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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall

My Experience with Jesus Christ

This post describes my own brief personal encounter with Jesus Christ during the year of 2013 as part of my Kundalini awakening and Dark night of the Soul. It was in the evening and I was meditating on the carpet of my room in the shared flat I lived in, here in Nottingham. This was suddenly interrupted by a sudden wave of energy accompanied by…

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Lusting for Power

This post explains about the dangers of seeking excesses of spiritual energy and how it relates to human sexual expression and the human ego. In the higher spiritual realms, they don't have physical bodies, sexual intimacy is based on a process of blending masculine and feminine sexual energies in that relationship. These energies are more…

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Media Consumption And Higher Consciousness

As we begin to wake up to our spiritual selves through the teachings of people like Eckhart Tolle we must now become conscious consumers of media and entertainment. This means we must become of aware of what we engage with and give our attention to across the entire spectrum of traditional and online forms of media including television, music, art,…

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Pray for Forgiveness

An Exercise In Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an excellent way to lighten your soul and let go of a lifetime of accumulated karmic debt and to safely release unwanted emotional baggage and ties. In this exercise, you'll be communicating with their spiritual self rather than their waking conscious mind to dissolve karmic connections and seek resolution. It is indeed possible to …

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