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Mysticism, Clairvoyance and Higher Worlds


Spiritual Awakening

An inner process of transformation across the physical, mental and spiritual expressions of an individual leading towards greater subjective experiencing and understanding regarding the spiritual nature of reality.


A subtle and powerful form of spiritual energy that is stored in the tailbone of the spine. It is used as a catalyst for beginning the process of spiritual awakening, transformation and rapid acceleration into higher levels of consciousness.


A subtle spiralling point of vortex energy overlaid across the physical body used for processing energy in and out of the physical and spiritual bodies. They are invisible under normal conditions but may become visible or experienced under clairvoyance and may be used in conjunction with tools such as crystals, meditation and visualisation.

Astral Body

An energetic body of expression made from light and energy that takes on the form and appearance of your physical body, used for lucid dreaming and astral journeying out of the body.

Earthbound Spirit

The energetic expression of a person who has died and has either chosen to remain on the Earth or who has become disorientated through shock and trauma.


A residual portion of energy and consciousness operating as a spirit-entity that remains bound to the physical Earth plane at the time of the death of its owner.

Soul (Incarnated ) / Inner Being

The totality of your spiritual expression on Earth, inner aliveness and spiritual energy whilst incarnated in the physical body. You are your soul experiencing itself through the faculties of the body, mind and ego.


Soul Fragment

Under the conditions of extreme fear or trauma, your soul can fragment and break off in order to escape an unpleasant experience. Soul pieces should be recovered so that you can remain whole for the duration of your lifetime. Shamanic soul retrieval performed by someone experienced is one such modality that can be used to recover a missing soul piece.

Spirit Entity

A non-physical being manifested from energy and consciousness expressed as a metaphysical, symbolic or ethereal form.

Entity (Physical)

A spiritual being inhabiting a physical body. i.e. A dog, a human being, an extra-terrestrial.


An angelic entity of unconditional love and energy that is polarised to the light side of creation. Nurturing and caring. A messenger of God. A spiritual warrior or guardian of light, protector and servant. They may be perceived with or without wings.


They are celestial beings that are more powerful than other types of angel and that are unique in terms of their self-expression, personality and abilities. i.e. Archangel Michael

Source / God

The omnipresent and all pervading conscious-awareness and energy from which all things are simultaneously self-aware and manifest from.

Nature Spirit

A spirit associated with nature. i.e. Gnomes, Fairies, Elementals, Sylphs, Salamanders…


The opposite of an angel. They represent the dark side of creation. They may be perceived clairvoyantly as small humanoid beings with rusty red skin and straggly hair like the Gollum character from Lord of the Rings. Do not let the cute media cartoon “devils” fool you they are sinister to the core and should be destroyed.

Spiritual Attachment

When an autonomous spiritual energy or spirit entity has become energetically entangled with your own energy. i.e. your aura and chakras system. They may include any of the aforementioned spiritual groups, including earthbound spirits, nature spirits, demons, dark entities, spiritual extra-terrestrials and astral entities.