If you think the past has gone forever, you're wrong! Journeying inwardly through different spirit planes can take you to many places that offer a different type of lived experience.
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Gods of the Old World

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I have some short interesting anecdotes that simply don’t fit into any other category and this is just one of them based on being able to travel between different spiritual realms after someone showed me how because I was interested in the fate of knowing what another version of myself had been doing in a prior reality I was moved away from several years prior.

I first recall being woken up early and in a terrible mood after being disturbed by another porn-energy dream, this is something the ascended plane above ours frequently like to use to get men out of bed in the mornings because it’s so energising! (they also like to use psychic pictures of cups of coffee and wafting the smell of coffee). I was really irritated having been suffering from months of sleep disturbance and so I looked up and started angrily shouting along the lines of “What the hell are you doing?!”, which was almost immediately met by being hit with black energy from above, almost like horse manure, so it wasn’t very pleasant, of course, it didn’t bad smell and I didn’t get physically dirty or anything, it was just bad energy that was going to need cleaning off. By this point, I already had this strange but unusually familiar feeling that inwardly I knew that I wasn’t where I am normally would be expected to be. This was following on from a lengthy period of having a go at being a traveller and wandering spirit in order to get away from being around certain people inwardly and observing my inner being self staying and sleeping at various different guest houses with others that seemed set up especially for people visiting, travelling or just passing through.

By this point, I already understood that the astral plane is used to connect your spiritual being to other realms of experience without actually needing to physically be there, which is a metaphysical phenomenon that many people report through Shamanic journeying. So where was I? This was the astral plane of another world based on one of our historical earth cultures, one that was established and maintained to keep the old ways alive as a place for others to experience and even incarnate into. I could vaguely sense and feel being showed around here inwardly, although I didn’t get to see much more from my consciousness.

I tried to meditate on this initially bad morning experience if only to learn of the source and cause of all this bad energy or what I’d necessarily done wrong and about 15 minutes later after falling asleep in front of my heater I perceived a short inwardly spoken apology after realising “he’s new” and that I obviously didn’t mean to cause any offence and shortly after I saw a vision behind my closed eyes of a smiling male god wearing a gold breastplate and holding a raised sword. This vision was accompanied by the short message “I like to fight” and I had the sense he was from a time similar to our ancient Greece or the period of the Roman Empire, although he didn’t specifically say this, however it was clear this world was about traditional forms of armed combat and the preservation of this type of experience and that they were never going to be permitted to develop technologically beyond their current level. I don’t remember where I read the following remark, but apparently, it was various Archangels that transmitted the early blueprints for forged steal weapons, which heavily hints that the male human being was developed with the innate capacity for warfare and that one of the early original intentions for our own world experience was the framework and expectation of Religious war, which is something I believe we’re moving beyond now as we begin to develop the capacity for space exploration and travel.

The last scene of this spiritual interaction consisted of a movie scene that was procedurally generated and it showed the characters of first officer Spock and Captain Kirk flying about on rocket boots on the exterior of a space ship, with the somewhat sarcastic accompanying comment of “Apparently, this is what you enjoy.” which was funny, because it was sort of true, even if he hadn’t been able to pick out the parts that work well together. It was clear he had been able to access a part of my psyche and had spliced together movie scenes from The Final Frontier and First Contact. It showed me just how easily a more highly evolved being could reproduce something as lifelike as a movie and almost as if it had actually been directed and produced by real people and a production crew or studio. This was the last I heard of the male god and soon after I decided to get up and carry on with the rest of my day.

If you think the ways of past have gone forever, you can think otherwise! They in spirit are constantly taking note of personal preferences and recommending new types of human experience to either live in spirit or incarnate into. Journeying inwardly through the different spiritual planes can take you many places both past, present and future. I also took from this experience, it’s not wise to swear whilst looking up as this directs thought, energy and intention directly into the consciousness field, which is traditionally termed the omnipresence of God which is just one point of perspective that the gods use to direct and oversee the experience occurring in different places. When doing yoga, prayer or sun-salutations looking up also has a markedly different effect upon how you communicate and the things you can ask for as part of worshipping the divine.

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