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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall

The Archangel Michael

In this post, I want to share and elaborate in more detail about some of the things the Archangel Michael does and how he’s helped me along in my own spiritual awakening. I don’t know whether angels can manifest as physical people or not, but I know for sure they absolutely do help people from their spiritual existence and perspective. &…

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Smoky Hand

Spirit Interference & Out of Body Paralysis

This blog post tells the short story of spirit interface from the astral realm. I went to sleep on my sofa one afternoon and was soon alerted to something pulling on my ankle. A spirit entity from the astral had soon succeeded in separating my spiritual body from my physical body. It seemed totally disinterested in me but took great interest in…

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Nature Spirit

My Encounter With A Nature Spirit

A few years ago I had my own brief encounter with an Earth Elemental or nature spirit (Gnome) as they're also known. It had never occurred to me that it was possible that mythological beings were cohabiting the Earth with us in a different frequency band. It was in the early hours of the morning when I spontaneously woke up. I rolled over onto …

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Reptilian Entity

The Reptilians

I had an unexpected clairvoyant encounter with one of these reptilian beings a few years ago just as I was beginning to develop spiritual sight. At the time, it seemed like I was encountering a new form of ethereal entity every other week, many of which I've written about on my blog. I was lying in bed at the time drifting off to sleep with my e…

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Archangel Michael

First Contact with the Archangel Michael

I first encountered the Archangel Michael in 2013 when my clairvoyance had become active. I was sure there must be more to life and the Universe. One evening I took it upon myself to meditate whilst repeating the following simple mantra. "To my Higher Self, what am I prepared to show myself?" I sat upright and perceived a jet of diagonal b…

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