This is a tantric meditation for deep inner peace combining bliss energy orbs
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Deep Peace Meditation

Meditation for Deep Inner Peace

Reading time: ( 8 ) minutes

I refer to this as a meditation for deep inner peace or tantric meditation as I learned this during my Kundalini awakening and massage practice, whilst also working with the Indian deities of Shakti and Kali.

Performing this meditation worked really nicely for me and it taught me a lot about the nature of what deep inner peace actually feels like, it’s spiritual atomic energy formations in the body, the spiritual identification process that reconfigures the body’s muscles necessary for creating mood and releasing pressure and tension.

Kali Ma

The preparation for this meditation is quite long as you will need to acquire some items first, do a little reading about your chosen deity and prepare and cleanse your sacred space from physical clutter and also clearing negative energy and raising the vibration through sound or smudging.

You will want to choose a diety you feel comfortable with, I recommend Kali, Shakti or Shiva as they are associated with Kundalini awakening, however, there is also Quan-Yin and Green Tara associated with Buddhist and oriental spiritual culture. Be sure to at least read up a little about who they are and what they enjoy or appreciate in the way of offerings is available online. Every culture seems to have at least one deity appropriate and different offerings if you wish.

Items needed

  • Flowers – I stripped the flower heads and placed them in a vessel with clean water arranged decoratively
  • Food offering – Organic full-fat milk, honey and/or fruit (dates or apricots, etc)
  • Prayer cushion, yoga matt or yoga-bed and blanket
  • Music track – Indian Flute Music – other music can also work, but this is very appropriate for the mood and what I was seeking during my experience.
  • Written prayer, problem, request for help or statement of intention that you’re putting out into the spiritual planes.
  • Respectful picture or photo of chosen deities (this can either be printed from the Internet or purchased as a laminated card for example)


Flower Offering

You can offer the sorts of things each deity likes or enjoys, I had good results with buying some fresh flowers, organic full-fat milk and an organic brand of honey (not cheap squeezy bottle stuff) and apricots as an offering for Kali. These came from my local supermarket, but fresh local markets would probably work even better. I made a good effort to display each item appropriately in various bowls or vessels on a low table or altar. The flower heads were stripped off and placed and arranged in a bowl of water, a nice vase this may also work.

You will want to plan the day and time of when you perform this meditation in advance to ensure you’re really going to be alone and not disturbed by anybody for the duration of the meditation, which includes your pets, family members and/or partner.

Be aware of the potential for any opening doors, blowing windows and ringing telephones. Set your mobile phone on silent or turn it off and close the door to your room to dampen any pipework, creaking floors or electrical hums.

Playing a soft piece of meditation music during the meditation itself is essential and will create the right mood and ambience in your astral environment, there’s a flute piece on youtube I particularly like and recommend. Be sure to switch off auto-play and ensure there are no adverts to interrupt your experience.

Keep the space in the area around you clean, tidy, free from unnecessary clutter and energetically cleansed using an appropriate method. Burn some natural incense sticks or pleasant fragrances and light a candle or two around your sacred space or alongside your picture and flower offering whilst performing this similar perhaps to the one shown.

Perform this meditation in one of the traditional prostrated prayer positions, such as yoga Childs pose and consider resting your knees on a soft cushion to make sure that you’re comfortable and can hold and remain in the position for at least hour or more without having to fidget or adjust yourself. The cover picture used to illustrate this post has what I believe is a great example you can do whilst balancing on your feet.

Ideally, your head and body should be bowed down with your head resting on or near the floor and lay your arms forward flat on the ground in front. Use a yoga matt can be desirable if it softens a hard floor surface. If you have a particular problem, issue or area of learning you would like help with also state this in your written and a spoken prayer, write it down if necessary.

Prayer Position

I also offered to give up eating beef for a period of time as my chosen deity was Kali and I understood that cows in India are considered a sacred animal due to their ability to produce milk and cream and they are afforded great respect and reverence. If you feel you can’t do this, then don’t agree to it, or consider giving up something else for a short period of time that might otherwise get in the way of overcoming your challenge or problem such as celibacy for a week in order to recharge, particularly if you are male.

After you have spoken your prayer out loud, immediately transition into your prayer position and begin an inward still silent mind meditation with eyes closed. There is no need for any sort of guided spoken meditation track during this, simply focus on your breathing or place your attention on the music or your heart-beat.

You may lose track of time as you do this, however, allow yourself the time and space to do so by giving yourself plenty of margin for overrunning. You won’t lose total consciousness during this, but much like hypnotherapy you may go into trance that can allow a deeper part of your to come through where voices may be perceived, you can come out of this whenever you chose or feel ready to do so, but I would suggest doing this for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour. When this meditation is done with all the suggested parts combined it really will help to make the soul identify with the state of deep inner peace. If you are alert or silent you may perceive an inner thought or inner voice stating “he/she/I has/have become identified with peace” and this is a metaphysical process linking mind, spirit and body.

Energy Orb

During the meditation, an energy formation might be created, and this may sit within or very close to the root chakra located in the pelvic floor and responsible for our fears, worries and insecurities. The energy of this orb is not specifically sexual, however, it is located in a very sensitive area of the body and it brings with it a profound sense and feeling of deep inner peace, safety and security.

This meditation is intended to make the inner being or soul, mind and body identify with a harmonious state of deep inner peace. As I first performed this, an atomic energy formation or energy ball very similar to the one pictured was created which sits just within reach of the root chakra located in the pelvic floor where it provides comfort, soothing and grounding.

Whilst it’s not possible to see what it looks like from our third-dimensional plane, the picture should help you to imagine what you might experience and what it would resemble if it could be seen with the eyes. The orbiting particles, likewise have a pleasant effect on your body and mood.

The energy of this manifested orb isn’t specifically sexual or erotic so it won’t create any sexual urgency so it’s something you should be able to enjoy over time, it will probably make you smile, feel relaxed and make your forehead become smooth and relaxed and address and relieve the urgency or worry from something you may be experiencing.

If you successfully create the necessary identification with peace by following this process and this guidance then you will feel the energy gently spinning within your astral body or very near your physical body. Simply do your best to stay present and enjoy for as long as you wish. As it is located in a very sensitive area of the body it brings with it a profound sense and feeling of deep inner peace, safety, security and relief from stress. If you would like to learn more about this area of the body specifically please refer to my article on the Seat of the Soul.

If you’re successful with creating the necessary “peace” identification you may feel this energy gently spinning within your body. During your meditation, you may also see, perceive or feel the presence of your diety join you in the room, my recommendation is to just keep your eyes closed and focus on maintaining your meditative state, remaining present in mind and enjoy for as long as you can. Sometimes witnessing another presence can be a bit frightening or scary, so keeping your eyes closed is my preference.

A quick recap of the order in which to do things:

  • Write down your prayer, problem or request for help and make it sincere and not necessarily for material gain or wealth.
  • Select an appropriate deity (research online a little about who they are, Indian, Egyptian, Pagan, Celtic, Buddhist etc)
  • Purchase fresh items/foods for your offering that are appropriate to your chosen deity. Milk, honey, fruit and flowers – these offerings are universal and are widely accepted, they will be tasted etherically by your deity or shared in spirit and so you can still physically enjoy and taste them yourself afterwards.
  • Play your music as you are beginning to prepare your sacred space as it will help to begin to relax your body. If using an electronic device switch it to a distraction-free mode and block all notifications and ring-tones – ideally turn them off.
  • Don’t use the vibration feature as it is still distracting. If playing music from a computer you will need to silence any Facebook, Skype, instant messaging services or other anti-virus popups that might ordinarily appear in the background.
  • Prepare sacred space or altar through clutter clearing and cleansing the energy of the space with vibration, essential oils or smudging.
  • Present your offerings in bowls or vessels
  • Place pictures on the altar (printed is fine)
  • Make sure you have a free hour or more and won’t be disturbed. Silence phones, alarms and electrical items etc.
  • Consider taking a bath so that you’re clean, your body is more relaxed and your mind is calmer.
  • Use the toilet and relieve yourself before you start the meditation.
  • Light some candles and burn incense or scented oils, ensuring soft furnishings such as curtains, throws, rugs, hair or clothing are not at risk of being set alight.
  • Before beginning your meditation and transitioning into your prayer position, speak your prayer out loud and then remain still, silent and observant in your mind and allow yourself to slip into a deep trance if it happens.
  • Transition into your comfortable prayer position with your head bowed down and make sure you can remain comfortable for a good long while without the need to move.
  • If you experience a peace/bliss energy orb you may remain still if you’re still comfortable or change to your bed or a lying position in order to enjoy it. Just remain present and don’t let the mind drag you into something about your past or a trivial near future concern.


I’ve only done this meditation once and I considered this to be a very special one-off experience, and whilst quite profound and enjoyable I wouldn’t expect to keep on doing it, however, I did discover that these peace orbs may manifest at other devotional or sacred times such as tantric massage practice and they are derived from your spiritual environment and setting. You can always combine the prayer and meditation for peace, or perhaps only do this when you have something special or important that you need to seek help with.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and please feel free to e-mail or share your results with me.

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