Unlocking the Secrets to Love and the Crystalline Heart Upgrade
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The Crystalline Heart

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During spiritual awakening I learned first had that there are actually many things are not part perceived as part of a visible consensus reality, one of the most significant of these was learning that there also exists a spiritual heart which is separate from the physical organ, but located in the same central region of the body. Initially over time I developed a heightened sensitivity to be able to detect subtle energies. Two of the most fundamental qualities to different energies I could easily pick up were love and fear. One is a soft or sometimes fierce warm, expansive and desirable energy and the other produces an unpleasant and abrasive scatter-field that pollutes the auric field of the body and sticks to hair and clothing.

Very strong love sometimes seems to attract some simple spirit entity beings that looked like discs of large crystalline snow flakes that would float through the air and move and respond a bit like Jellyfish. Love is so pure that dark spirits cannot fake it and it can be used to discern whether or not the being represents the universal concepts of love and spiritual light, which means it’s likely ot have your best interests at heart.

There were two or three main events during my Kundalini that resonated strongly with love.

The first of these experiences seemed to be an encounter with a mysterious figure who I was told several years later was Jesus Christ, the love coming from him was extremely intense, it made tears stream uncontrollably from my eyes as he walked over to me and I soon had to close and divert my eyes because they were stinging and I perceived this event as a sort of spiritual cleansing or purification.

The second event was an expansive awakening of the heart centre, when this energetic centre opened it produced so much intensity of love that it felt like honey inside my chest then produced sensations of flowing and cascading down but the energy was radiating outside of my body. At the time of this I was sat at my computer desk with the cat laying over the back of my keyboard, but upon feeling this radiant wave emanate over him, he immediately got up and became animated and proceeded to purr and vibrate loudly and brush his head against the centre of my chest, but I remember that purring was rarely his style as he was an aloof and moody cat. I soon started to notice small changes within the receptivity of people around me, it was as if they had started to resonate with my own state of being the same way a wine glass might resonate when a musical note is played out loud.

Angelic beings naturally radiate the energy of love, on one occasion one was stood quite nearby to me and a type of psychic energy began to be repelled and flicker away from the centre of my own body a bit like a flame being blown in the wind, but this energy seemed very dense and heavy, almost black, and it wouldn’t completely detach from my body, however it seemed clear that the love from the angel and this other inner energy were not compatible with each other and were trying to separate as distinctly as oil and water do in chemistry. As this energy became exposed by this angel my mind began cycling through a lot of different thoughts that made my mind incredibly noisy and a bit disorientating, I’d heard some of these thoughts before and they often cycle during meditation with the rise and fall of the diaphragm and I later realised this energy is a type of spiritual impurity that is often referred to as ego when done so and used in the right context.

The third event was the realisation of something I recently heard referred to as the Crystal Heart and this seemed to take a number of years to achieve and appears to be some sort of upgrade or activation of the heart centre. At the time I was sat in a still meditation and I perceived a glass or crystalline geometric shape slowly spinning in the centre of my chest, although I did not understand what it meant at the time. I was peaceful and content as this happened and it didn’t produce intense love but I was later informed it symbolised the advancement of spiritual purity and the development of becoming someone with a greater loving capacity.

On more than one occasion I noted that the heart was connected to God and I could hear a voice speaking to me through here, one instance this seemed telepathic as my heart seemed to reveal something that felt the turbines on a jet engine and on certain occasions when made in response to anger it was accompanied by an audible voice that was spoken in English.

If you want to create and introduce a little more love into the world on a day to day basis you can do so by expressing gratitude to others, recognising and acknowledging their accomplishments, complimenting sincerely and giving selflessly to others without the expectation of receiving things in return, which often pays itself back in terms of receiving love energy from another person. The mind and consciousness plays a huge part in acknowledging people as part of none verbal communication, whilst I know many people like to hear this spoken out loud, it’s often enough to share this through our disposition of being, energy and intention.

I eventually came to a point of understanding that love is the only state of being that will offer you lasting contentment and from a philosophical perspective the thing that seems to matter most in creation. Through experiences such as these, one can begin to understand the true meaning and origins of phrases like “love and light”.

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