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Society Unmasked

Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic

I don't believe coronaviruses can be transmitted from person to person by water droplets the way scientists presently believe, by my logic, it doesn't make sense for them to spread this way as each virus seems to be intentional and meant for the person that receives it and is affected by it, this line of thinking isn't intended to be cruel, this ju…

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Evil Temptation

What is Spiritual Corruption?

This article is my attempt to demystify what is really meant by the idea of spiritual corruption. If you want to be able to heal yourself from health afflictions connected to corruption and develop immunity to viruses being used in spiritual warfare then it's essential to understand what spiritual corruption is in order to remain free of any corrup…

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Pinocchios Nose and the Hidden Strings of Karma

The “Pinocchio Effect” – How Karma Changes the Human Body

Understanding karma through the body This article serves as an interesting and practical introduction to the topic of karma and its effects upon the human body, it looks in particular along an important theme of how impure behaviour begins to change and impact the body. I'm using the story of Pinocchio's nose as an allegory to illustrate more or l…

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Dark messenger

The Origin and Purpose of Coronaviruses

Short disclaimer: My information about the coronavirus is derived from mysticism, mental intuition, meditation and my own understanding of spiritual evolution based on having come through a Kundalini awakening. Much of this consists of hypotheses and speculation surrounding earlier divine revelations. Social media networks have also been actively c…

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Dove of Spiritual Purity

The Emergence of a New Social Order

This article discusses the idea of creating new emerging social order based on spirituality that seeks to achieve and create an ego-free society (Ego-Zero) through acknowledging that there does in fact exist a higher authority, principality and divine power that oversees our worldly and spiritual human experience and who defines the higher laws con…

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Kundalini Energy

The Purpose of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini energy is a powerful form of energy that can be used to further our spiritual evolution. Prior to a Kundalini awakening a golden lace of Kundalini energy will slowly uncoil from around the tip of the tailbone feeling like an awakening serpent and eventually energy will begin to rise into the body over time causing symptoms associated with…

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