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Using Forgiveness for Clearing Karma

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Forgiveness is an excellent way to lighten your soul and let go of a lifetime of accumulated karmic debt and to safely release unwanted emotional baggage and ties. In this exercise, you’ll be communicating with their spiritual self rather than their waking conscious mind to dissolve karmic connections and seek resolution. It is indeed possible to do this, both with the living and people who have already passed over, they’re not going anywhere. I recommend you read the whole article through once before doing the exercise.

Forgiveness is one of the higher aspects of unconditional love. I’ve often sat and contemplated words such as “mercy” and “forgiveness” and the conclusion that “love triumphs” over all things, which has elicited strong answers on more than one occasion in the form of bright sparks and flashes of light emanating from both spirit guides and angels alike.

Unconditional love is the true source of the creator and the original innermost soul essence of a human being. You can see and feel this presence when you see through someone’s eyes and directly into their soul. This is what you truly love in another person, everything else is largely arbitrary in my opinion.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can forgive someone without having to have a face to face conversation. This makes it possible to avoid personal embarrassment or without setting yourself up for a clash of egos about who was right and who was wrong, this exercise isn’t about winning an argument.

Even if you’ve got the courage to go and see them, sometimes it’s simply not practical to see a person, it may be something that happened many years ago and there’s no guarantee of the person hearing you out. This method is more practical than a personal visit and more personal than an e-mail and will avoid any risk of humiliation if your offer is rejected.

The Exercise

To help you understand how this exercise works I’m going to give you a personal example. A number of years ago I become emotionally wounded from a past relationship that had ended on bad terms. Even as the years went by, I came to understand that I still hadn’t healed internally from the events and that they were still weighing me down in the present. The emotional baggage associated with the event was buried deep within me like a boat anchor, yet it was being dragged to the surface.

One part of the exercise that will be challenging is being honest with yourself about yourself and the other person and staying free of vindictiveness. It can be difficult to do so without being insincere, insecure or overly self-critical. If you’re a person that cannot bear to be wrong then you might first need to work on deconstructing that part of your ego into one that is healthy and supportive of your future growth. If you can’t discipline your mind, it would be better not to start this process until you’re ready because you run the risk of stirring things up and psychically attacking the person you’re supposed to be wanting to forgive!

Forgiving The Other Person

Now understand that forgiveness can work both ways, however, you must first commit to forgiving the other person of any harm or transgressions they’ve done against you. We do this in order to create trust and set the example we would like the other person to follow. The process for seeking and asking forgiveness from the other person is very similar to the process of asking for forgiveness, you simply reverse the roles.

First find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, make yourself comfortable and then close your eyes. Run through your mind the events or actions that originally hurt you, doing so without being begrudging. Now imagine you’re speaking to the other person, and state how it made you feel. Mentally state “I didn’t like… because… “ and after a brief pause, then end it with “I now choose to forgive you.”

Asking For Forgiveness

Forgiving the other person is the most important step and brings about the most benefit, however now is your opportunity to seek a complete resolution and ask for forgiveness from the other person for any part you played in their suffering. Remember earlier when I spoke of self-honesty, it’s not about accepting all or none of the blame for things.

So again without getting angry or defensive or engaging in thought-loops like a broken record, start to recall in your mind all the things that you can remember that you know or believe to have done wrong. I made a mental list of each item and played it through in my mind like a video sequence, just one at a time, whilst observing things without judgement. As I did so I did my best to earnestly acknowledge what harm I had done and what its implications were without engaging in and getting entangled in an endless list of possibilities. Just do your best.

I then visualised myself speaking to the other person and mentally spoke the words “I know what I did here was wrong and it harmed you…” (picture what it was that you’re referring to in your mind) and end it with “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” —this part must be said with sincerity. Beware, you can be self-deceptive and come out saying empty words if your inner intentions don’t match, you can tell lies, but you cannot fake the intention behind the words, it’s impossible to cheat the process with a false promise. It’s important that you do the work to get your ego in check and try to understand things from the perspective of the other. In order to practice this exercise, I recommend that you repeat the exercise with someone else whom you may only have committed a minor grievance or infraction to practice.

If you both mutually decide to release the other person and unbind them from the karma they’ve created then you can both walk free. If only one person decides to forgive then you have at least unloaded a lot of low negative and harmful low vibration energy in the form of bitterness, anger and resentment that will literally keep you bound to the lower levels of creation. There’s a film I recommend called Astral City which depicts this concept and how it can affect a present and future lifetime.

Once you’ve done this exercise you will hopefully find that any negative thoughts or ill will you held against the other person will lessen and eventually disappear, the same being true for the other person too. It’s important to understand you’re not communicating with the conscious mind of the other person, you’re communicating over a super-luminal spiritual connection directly with their soul and inner being. If the person embodies their soul strongly the message will quickly filter through to the surface of their conscious mind and they may even start thinking about you.

If the person is unconscious of their spiritual nature, well at least you’ve made peace on the level that truly counts and you’ll find out just as much on the other side.

Once I had successfully done this, once, I was then able to get into the flow of the process and I made a list (either mental or written) of people to forgive and seek forgiveness from, ideally you want to seek and perform both parts. Afterwards, I literally felt lighter, my soul vibrated higher and I experienced the feeling of higher vibration postie angelic energy around me.

You’ll also feel much better after doing this, it’s like an emotional detoxification. Your soul evolution is directly tied to your incarnated lessons learned. It’s important that we forgive on this side of life because our incarnation represents the test conditions that our soul learns and grows from.

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