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Mysticism, Ascension And Higher Worlds


David George

I’m a British mystic spiritual-teacher from the United Kingdom. I write and teach about higher knowledge, esoteric spirituality and spiritual evolution, I hope that you learn and discover something to bring you greater meaning, purpose or enjoyment.

A lot of what I write about is divine spirituality or Kundalini rather than earth-based spiritualities but I also write about psychospiritual health, mainly on another blog for people that go through a spiritual awakening. Regardless of your path the information here can be beneficial for you and it isn’t tied specifically into any one particular spiritual framework and I consider this mostly integrative spirituality including mysticism, yoga, tantra and meditative practices.

I’m able to see things from a higher perspective which has been beneficial when it comes to exploring certain disease, illness and things like environmental, social or societal problems and human character development. I teach a lot to do with spiritual ascension and how to begin raising your inner frequency in order to reach the next plane where humanity becomes qualitatively much better and more evolved.


About this blog

Systems of Spirit was created in 2013 after my first contact with angels and divine spiritual beings which included deities and spirit guides and forms of both human and none human consciousnesses existing primarily in the domain or realm of spirit that I have been fortunate enough to be able to connect with through mysticism and spiritual practice. I was also originally interested in esoteric teachings from mystics such as Rudolph Steiner as well as enlightened spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now. What you read here is primarily my own synthesised works, writings and explorations.


About me

I practise integrative spirituality and I’m particularly interested in higher consciousness and awareness, I’ve practised certain tantric teachings and I consider myself to be enlightened to a great extent that I now understand a lot about what the Earth experience is all about due to processing karma, past lives and coming through Kundalini.

During my spiritual awakening, I learned about the truth of my mystic archetype and certain higher knowledge soon begin to come to me in the form of vivid dreams, visions, intuition and observations of my own inner aspects which one might term as one’s own spirit, soul, higher self and higher dimensional existence. I’ve been able to explore some aspects of higher worlds and places of human experience that appear to exist only in spirit as a form of none physical or none material existence.

As a mystic spiritual teacher, I do my best to communicate much of this information from divinity into something that people can understand in order to bring about an understanding of higher knowledge, values and principles that are relevant to spiritual development and spiritual evolution which many are necessary for ascension or becoming ones best potential self which is what is necessary to bring about an enlightened age of living. As a spiritual-mystic much of my work is awareness and knowledge of the use of subtle energies, chakras and how we interact with these.

If you’re interested in what I share and write about, please feel free to contact me or connect with me by social media through Facebook or my Systems of Spirit page.



I’m currently authoring a book on psychospiritual health and bipolar disorder based on my understandings from my own spiritual awakening process and mysticism teachings that will be particularly beneficial for anyone interested in learning about some of the spiritual causes of bipolar and certain problems people face during Kundalini Awakenings. If you would like to read my self-help support articles related to spiritual awakenings such as bipolar, Kundalini and spiritual forms of psychosis please visit my other blog: