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Articles that cover a range of topics on mysticism such as past lives, timelines, occult knowledge and higher worlds.



Does God exist?

Does God exist and can God be proven? These are some of the various experiences and evidence I used to provide proof of God, some of the personal o…

Heaven and Mysticism

My Ascension Story

This is my personal story which retells my experiences of going through ascension during the time I decided to become Christian and it loosely covers …

Yoga and Christianity

Yoga and Christianity

This article explores some of my experiences in combining yoga and Christian religious-spirituality. Someone came to me during the night one evening a…

Gods of the Old World

I have some short interesting anecdotes that simply don't fit into any other category and this is just one of them based on being able to travel betwe…

Body Consciousness

The Inner Being

Many spiritual mystics and spiritual teachers throughout time have referred to or described a subtle body that permeates the physical body that gives …