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Mysticism And Higher Worlds


David George

I’m a British mystic from Nottingham, United Kingdom.

I write about esoteric spirituality, higher spiritual knowledge and spiritual teachings for purposes of personal and collective spiritual evolution. Hopefully, you will learn and discover new things here that help you find or bring you greater meaning and enjoyment in life.

I pray to elements of divinity, I practise yoga and meditation, engage in contemplative intuition and dream teachings. A lot of my content is about divine spirituality rather than earth-based spiritualities, however, the information is relevant to everybody regardless of your spiritual path as it isn’t tied into any one particular religious framework. I follow a modern day personal path of integrative spirituality which also incorporates teachings from Christianity, eastern mysticism, yoga, tantra and meditative practices, but I’m particularly interested in higher consciousness and awareness within esoteric spirituality as it relates to enlightenment and what the Earth experience is all about as it can be seen and explored from a wider perspective when putting it into context.

A mystic seems to be about communicating information from divine spirit into the levels of understanding that can be processed by the mind and the physical human being in order to bring about an understanding of higher knowledge, values and principles that will become more relevant to spiritual development and continued spiritual evolution for ascension and enlightened living. I consider myself primarily a spiritual-mystic and ‘seer’ and a lot of the early focus of my work has been on psychospiritual health and awareness of subtle energies and chakras.


About this blog

Systems of Spirit was created in 2013 after my first contact with angels and divine spiritual beings which later included other gods, deities and spirit guides and forms of both human and none human consciousnesses existing primarily in the domain or realm of spirit that I have been fortunate enough to be able to connect with through mysticism and spiritual practice. I was also originally interested in esoteric teachings from mystics such as Rudolph Steiner, Sri Aurobindo and Rupert Sheldrake as well as enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. What you read here is primarily my own synthesised works, writings and explorations.

Some of my articles focus on bridging higher spiritual truths and concepts with present-day understandable language that explains what their practical applications are for your day to day life. This process is known as spiritual ascension and is required learning for reaching higher dimensions and learning and applying the core spiritual lessons necessary for higher ascension, spiritual evolution and to be able to access other realms of human experience. I’ve never read the complete bible and learned that you don’t really need to as many of the teachings have already been summarised or form part of modern day morality and ethics.


More about me

During my spiritual awakening, I learned about the truth of my mystic archetype that was to be covered up during early life as a result of trauma and societal conditioning. I discovered that higher knowledge would begin to come to me in the form of vivid dreams, visions, intuition and observations of my own wandering spirit and higher dimensional self.

I’ve been able to explore some higher worlds and realms of experience that appear to exist only in spirit. During and after the spiritual time of transition around the end of 2017 I was able to ascend onto one of the next physical dimensional planes under a different source God and experienced what the process was like and what it feels to live in a significantly higher frequency for a number of weeks and what having one’s inner being and spirit living in Heaven was like. Unfortunately, after falling for a spiritual trap of agreement I found myself shifting between different spiritual realms and in the process discovered that many of us each have multiple selves and family members evolving or desiring the experience of particular people and that there are much higher Gods and still so much to learn. Whether there is an ‘ultimate god’ to rule them all I’m still yet to learn.



I’m currently authoring a book on psychospiritual health based on my understandings from my own spiritual awakening process, mental health problems and mysticism teachings that will be particularly beneficial for anyone interested in learning about the causes of bipolar and certain problems faced during Kundalini awakenings. If you would like to read my self-help support articles related to spiritual awakenings such as bipolar, Kundalini and spiritual forms of psychosis please visit my other blog:

One day in the future, I plan to deliver a series of short-talks, presentations or workshops on a range of relevant topics, but for now please follow my blog and look out for news on my writing project.

If you’re interested in what I write about, please feel free to contact me or connect with me by social media using my Facebook page or my Systems of Spirit page.