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Mysticism And Higher Worlds


Psychospiritual Health Authoring

I’m currently authoring a psychospiritual health book that primarily looks at the mental health condition labelled as Bipolar disorder which primarily focuses on the various causes and constituent parts of mania, depression and spiritual-psychosis and how it is connected to Kundalini and the wider increasing phenomena known as a spiritual awakening with how this relates to our often unacknowledged inner being and state of mental health and psychological wellness. I hope to broaden the understanding of psychospiritual health and provide evidence of the links between spirituality and the spiritual dimensions of our healthcare needs by providing some of the theory that I hope in time can be validated and scientifically tested using tools such as practical research, empirical observation and statistical analysis by the appropriate groups.

I hope to have this book written and ready for a publication review by the Summer of 2020 and I’m currently considering my options for an appropriate publishing house and a suitable book contract for my needs. If you are a publisher interested in working with me to make this book a success in the market place please contact me to register your interest as I wish to work with an appropriate spiritual publisher with international outreach to English speaking and commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and possibly Australia and New Zealand. Whilst I’m new to authoring right now I also expect to be able to produce further written works on Kundalini and Ascension in time if the authoring and publishing process goes smoothly.

For more information and articles about psychospiritual health please visit my blog for psychospiritual support.

A bit about myself

I’ve experienced bipolar mood disorder for most of my early teenage years and mid to late twenties and during a Kundalini awakening that lasted for approximately 8 years I have managed to come away with what I believe are some very significant pieces of knowledge as it relates to the holistic health and wellbeing as seen from a psychological and spiritual perspective (psychospiritual). For me, this period was quite traumatic and yet also mind opening and expansive and bit by bit this unfolding process opened me up to revelations of higher spiritual teachings and connections to divine spirit as I managed to remain stable in the world and heal myself of depressive episodes, panic-struck mania, out of control energies and lower subtle energies and demons which I quickly found put me in alignment with spiritual-ascension which eventually gave me insight into what Heaven is and whom or what it is we call God and the unfoldment of finding myself as a modern-day mystic in the world following a personal integrative path of spirituality that incorporates quite a bit of understanding and influence from Christianity, but also Buddhism and eastern yoga and mysticism.