A short but profound story about my encounter with Jesus Christ.
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Jesus Christ

My Experience with Jesus Christ

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This is a short account of my brief encounter with the ascended spiritual being, whom once lived alongside mankind known as Jesus Christ during the year of 2013. I considered this to be part of my Kundalini spiritual awakening and is not something that I consider unique to myself.

I was meditating on the carpet of my room late one evening in the shared flat I used to live in when I used to live in Mapperley Park in Nottingham. My meditation was interrupted by a sudden heat wave and rising of energy in addition to some sort of visual distortion to space on the other side of the room across from me. I couldn’t actually see anybody in the physical sense, but I could distinctly feel the presence of another person in the room with me and when he moved towards me the black distortion likewise moved.

The distortion turned into a simplified figure of a man who walked over towards me which almost immediately caused streams of tears to began flooding down my face and I had to look away and then later close my eyes to prevent them stinging. This was the moment that I was surrounded by unconditional love and my heart began to warm and it felt like someone had poured warm honey down my chest cavity as it was glowing.

This love seemed to provide some sort of purifying effect that represented forgiveness of various past sins and karmic transgressions. The heat and energy given off from this was very intense and I slumped forward powerless to offer much resistance against the effects. The experience lasted maybe only a few minutes and there were no words exchanged and after a while, my eyes began to dry and I gained the courage to get up and look around but nobody was around any longer.

I can understand that some people might dismiss this as a hallucination or story consisting of delusions of grandeur, but I want to reassure people that this was not the case and such experiences appear to be common than we realise, and particularly with people who are Kundalini awakened. I’ve since had interactions with a number of Archangels, deities and gods/goddesses, however, I consider this one to be the most profound and significant of my life.

I was later told that the act of baptism symbolises the tears of Christ which are intended to wash away bad energies that cling to the soul. On a different occasion, during my sleeping hours I was shown my inner spiritual being taken to a swimming pool somewhere, two men appeared to dunk my head underwater and I perceived dirty energy being released from my crown chakra located in the top of my head that I understood to represent a re-identification on a number of issues designed to bring my inner being into alignment with the ways of Christ or divine light.

Jesus was a physical human incarnation of God’s spiritual light and God’s son and represented the divine qualities, behaviour, virtues and attitudes of love as mankind was originally meant to follow. Many of these teachings have been preserved, some have been forgotten and a number of them have been ignored due to mankind’s relativistic views and thinking.

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