Heaven is an exclusive part of higher reality where more evolved and developed people who are pure of being can exist.
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Kingdom of Heaven

Exploring the Kingdom of Heaven

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Divine Symbolism

Heaven has been traditionally depicted in artwork as an ethereal world of spirit existing in the clouds beyond the reach of the earth. Typically it is said that one dies and goes to Heaven, and you enter through large ornate iron gates guarded by angelic guardians. Due to so many artists being gifted with visionary depictions of Heaven and the divine planes, we have become very conditioned and used to only seeing this representation and fail to see what it is that it actually represents.

Zion the City of God

The clouds and sky in visionary artwork represent lighter spiritual frequencies of energy rather than the dense physical flesh and the gates mean that it is exclusive only to some and that there is a particular standard to be achieved in order to reach here and be accepted by others.

The angels that oversee human experience and at key points in time take part in it by engaging with humans are part symbolic and of divine origin and dwell in a space-based upon grand architecture built on sacred geometry and spiritual light. A normal person would have irises I’ve witnessed beings with mysterious glowing white eyes that I understood to be Archangels. Guardian Angels I perceive as wearing traditional white robes and sandals and are seen either standing nearby or occasionally sweeping down from above as if guided by wires occasionally with wings and at other times far more symbolic forms of energy fitting the mood such as balls of flame and jets of light.

The truth is that the gods want to live and experience through us in order to live in their own creations because it represents something quite unique, fun including human love, drama, challenges, sexual relationships, games, food, celebrations, human creation and shared cultural experiences. We each have a personal god-self that witnesses our experience that is referred to as the self-realised “I am” presence.

The above divine construct shouldn’t be confused with Heaven and the human experience as it was always made clear that humanity itself was never intended to become as divine servants like the angels as this defeats the point and enjoyment of being human, although it is possible to become an angel if that’s how your consciousness wishes to experience or serve creation.

World of Archangels

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a realm one ascends to in spirit through a shifting of inner vibratory frequencies within one’s inner spiritual being enabling you to reach a higher spiritual plane whilst simultaneously remaining in the physical body. One can ascend and be in Heaven whilst in a physical body and when this body dies the spirit continues on its reached plane in what we simplistically term “the after-life”. Later on, the physical body begins to literally dissolve and be replaced with a ‘light body’ similar to what the gods and deities use and at other times people are taken into the Heavens by angels or higher guardians by elevating your spirit through recognised acts of love as higher frequencies produce more spiritual light.

Heaven is supposed to be a place of divine order, harmony, balance and justice, however not everybody has sufficiently developed themselves spiritually to be permitted to enter as to do so would destroy the concept of Heaven itself. What does this really mean? The higher frequencies are closer to the Source God’s light and divine spirit so people with too much impurity cannot exist here (these impurities correspond to negative behaviours, lower or uncontrolled impulses or personality and character defects and this is something I believe I’m able to prove the existence of by having recognised how an impurity corresponding to a lower behaviour or character defect interacts and interfaces with the physical body through the mind to apply trauma that negatively changes the appearance of the body and once realised becomes a catalyst to inner growth and ascension as it’s seen and understood as undesirable as we each like to inhabit a well developed and attractive form, which can only come through spiritual development.

The people in higher realms best represent their highest self or highest personal potential, which is obtained through self-development, self-mastery, hard work and developing a refined and purified ego and self-identity that fits into the world more harmoniously enabling them to enjoy the fruits of all their hard work has paid off. The people they live amongst here also live by and uphold similar spiritual virtue and principles like love and justice as defined by the God residing regardless of whether or not they have an outward show of spirituality such as being part of cultural religion. Through this ascent, the quality of human experience and interaction improves dramatically because there are less unnecessary sickness and disease due to karma, poor choices or ego-impurity that might otherwise threaten to stagnate, sink or destroy a higher world that would make any lifetime there undesirable to both the person and inner being.

It’s the quality of the experience offered in the Heavenly spiritual planes, which is so desirable. It allows for a better and more refined interplay between matter and spirit and because peoples egos have been purified of all their negative, toxic or lower issues and behaviours the people become far more relaxed, confident, refined and desirable to interact and be with. Only certain people or souls may enter into Heaven, either through invitation due to notable personal achievements in the eyes of God or through frequency raising through meditation or acts of love as done as part of the ascension process. The people existing here are purified of their lower energies and energetically it’s like breathing fresh air filled with love and light frequencies, which sounds like a very New Agey thing to say, but it’s true.

In Heaven, there are many places one can go to have fun, experience joy and satisfaction. Their collective attitude is one of being proud of what they create and achieve and creation on this level appears to have the best interests of the people inhabiting the space in mind rather than that monopolisation or acquisition of material wealth and financial personal gain. Instead of producing something that is based upon the cheapest and most economically viable or affordable model to maximise shareholder profit the criteria is more about balancing and meeting the needs of culture, purpose, design, aesthetic, functionality and that which is in keeping with the location and new or innovative if it brings about an improvement.

People with too many fears aren’t usually permitted to remain at this level as it pollutes their energy frequencies, which means these have to be resolved to a reasonable standard relative to whoever the individual is. The reason being is that most people do some quite horrible things due to acting out from a place of fear and as a result, it causes harm or something unpleasant and possibly detrimental.

Philosophically I realised during this time that humans are meant for the most part to live without fear in order to achieve our full potential, else we’re limiting ourselves and what experiences we can do and God insists we have challenges, adversity and evil adversary consciousness to fight against, whether it be real or a type of fictional enjoyment, but it must be overcome as part of the paradigm of human experience, else many things may be achieved too easily and the knowledge that comes from experiencing evil may be lost. Most people understand this intuitively and it’s the predominant human theme in both life, literature and our entertainment and media. If we refuse to align with this divine agenda in a balanced way or simply live too aimlessly, then as an evolving being we risk accruing personal karma and fall into lower dystopian worlds and timelines open up (covid-19) that present harsh challenges and future potentials of bleak learning. This was a point also echoed by the enlightened teacher Eckhart Tolle who can be seen laughing to himself during one of his audience presentations as he mentions we have relatively matched ‘baddies’ to confront in order to progress and some of this I believe creates more of what we experience and enjoy as drama, excitement and a global narrative that presents challenges in order to prevent stagnation, lack of growth or descent and lack of purpose.

How does one qualify for entry or ascension into Heaven?

My direct experience was with re-orientating particular behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and then upholding certain spiritual principles and virtues whilst cleansing myself of negative psychic energies and spiritual impurities which represented a combination of sin and transgression (karma) and that resolving these things are the main keys to the gates of the higher spiritual planes or what we loosely know as Heaven.

It is more pleasant and quite different because the people have inwardly reached a similar level of spiritual evolution which is reflected outwardly in their choices and actions, and they can relate and interact with one another without triggering negative ego issues, reactions or people unreasonable insecurities due to their own fears, insecurities and lower energies which have long since dissolved in light frequencies. One of the main reasons for ascension meditation is that dissolves the pain body negative accumulated energy field and enables you to identify and process other bad energies such as stagnant pools of stuck emotional energy and demons represent the worst of them all.

I spent what felt like a couple of weeks in a Heavenly plane with a Christian God. I was eventually turned away referred to as “falling” by someone due to a combination of sleeping-in, my on-going conflict with my father after I discovered all the karma and trauma he deliberately gave me whilst finding on this new ascended plane I equally disliked the new soul occupying my father’s physical form and a serious grievance I had with another person over the topic of bipolar, something that has highly spiritual significance. I found myself falling for a spiritual trap of agreement and wandering between inner spiritual realms and realities whilst interacting with different god-heads, which allowed me to understand quite a lot about the nature of spiritual reality as it connects the different human experiences together and allowed me to realise just how far they’re prepared to run with a world in an effort to make it work, even to the point of ensuring there are different realities with different choices made resulting in different histories.

So what is in Heaven? There are still bars, shopping centres, attractions and places where people meet up, restaurants to eat in, people still drink alcohol, visit the beach on holiday, explore green landscapes and places with naturally flowing water. The people love one another more relative to their relationship to one another in terms of platonic relations, romance and marriage. People still get drunk on alcohol, dance, have sex, experience joy and pleasure and use other intoxicants in sensible amounts if in keeping with their character. However, people don’t binge drink to excess or degrade themselves in public through vomiting, vulgar language or behaviour, incessant swearing or start unjustified fights. They don’t spread corrupted attitudes, toxic-behaviours or commit offences against the divine laws and thus all media, entertainment and cultural content become far more purified but are still as rich, full and diverse as ever without deliberately tempting in a toxic way or seeking to corrupt heavenly virtues and values. There is still adversarial competition based upon good and evil as this is what creates the drama, tension, unscripted challenge and adversity necessary for the human experience to move forward without stagnation or loss of the challenge.

Individuals have mostly mastered the right use of their emotions, attitude and learned to control or do away with their egoic and egoistical reactions, responses and behaviours to particularly unfavourable situations and scenarios. People are far more positive and solutions orientated and they don’t let minor things psychically bother them so much, as a result, they are able to establish greater civilisations with the capacity to flourish and survive without imploding through vice, lust, greed and inner corruption which was the case with the demise of the Roman Empire.

The people are much happier, there is significantly less stress and offence caused. If a conflict occurs, it is usually resolved more rapidly and fairly or conflict becomes justified rather than a default response. Resolution of accidental mistakes comes through genuine and sincere apology and forgiveness that can be offered without hostility rather than stubbornness. In many instances, these types of errors don’t happen anymore because people have higher knowledge, higher consciousness and personal self-awareness to balance their character and offerings. Most of the people are far more psychically developed and use this extra layer of communication to facilitate a more seamless and integrated human experience, mostly I observed seeing more clear pictures in my mind’s eye, occasionally picture overlays on my physical vision and often a lot more still or silent inner voices and stronger intuitive thoughts.


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