness and psycho-spiritual health, particularly as they relate to the process of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and becoming self-aware.

During the end stages of my spiritual awakening I was given a special mystic archetype and certain bits of higher knowledge and information soon began to come to me in the form of vivid dreams, visions, intuition and prophecy. I’ve been able to explore some aspects of higher worlds after I learned about the existence of multiple Earths and the many different spiritual domains, allowing for more evolved and developed human experience as well as the desire for beings to create different worlds in order to deliberately shape and create different types of experience.

As a mystic I do my best to communicate what information is given to me from divinity in an effort to bring higher knowledge, laws, values and principles that are relevant to humanities spiritual development and spiritual evolution into everyday awareness. I often speak about the ascension process, healing the ego and achieving the goal of becoming one’s own best potential version of self which has the end goal of transitioning to an enlightened age of living. I also share my own wisdom and interpretations on topics, much of which is based on direct experience with on what I’ve learned and concluded from going through Kundalini.

I own a self-help support blog that contains articles on Kundalini awakenings and the more spiritual dimensions of symptoms connected to psychosis, bipolar and schizophrenia, which you can view here:

If you’re interested in what I share and write about, please feel free to contact me.


I’m currently authoring a book on psycho-spiritual health and bipolar disorder based on my understandings of mental health problems and my process of spiritual awakening that will be particularly beneficial for anyone interested in learning about some of the spiritual causes of bipolar and certain problems people face during Kundalini Awakenings.