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Spiritual teachings of David Beastall
Themis Greek Titaness

Spirit Badges and Metaphysical Statistics

Topics covered: spirit badges, metaphysical statistics, deities, the astral plane, family relations and divine order. We’re all familiar with the significance of obtaining a medal, whether it be through learning and obtaining skills in the Scouts, Olympic medals for sporting achievement, military medals for bravery or other notable achievement…

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Vampire Soul Archetype

People are subject to a metaphysical Soul-Identification process that determines the Archetypal expression of the soul. The soul is what influences the physical appearance of the person during other subsequent lifetimes. Rupert Sheldrake refers to this spiritual energy field as the morphogenetic field, however, I prefer the soul as it's a widely re…

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My Experience with Jesus Christ

This post describes my own brief personal encounter with Jesus Christ during the year of 2013 as part of my Kundalini awakening and Dark night of the Soul. It was in the evening and I was meditating on the carpet of my room in the shared flat I lived in, here in Nottingham. This was suddenly interrupted by a sudden wave of energy accompanied by…

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