Heaven is not in the clouds and there is no literal staircase, however it does symbolise a journey of inner ascension and evolution towards love and the spiritual light known as Source or God.
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Heaven and Mysticism

The Stairway to Heaven

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The main focus of this article is to help people understand what the concept of Heaven is through using tools such as mysticism, ascension and the journey of the inner spiritual being so people can understand what it is and why it’s actually so desirable. I will also go into details about how reaching this place can even be attained in this lifetime by someone who is motivated to find it.

There have been many individuals that have merged their consciousness and inner being with the heavenly realms during their lifetime including notable spiritual figures such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ. The Buddha ascended through enlightened knowledge and realisations about the nature of the world and reality and meditations that raise the inner body vibration, something that begins the process of burning away any spiritual-impurities that were created through transgressions. Meditation can also be used to cultivate a very peaceful and compassionate perspective about others and oneself and helps to bring about a way of being that evolves a person and allow someone to move beyond the limitations of the reptilian brain, something that has evolved from types of consciousness that had sought an unpleasant pathway of learning through nasty behaviour.

Jesus Christ assured his ascension during his lifetime completed his ascension upon being crucified and his physical death through his various acts of love, teaching, sacrifice and selfless service to others. People have demonstrated that it is possible to ascend whilst you are still living in a physical body and your physical death is not required to complete your ascension, something that is no guarantee of being accepted into this level of divinity and an attitude that would likely result in occult religious martyrdom, something we see in the terrorist inspired parts of the Islamic faith, believers who actually believe paradise is assured through their sacrifice, but in reality seals their fate bound to karma and a slightly more unpleasant incarnated reality or world is likely going to await them thereafter in order to continue their learning requirements as part of a divine plan.

Islamic culture refers to Heaven as a type of Paradise, but Christianity typically refers to it as the Kingdom of Heaven. Due to higher laws on the concept of ‘lust’, it’s extremely unlikely any man could ever, in fact, have 72 virgins waiting for them and the closest I can speculate to this would be the leader of a temple based world and culture having access to concubines or tantric priestesses, but almost certainly not through acts of terrorism or barbarism.

Many of these worlds still exist today simply because beings and consciousness still desire to experience them and television series such as Game of Thrones provide very good suggestions for what these are like, I went on to provide a brief description of a sort of fly-through dream of an old world in my article entitled Discovering Higher Worlds after it was proposed to me what sort of world would I next like to inhabit? which was during my own ascension process. I later discovered that the Islamic religion exists beyond the confines of our own world, however, it appears on our world Islam has significantly become corrupted through the inclusion of paedophilia, something most of the major religions suffer from in different ways and something the divine above consider to be one of the most serious sins and transgressions, Islam also suffers from terrorism as has Judaism and picking apart the moralities of right and wrongdoing are something an individual might be lucky enough to learn about during their Kundalini awakening as part of an evolutionary process designed to help the lower human become a divine-human being.

Ascension is about raising the body’s inner vibration into lighter densities and higher frequencies where the body becomes more and more infused with spiritual light and it begins to lose a lot of its heaviness and physical density. This is done through mastering certain core skills and re-orientating beliefs and attitudes stored in our mental self and inner spiritual aspects of being, sometimes called ‘the soul’, but also consists of the individual consciousness or ‘the self’ which is completely formless. Letting go of or releasing attachments to stored fears in the form of negative subtle energies called spiritual impurities in the astral body and various different contracted muscular groups that can be found in places such as the pelvis, thighs and heart wall, which are all locations that record the sources and causes of our fears or various transgressions consisting of trauma sustained through harm from others but also things like hostile acts or infractions against others, it also includes personal limiting fears about areas of life from sexuality to survival.

By comparison, the physical third-dimensional experience for the inner spiritual being feels incredibly dense, heavy and unpleasant, the body vibrates at a very low and unpleasant frequency and the person inhabits an environment contaminated by the various collective low-frequency thoughts and emotions of people. We go about our lives and inhabit and move around in our physical bodies made from various cells, tissues, organs and its skeletal structure and through this, we experience the intelligently orchestrated result of our own collective pain, trauma, disease, suffering and illness as we navigate through learning about karmic interactions and divine transgressions in order to develop the quality of our inner spiritual being, mind and consciousness which together forms our eternal character as we move from world to world, or experience to experience.

The spiritual principles and laws are part of higher management of reality and govern over human realms of experience almost as if it were a real kingdom, although it is only a metaphor, there are many different Gods each with their preferred team of divine servants, teachers, guides and archangels. Everybody is bound to the divine creation through a set of immutable spiritual laws that govern humanity some of which are commonly known as sins and transgressions and when we ignore these people become unwell with disease, depression and experience spiritual crisis and psychological disturbances associated with psychosis and schizophrenia.

Once a person is ascended in spirit and no longer living in a physical body the wisest of these people are free to return and walk the lower Earth in a light body through lowering their frequency. Many of the deities I have encountered or reached out to through prayer and meditation have either created light bodies to interact with me in simple ways and usually involves someone standing next to my bed and communicating with my higher consciousness whilst I’m in meditation or asleep. I’ve encountered Indian figures like Kali and Shakti as well as Egyptian deities like Osiris and occasionally enlightened Chinese figures, all of whom seem to appreciate it when we take an interest in or liking to their culture. They are often prepared to work small favours or miracles for us by removing a source of impurity underlying disease or by looking into a life problem or situation we may be faced with by interfacing with our mind.

A great fictional example of a light body interaction was famously depicted in one of the Star Wars movies where Obi-Wan Kenobi is seen to be struck down by Darth Vader and seemingly killed, only to ascend to a higher plane and then later reach out to the young developing Jedi Luke Sky-Walker through his inner essence as a higher spiritual guide and mentor through a series of well-timed inner-voices and a brief return on the swamp planet where Luke meets the Jedi Master, Yoda for the first time to develop his ‘force’, which I’d argue is really about achieving mastery of psychic ability and intuition.

Star Wars was influenced heavily through Anthroposophy, which is a spiritual philosophy founded by the Christian mystic Rudolf Steiner. Many of its spiritual concepts were introduced into the Star Wars movie franchise such as the light sabre (the spine as seen as a spiritual column of light and wisdom) and the acknowledgement of the archetypal fight of good versus evil. There are a number of similarities between Christianity and the fictional order of the Jedi. To read more about Star Wars spiritual evolution and background development check out this great blog post on the blog Cosmic Convergence.

How does ascension fit into the modern paradigm? Spiritual ascension to some people may sound like only a religious term or a complicated esoteric idea giving rise to the idea that this cannot easily be understood, known or intellectually grasped by the ordinary person which creates the false belief that this is something that can only be achieved by a few adept highly spiritual people and so is to be considered out of reach by ordinary folk and thus people might be scared away and never even attempt it or take it seriously, which is a shame as there’s a wealth of enlightened information about the true causes and nature of the disease in ascension and many are likely to forgo their own spiritual evolution in favour of continued incarnational experiences.

The ultimate goal of ascension is to reach the higher dimensions where the Heavenly spheres and planes exist. Once this knowledge gap has been bridged and people begin to understand our relationship to God and what Heaven is I believe more and more people will take this seriously resulting in a resurgence of Christianity and other spiritual practises such as prayer, yoga, meditation, tantra, contemplation and meditation, which are all required for the process of spiritual awakening and to overcome personal limitation and suffering due to dull and unaware consciousness.

Spiritual Evolution

The ascension modal of spiritual-evolution enables both the human, soul and inner spiritual being to fit into a pattern of expected standards, expectations and behaviours relative to their own character, personality, archetype and life goals. There is still room for creative expression, which is the whole point of being a co-creative being with God and all the best ideas and creations get noted, acknowledged and possibly implemented in some way.

When higher spiritual principles are acknowledged and followed on the Earth by everyone we would collectively achieve what many might philosophically describe as Heaven on Earth, which appears to be one of the goals. However, in the meantime, the physical lower Earth is used for the purposes of soul purification, ego development, healing, learning core lessons whilst fighting amongst adversarial and evil consciousness in order to obtain the knowledge and experience of evil in order to refine the quality and skills of the higher spheres. In order to create something perfect one must engage against dark consciousness as adversity and challenge is a prerequisite else all would be too easy and taken for granted.

So in conclusion, the Kingdom of Heaven actually represents a vast expanse of different experiences based upon various different Earth peoples and cultures from both our world and others. There are many different planes, realms, worlds and higher spheres suitable for individuals depending on who they currently are, who they are choosing to become. The infamous Garden of Eden is just one place where couples can become drunk on love, beauty, indulge the human senses and experience the fruits of nature.

One reaches Heaven through right-attitude, living by moral principle, upholding virtues, respecting and understanding karma, doing hard work, enjoying life fully, healing the body of karma and disease and learning from past mistakes in order to come into alignment with and engage with the ascension process which is something I will cover more in future articles. I believe once everybody realises this and spiritual existence has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt through both proofs of the interplay of spirit and matter and understanding the real causes of disease that many more will seek out God, heaven and divine spirit through their respected cultural paths as not everyone wants to become a Christian, however, it does offer one of the best ways for clearing a number of the core lessons needed to ascend.

The ascended planes and spiritual Heaven’s are not about humanity living on white clouds and donning white robes and sandals, this is what Guardian Angel’s do and their role is usually quite simple. The majority of people in western culture have mistaken the symbols contained in their artworks for the lived reality experience of an after-life. Once everyone understands the distinctions between Heaven and the lower dimensions and the requirements of oversight for a planetary experience you can begin to more logically understand why God functioning through witnessing consciousness might be a necessary requirement unless the human being is to live in abject suffering, ruin and existential misery.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and this has enlightened you or at least encouraged you to begin your own ascension process.

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