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Lust for Power

Lust for Power

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This post explains about the danger of lusting after power in all its forms, whether it be spiritual or psychic energy, material living standards, sex, money, gold-lust and resources including oil, gold and diamonds. For many people, the soul lessons being learned on earth consist of not abusing one’s position of power over others at every level from in the home, in the workplace, on the street, within the military and leadership of a country.

Psychic and spiritual energies can become really powerful and many people are addicted to energy and the sense of power one feels when channelling energies for their various talents. When an individual learns the core lessons associated with lust, energy and power the more energy that may actually become available to the individual who knows how to use it wisely, maturely and demonstrates greater responsibility. One part of the teaching is about lusting after power, another about not abusing power and finally not seeking excessive power.

My Mystical dream teaching was split into two main parts designed to convey the attitude of lust and its many expressions as well as its potential for abuse through misuse.

Initially, I was shown an arm’s race that revealed ever increasingly more powerful weapons, at first, it appeared to show conflict using small arms including pistols, then assault rifles, then rocket launchers and then ultimately this culminated in orange nuclear mushroom clouds. The teaching on lusting for power also explains why military powers must remain balanced in order to prevent one from achieving global hegemony.


I was shown a woman crawling around on her hands and feet in search of looting bodies from the fallen soldiers on a battlefield. As she stretched out for the ring on one dead body she audibly exclaimed the word “Power” in a hungry and lustful way. The moment she touched the ring her body withered and decayed. Simultaneously my own body produced feedback from the dream in the form of an energy orgasm designed to convey power and subtle energy from the lower chakras. This visual teaching is why I believe the French call an orgasm the “petit mort” or little death. A similar sequence occurred several times with the woman disintegrating into ash and skeleton everytime she attempted to take the ring. At the end I was finally asked by a spiritual guide, “Do you understand?” My soul responded, “Don’t lust for power.” At this point, the dream ended and I woke up in bed and wrote everything down from my ego personality level and I realised how important it was due to the vividness and energy of the dream.

The Lord of the Rings films were inspired by the spiritual realms and stories of Middle Earth and the same core teaching and theme was to explain not lusting for power. The One Ring represents this teaching and demonstrates this through what happens to the character Gollum, and Frodo becomes tempted by its lustrous power.

A similar message is also present in the Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade when drinking from the golden chalice and the main adversary drinks from it and subsequently withers and turns to ash, however, the humble and unsuspecting wooden cup offered its bearer rejuvenating healing powers and lasting life.


What are the consequences of lusting for psychic energy?

An individual may become a psychic-vampire in spirit and then begin to unconsciously steal the energy of others by creating subtle psychic energy cords into the chakras of other people in order to syphon off their energy. If energy flows where attention goes, the lesson is to be careful of who you give your time, energy and attention to. And when it comes to doing shadow work it means not engaging in behaviours intended to attract negative attention to yourself, this might include acts of inappropriate attention seeking and men and women have to respect each other’s naked form without reckless loss of self-control due to lusting after the flesh and the physical body often depicted as dirty oily hands pawing at a person’s naked body.


The result of not paying attention to the teachings on lust, excess power seeking and abuse of power is spiritual corruption or corruption of the soul. Everyone can make minor mistakes without too much consequence, however, deepening transgressions will result in a greater frequency lowering and willfully and understood decisions will result in more significant frequency falling and damage. Taken to its extreme it will ultimately lead to total soul corruption and becoming a dark polarised soul, someone who is devoid of any spiritual light either in their body or the being seen through the eyes.

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