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Nuclear Power Station

The Inherent Dangers of Nuclear Energy

During the heat of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, behind the scenes according to one high-ranking member of parliament, a number of belligerent countries were simultaneously threatening the United Kingdom with military action, one of the actions an enemy was said to be considering included the bombing of power stations, at one point the topic came …

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News & Updates: Evolution, Coronaviruses and Britain’s Energy Crisis

I've been taking a break from writing articles since the end of the pandemic, with the exception of an additional article on spiritual evolution. Presenting information about spiritual evolution is what this blog has evolved into in recent times. In some people's eyes, this has steered me away from being a mystic and a person who divined informatio…

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Human Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual Evolution Theory

This article is a further work about spiritual evolution as it pertains to the ongoing transformation and evolution of humanity and our world, however, this has less focus and emphasis on Kundalini than previous articles. I spent much of my time during the year 2020 attempting to come up with a working theory of what was responsible for the coro…

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Bellerophon: The Miracle Drug Helping People Overcome Coronavirus

Image: Pegasus versus Chimera by The Beke. Is Bellerophon a miracle drug and why do so few people know about its existence? To date, I've had two separate similar experiences whereby a drug called Bellerophon was given to me, perceived to be from a spiritual source, mystical experiences aren't new to me, but this drug gets created directly in…

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Evil Temptation

What is Spiritual Corruption?

This article is my attempt to demystify what is really meant by the idea of spiritual corruption. If you want to be able to heal yourself from health afflictions connected to corruption and develop immunity to viruses being used in spiritual warfare then it's essential to understand what spiritual corruption is in order to remain free of any corrup…

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