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Mysticism, Clairvoyance and Higher Worlds


Systems of Spirit is where I share my writings and experiences on a range of spiritual and esoteric subjects including my encounters with divine spiritual beings such as angels and contact with the spiritual realms. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences through my writing and I hope to assist others in their own spiritual journey.

After my Kundalini Awakening between the years of 2010 – 2017 it provided me with much of my spiritual knowledge, skills and the discovery that I’m a mystic soul archetype. I’m known for my casual and down to earth approach and my somewhat quiet and succinct personality.

I also own a website focusing on spiritual health and awakening called Psychospiritual Support and I volunteer with the Spiritual Crisis Network here in the United Kingdom.

I’m interested in some of the esoteric teachings of the Christian-mystics Rudolph Steiner, Suri Aurobindo and Psychic-Intuitive Gigi Young.

Please feel free to contact me through my website for general enquiries or messages, but please note that I don’t provide any services here.