We face the problem of overcoming our own low consciousness, self-awareness and relative ignorance in relation to the reasons why entity attachments exist.
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Exorcism Ritual for Removing Evil Spirits

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This is a very old article I wrote about on the topic of exorcism as it relates to removing evil spirits, entities, demon’s and impure energies from the body.

Let me briefly outline the first time I experienced a small spirit entity attachment, it was like any other normal office day and at the time time I was listening to meditations from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. I suddenly became aware of a very unsettling tactile sensation of a very small moving object that was lodged at the back of my eye near to where the optic nerve must be located and connects to the eyeball. This small moving point began to act with an an autonomy of its own and it started to aggressively feel around the back of my eyeball as it pushed its way to front, upon successfully doing it and causing me a bit of distress it then appeared to propel itself at high velocity across the room. It looked as if a tiny grey ball of shadow had ejected itself out of my eye passing over the shoulders between my two colleagues on the opposite side of the table whom seemed completely oblivious to what I had just seen and felt.

This wasn’t just minor tactile feelings, it almost felt like an electron particle from an atom being released from its orbit and flung off into space at high speed. As this small sooty orb left my body I experienced what I can only describe as a shimmering of lucidity and rising of personal consciousness and for a moment I experienced the sensations and feeling of greater clarity that seemed to stay with me after this time. At the time I wasn’t sure why I had this orb, but today I speculate it could be related to what Christianity might call ‘making lusful eyes’ at others, which turned out to be an unconscious problem my Kundalini awakening would reveal to me later on.

I use the analogy that our consciousness is like a lantern, in the light of this lantern, the mind functions under the present and watchful gaze of our awareness, intention and energy. In our minds, we experience thought form creations, sometimes referred to as “entities” that produce a range of audible vocalised thoughts that can create the experience of hearing an inner voice. Some of our thoughts are shaped and created by ourselves, for example intuitive feedback from the body when we sense within a location of our body with our attention, particularly when we place our awareness over a muscle that is tight or contracted, feels sore or uncomfortable. Some of it is also part of psychic intuition given to us to receive coming from an external source, usually spirit entity consciousness that interacts with us and our reality and other times it can be our own soul coming through into our mind.

I would later learn and come to understand that not all the thoughts we experience are necessarily our own, we may experience thoughts both of our own creation and foreign thoughts seemingly implanted into our mind or mental space by way of entities, ego suggestions, inner voices and foreign energies and we really need to become aware of these, their causes and learn why we have them in order to overcome spiritual issues that limit our growth and cause certain types of health problems.

One of the problems that we face is overcoming our own low consciousness, relative ignorance and lack of self-awareness in terms of boundaries and our choices, physical interactions as weel as psychic interactions. We also may easily mistake the thoughts of the negative ego as our own, which in reality come up to test or challenge our decision making processes, our beliefs or our inner decisions under certain circumstances. When we identify with a source of ego impurity or trauma being released from these thoughts without scrutinising them from our consciousness we may begin to ‘fall asleep’ spiritually and may unconsciously begin to validate almost anything in our mind put in front of us regardless of where it came from, this happens if we falsely assume that all thoughts were self-created and cannot possibly cause any harm to oneself.

We give much of our energy and attention away to the contents of our own mind and may for a time our awareness becomes pulled inwards as we pay little attention to anything else. In this state, we can become so self-identified with the thoughts and content of our own mind that we subject ourselves to a state of temporary absence or inattentiveness on auto-pilot that makes us function unaware or unconsciously. If a thought can get you to believe in it without engaging in any discernment over it, then it will have you, this is effectively one of the core teachings of Eckhart Tolle and it was something I had to overcome in order to develop my own consciousness and eventually enabled me to become enlightened.

A person who totally identifies with his or her own mind and mental content and gets lost in the flow of thought becomes a highly suggestible individual who is at risk of being psychically controlled and manipulated. Such a person might then unwittingly do something derived from their ego rather than by exercising their own free-will choices. I once experienced an egoic voice that said “Damnit, I almost had him thinking I was God”, I can laugh at this distinction now, but prior I had no idea what God sounded like, they rarely have to speak to anyone directly and so it was through this experience and others that I eventually realised that other people exist around ourselves in mind as part of a projected psychic landscape separated by a frequency veil

Thoughts derived from entities can be exposed by growing our level of consciousness and self-awareness by bringing our awareness and attention into them until they are exposed for what they are and this is most often best achieved through doing an introspective meditation in a safe place and suitable time that we will not be disturbed. By very deliberately and mindfully engaging with small ordinary tasks in a new way such as washing our hands, placing our coffee mug on the table or chopping food, whenever we do these things we begin to reclaim awareness that has been dulled and pulled inwards into the mind.

In the first example the meditation exercise I was doing revealed quite a significant entity clouding my consciousness.  In exposing it, it was literally forced out of my body. I believe its location of being attached around my eye was significant and may reveal a clue as to what actions created it and why it was there.

The scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy when King Theoden is freed by Gandalf from the grip of Sauroman and the manipulative whispers from his evil and possessive aid depict these hidden spiritual processes and influences upon the soul or inner being of a person. Once the King has been freed from the spell and grip of his corrupted aid his eyes turn from a dull cloudy appearance to a revitalised and brightened appearance albeit in quite an exaggerated manner. A more subtle version of this theme takes place outside of fictional environments when individual free themselves of their various vices and addictions. Whilst the example in the video is fictional and fictionally-dramatised, I believe the real thing is not too dissimilar, I’ve only ever performed an exorcism on myself and the real thing can be far more dramatic owing to being more frightening and unscripted, sometimes the voice is changed or hijacked by interaction with other psychic energies and the eyes really do change and revert when recovering self-awareness and clarity of thought that come with the removal of lower energies through exorcism.

There are many jaded looking people that have in part or in whole lost connection to their innermost soul or being and become influenced through negative spiritual energies or entities into performing actions that have negative consequences and I speculate at this time that some people whom commit terrorist acts are being influenced by other people due to losing awareness and use of their free will as they are temporarily taken over by internalised voices.

The eyes are indeed windows looking into the soul and sometimes the windows need cleaning!

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