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Mysticism, Ascension And Higher Worlds
Pinocchios Nose and the Hidden Strings of Karma

Pinocchio’s Nose and Understanding how Karma Acts on the Human Body

Understanding karma through the body This article serves as an interesting and practical introduction into the topic of karma and its effects upon the human body, it looks in particular along an important theme of how impure behaviour begins to change and impact the body. I'm using the story of Pinocchio's nose as an allegory to illustrate what ac…

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Knowledge of Evil

A Critical Study of How Impurity Transforms the Face

This article is a critical introduction to the topic of how spiritual impurity changes the face and body, which discusses how someone may typically sustain many small micro-muscular disfiguring changes to the face and body over time in combination with ones own mind as a direct consequence of impure choices and ways of being, which can be studied u…

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The Spiritual Origins and Purpose of Corona Virus

Short disclaimer: Most of these sources of information about the coronavirus were derived from mysticism, intuition, spiritual practise and my own understanding about spiritual evolution based on having had Kundalini for many years. Some of my research uses the scientific method, however, most of it doesn't and largely consists of hypothesis, specu…

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A Spiritual Social Order

The Emergence of a New Social Order

Regarding my choice of header image, The Eye of Providence, it denotes enlightenment in my opinion, but this has nothing to do with the Illuminati or the similarly sounding New World Order here, but I felt the need to clarify so people don't get the wrong idea, please see the prior linked Wikipedia article to see it from a religious and spiritual c…

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The Reality of Demons And Evil Spirits

Demons were invented by higher creator beings for the purposes of managing the governance of other beings, and in our particular instance, the human being, the human form and the human experience. Many people like to moan that "Demons were created by religion in order to control people", whereas the reality is the various creators created them in o…

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Kundalini Energy

The Purpose of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini energy is a powerful form of energy that can be used to further our spiritual evolution. Prior to a Kundalini awakening a golden lace of Kundalini energy will slowly uncoil from around the tip of the tailbone feeling like an awakening serpent and eventually energy will begin to rise into the body over time causing symptoms associated with…

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