Learn about the true nature of demons, demonic apparitions and unclean spirits.
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The Reality of Demons and Evil Spirits

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Demons were invented by higher creator beings for the purposes of managing the governance of other beings, and in our particular instance, the human being, the human form and the human experience. Many people like to moan that “Demons were created by religion in order to control people”, whereas the reality is the various creators created them in order to control people, religion correctly and rightfully recognises them alongside almost every other spiritual tradition from shamanism, tantra to indigenous spirituality such as native tribes. Demons exist in a number of different forms, which I will try to explain below.

Demonic Apparition

In their least harmful form, they may present as a scary apparition, these are essentially psychic light holograms projected into the mind of an individual for the purposes of scaring you or invoking a fear response deliberately intended to make you think and contemplate about something harmful you are doing to yourself or another. Often these will be created by positive spiritual guides who want to see you stay safe but cannot interfere by overtly telling you something, whilst others can be created by dark beings because they want you to immediately cease something very harmful you are doing. An example of this type might be a Gollum demon, very similar to the fictional depiction in the movie franchise Lord of the Rings, they have blueish or reddish coloured skin, sparse straggly hair and represent what a corrupted person may turn into in the way of a creative archetype. As far as I am aware, these can’t physically harm you, they have no reality here outside of your own mind, but they might make you jump suddenly, typically you will see one either when waking up or when falling asleep.

Due to the loss of traditional spiritual wisdom we mistake seeing these pictures as mental health hallucinations, however, these psychic visuals are in fact just an hallucination, however they are merely one form of interactive visual tool to help you learn, navigate through a time or something unpleasant maybe outside of your awareness in order to help you grow your self-awareness and live in a more flowing and healthy way.

Demonic Beings

In the next form, demon’s or devils are starting to become much more ‘real’, they have a particular missions to do and through means of changing your inner reality your internalised being can be placed directly in harm’s way in order to interact with one of these spiritual beings as necessary, they may either present a special teaching or if necessary punish and torment you which you experience from the inside out as symptoms resembling intense fear, paranoia, panic-attack resulting in a type of spiritual crisis, this is the deliberate consequence of something very harmful you may have done.

To provide an example, if you seduce another person’s partner and you manage to sleep and have sex with them you are committing a grave violation and act of sin, divine spirit take this stuff really seriously if it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt what occurred and they can essentially ‘tap into’ your mind, consciousness and psyche to review and retrieve things that need to be seen as well as psychic energies stored in your chakras. This infraction is traditionally known as a type of divine transgression but one is usually protected from this by understanding the core spiritual teaching about “Do not covet thy neighbour’s wife”, however in modern times, this can be extended to also include bonded-partner, soul mate, twin-flame or married wife or husband or even girlfriend or boyfriend. It is extremely unlikely to offer any sort of protection against someone else having a casual fling or casual sex with someone if they have no spiritual suitor, flame or soul mate, however everybody must pay attention to your mental intuition because if you unknowingly seduce someone else’s flame, there’s a high probability you will suffer either in the inner plane many recognise as “Hell”. Suffering can include an unpleasant or sinister inner experience, tightening of the body’s tendon’s storing karma, developing spiritual impure energy in the body and through various forms of disease or temporary health conditions or complaints. Hell is not a place of eternal suffering, however, it does exist and it is a place for temporary suffering and if necessary, this question can reasonably be answered through contemplative thought and philosophy for precisely why it exists and its purpose.

Many people who experience this inner realm or ‘Hell’ will almost certainly go through a form of a harsh period of spiritual crisis for which they may perceive various things taking place in the form of excess fear, night terrors or nightmare dreams, experience glimpses of demonic beings, feel bad energies, sweating, mania or restlessness. You can’t physically die by being here, however, you can experience a lot of physical discomfort and symptoms as a result of all the inner turmoil. If you value your health and well being, you ought to stay out of this place and observe the various teachings on sin. The spiritual beings that produce negative soul lessons are from the safe holographic illusions mentioned at the start as they will make you genuinely experience pain and suffering and can physically interact with you if necessary.

Evil Energy

The most real form of demon I know about comes in the form of a dark brown or black coloured psychic energy and they differ slightly in their appearance and intensity ranging from small shadowy orbs to smokey columns. These type of demonic entity come about as the direct result of the harmful choices or actions that a person creates and includes moderate transgressions like stealing all the way to serious sins such as an act of murder, rape or molestation. These demonic energies representing evil exist within the subtle layers of the body in the form of a smoky black cloudy energy, which interfaces with the physical form, mind and body blueprint in order to make a person appear more sinister and unhealthy.

You can often recognise a person with a demon because their eyes look dirty and impure, usually because an added coating or sheen appears across the iris in the form of a psychic energy and underneath one or both eyes a subtle disfiguring mark appears which makes the eye sag slightly, especially on the left side when you look at a person. Some people’s faces begin to resemble a permanent subtle sinister smile to the point that even when they are being serious they can’t help but look sinister as their facial smile muscles are permanently pulled tighter, suggesting they’ve done something quite sinister or contemplated something like an act of murder, however, this type of subtle-smile is nothing like a healthy joyful, happy, sarcastic or rye smile used for body language and expressions of emotion and personality.

The most interesting thing I learned about facial shaping is that we each have an energy grid that defines the shape and appearance of our face that resembles the wire mesh we see in computer-generated imagery and 3D models. When certain nodal points are removed or grid lines lengthened it then transforms the appearance of skin and muscles in order to deliberately reduce facial definition, though this one may develop unsightly disfiguring changes to the face that can only be removed by healing the ego and the inner soul-being by removing the energy from the body.

Religion and many spiritual traditions recognise and understand demons to different degrees, however most peoples understanding today comes from modern-day psychology when one might reference one’s “inner demons”, within this context this is not quite the same but is often used to refer to something like an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, a particular character flaw such as being untruthful or having too much fear about something or a phobia, something most people suffer from or experience at one stage or another.

Due to these energies, many people have sustained physical, mental and trauma to the psyche as the result of spiritually impure energy and because of disbelief in such things, unfortunately, most individuals are oblivious or ignorant to what they may have picked up. Fortunately, this type of energy can be removed through exorcism rites, cleansing through baptism, prayer and shadow dream work or by the individual themselves through honouring the spiritual light of divinity and changing their ways (if recognised and understood), at which point it will fall away on its own or more quickly through something traditionally termed “rebuking”, whereby one uses a very strong intentions either from the mind or spoken word in order to quickly instil a new belief that overrides the faulty belief stored within one’s own consciousness.

Demon’s do in fact exist, shocking, but true – and I believe it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt using even existing scientific methods of observational study. Through the framework of spiritual teachings known as “sin”, it is possible to understand what the majority of the most frequent or common causes of demons are. For everything else less severe, there’s simply ‘ego’ energy, ‘loosh’, spiritual impurity or a variety of lesser spiritual entities, entity attachments or minor demons that can either become an attachment and at times a wide range of intelligent spirit entity type beings that can be called upon for their specific task, speciality or negative learning outcome everything from Archon’s, Djinn, sinister-looking reptile like beings whose characteristics represent or symbolise evil in a personified way.

Demons are merely part of a designed evolutionary process intended to teach or show an individual in order to bring about the ascent of human beings into higher more qualitative states of being and reality, that religion terms as Heaven or being like a Paradise, which exists both inwardly and could be reflected outwardly through stages of individual and planetary spiritual evolution which is termed as “deliverance” in religious language and if successful would be quite the event to celebrate.

If you want to attempt to remove some ego energy from your body because you believe it’s resulted in physical karma, trauma or disfigurement, you can turn your regular bath into a cleansing ritual by throwing in several handfuls of Epsom or sea salt.

If you’re brave and want to have a go at removing something more serious you feel or believe you may have picked up then please read my other blog post on how to remove a demonic spirit.

If someone says that demons are just make believe you can direct them to this post; if they say they’re only invented by the Church for the purposes of control, you can point out that other mystics channelled this information, and yes, it is to control you to a degree, but mainly it’s a tool of separation to distinguish those who have evolved the basic required standing of being human form those who in their consciousness and soul being do not yet appreciate or understand why.

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