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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Themis Greek Titaness

Spirit Badges and Metaphysical Statistics

Topics covered: spirit badges, metaphysical statistics, deities, the astral plane, family relations and divine order. We’re all familiar with the significance of obtaining a medal, whether it be through learning and obtaining skills in the Scouts, Olympic medals for sporting achievement, military medals for bravery or other notable achievement…

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Soul Clearing Process

Kundalini Dark Night of the Soul

We live in a Universe of duality caught between the opposite polarities of the spiritual Light and Dark energy. As a human being incarnated on Earth, your Soul is likely constituted from both of these spiritual polarities. God allows darkness and evil to exist because it teaches the soul the negative spectrum of lessons that it requires to learn, g…

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Pray for Forgiveness

An Exercise In Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an excellent way to lighten your soul and let go of a lifetime of accumulated karmic debt and to safely release unwanted emotional baggage and ties. In this exercise, you'll be communicating with their spiritual self rather than their waking conscious mind to dissolve karmic connections and seek resolution. It is indeed possible to …

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